The esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) today lifted the provisional suspension from ESIC
Member competition that had been imposed to allow for investigation of allegations of
match-manipulation in the ESL Premiership.

Esports Integrity Commissioner Ian Smith said, “ESIC would not usually comment on
investigations, but, in this case, unfortunately, details were put into the public domain and, in
the interests of natural justice and protecting the reputations of those involved, it is only right
that we clarify what has happened. Preliminary evidence justified provisional suspension given
the stage of the Premiership that had been reached and the time pressures involved. These
pressures also prompted us to expedite the further investigation of the allegations, which we
did as quickly as possible. The result of those further investigations is that we are satisfied
that underperformance by the Reason Gaming team in their match against Radix was not
deliberate as originally alleged. Consequently, we have lifted the suspension at the earliest

ESIC will make no further comment on this issue.

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