2022 Mid-Season Essence Emporium (League Of Legends): Everything You Need To Know

The League of Legends Essence Emporium is a special event that takes place biannually. 

Every season is kicked off with the Preseason Essence Emporium.

Then, six months later, Mid-Season Essence Emporium unites the entire League of Legends community once again with exclusive purchases, including wards, chromas, icons, emotes, and much more. 

2022 Mid-Season Essence Emporium (League Of Legends): Everything You Need To Know

The 2022 Mid-Season Essence Emporium was particularly special for a couple of reasons. First of all, a huge number of exclusive items were available for purchase with Blue Essence this year.

However, secondly, Essence Emporium has marked a hiatus for the event, which has League of Legends fans speculating as to the event’s return. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how the 2022 Mid-Season Essence Emporium ran, what was on offer, and what Riot Games’ plans are for the event moving forward.

When Was The 2022 Mid-Season Essence Emporium?

The League of Legends Mid-Season Essence Emporium for 2022 began on the 28th of June and ended on the 12th of July.

At the same time as the start and end dates were announced, Riot Games stated that the Essence Emporium for the 2022 Mid-Season would begin from League of Legends patch 12.12. 

This was only confirmed about a month before the event started, and until the confirmation, League of Legends fans were speculating that it might start from patch 12,10 or even 12.9.

Therefore, the official confirmation by Riot Games came as a surprise, but an even bigger surprise was what the developers had to say about future Essence Emporium events.

Is Essence Emporium On Hiatus?

There has been some confusion from fans of the game as to whether Essence Emporium will continue for future seasons.

This is because, after announcing the start and end dates of the 2022 Mid-Season Essence Emporium, Riot Games made a statement saying that the event would be put on hiatus. 

The reason given for this hiatus was that Essence Emporium needs to be rebuilt.

Currently, the game developer feels that the event is being run inefficiently, which means that participants are experiencing feature cuts and delays.

Only by putting the event on hiatus for an indefinite period of time can the developers take the time to rebuild it properly, making it more efficient and improving factors such as usability and navigation. 

However, League of Legends fans shouldn’t worry, because it has been confirmed that Essence Emporium will eventually return once the necessary changes have been made.

The date on which it will return, however, has not been confirmed, so watch this space for updates on the continuation of Essence Emporium. 

While we’re waiting for the event to start back up again, though, let’s remind ourselves what was available to purchase with Blue Essence during the 2022 Mid-Season event back in June and July. 

Blue Essence Available Items (2022)

There were many unique and exclusive items on sale with Blue Essence during the 2022 Mid-Season Essence Emporium.

Here’s what participants were able to purchase from the Blue Essence store over the summer:

  • URFWick Skin (150,000 Blue Essence)
  • Chromas (2,000 Blue Essence) 
  • Mystery Icons (1,500 Blue Essence) 
  • Mystery Mini Icons (2,500 Blue Essence) 
  • Gemstone King Icon & Gemstone (100,000 Blue Essence)
  • Gemstone Prince Icon & Gemstone (75,000 Blue Essence)
  • Gemstone Knight Icon & Gemstone (50,000 Blue Essence)
  • Essence Collector Wards (6,000 Blue Essence)
  • Mystery Wards (4,900 Blue Essence)
  • Moneybags Emote (75,000 Blue Essence) 
  • Make It Rain Emote (50,000 Blue Essence) 


  • 50% Off XP Boosts 
  • 50% Off Rune Pages 
  • 50% Off Summoner Name Changes 

That’s quite the selection, and some great bonuses, too, but Riot Games limited participants’ personal purchases to 20 items per day. 

Participants in Essence Emporium this summer were also able to make gift purchases, although gift items were limited to 10 purchases per day. 

2022 Mid-Season Essence Emporium (League Of Legends): Everything You Need To Know

Mid-Season Chromas 

In the list of available items above, we mentioned that chromas were available for purchase at the price of 2,000 Blue Essence.

However, we didn’t mention which particular chromas were available, mainly because there were so many in store this year. 

Here are the chromas Mid-Season Essence Emporium participants for 2022 were able to purchase with their Blue Essence: 

  • Arcade Miss Fortune
  • Arcade Corki 
  • Astronaut Corki 
  • Astronaut Rammus 
  • Astronaut Maokai 
  • Astronaut Veigar 
  • Arcanist Shaco 
  • Arcanist Kog’Maw 
  • Battle Queen Rell 
  • Battle Queen Katarina 
  • Battle Queen Janna 
  • Battle Queen Qiyana 
  • Brave Phoenix Xayah 
  • Battlecast Urgot 
  • Battle Boss Blitzcrank 
  • Battle Regalia Poppy
  • Battle Bunny Riven
  • Battlecast Zac 
  • Battlecast Nasus 
  • Cafe Cuties Vladimir 
  • Cafe Cuties Soraka 
  • Cafe Cuties Bard 
  • Cafe Cuties Annie 
  • Cafe Cuties Sivir 
  • Cafe Cuties Gwen 
  • Coven Evelynn 
  • Coven Ashe 
  • Coven Ahri 
  • Coven Cassiopeia 
  • Coven Zyra Coven Lissandra 
  • Coven Camille 
  • Crime City Braum 
  • Crime City Nightmare Zyra 
  • Crime City Nightmare Shaco 
  • Crime City Nightmare Akali 
  • Crime City Nightmare Twisted Fate 
  • Crime City Nightmare Darius 
  • Cyber Pop Akshan 
  • Cosmic Stinger Skarner 
  • Cosmic Huntress Nidalee 
  • Cosmic Hunter Varus 
  • Cosmic Destiny Nami 
  • Cosmic Queen Ashe 
  • Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao 
  • Cosmic Charger Hecarim 
  • Cosmic Enchantress Lulu 
  • Cosmic Flight Anivia 
  • Cosic Invoker Illaoi 
  • Cosmic Devourer Vladimir 
  • Cottontail Teemo 
  • Classic Bard 
  • Classic Cassiopeia 
  • Dreadnova Gangplank 
  • Dragonblade Talon 
  • Dreadknight Nasus 
  • Dunkmaster Darius 
  • Dragonslayer Braum 
  • Dragonslayer Vayne 
  • Dragon Fist Lee Sin 
  • Debonair Ezreal 
  • Debonair Zed 
  • Debonair Master Yi 
  • Debonair Leona 
  • Debonair Malzahar 
  • Debonair LeBlanc 
  • Debonair Draven 
  • Debonair Brand 
  • Divine Sword Irelia 
  • Dragon Trainer Tristana 
  • Dragon Trainer Lulu 
  • Demacia Vice Lucian 
  • Demacia Vice Garen 
  • Dawnbringer Nidalee 
  • Dark Cosmic Lissandra 
  • Divine Phoenix Anivia 
  • Dawnbringer Yone 
  • Dawnbringer Vex 
  • Dawnbringer Morgana 
  • Duality Dragon Volibear 
  • Dynasty Ahri 
  • Elderwood Ivern 
  • Elderwood Xayah 
  • Elderwood Nocturne 
  • Elderwood Veigar 
  • Elderwood Ahri 
  • Elderwood Raken 
  • Eternal Dragon Brand 
  • Eternal Sword Yi 
  • Fae Dragon Ashe 
  • Foxfire Ahri
  • Grim Reaper Karthus 
  • Galaxy Slayer Zed 
  • Graceful Phoenix Seraphine 
  • High Noon Hecarim 
  • High Noon Ashe 
  • High Noon Urgot 
  • High Noon Thresh 
  • Headhunter Akali 
  • Infernal Vel’Koz 
  • Infernal Kennen 
  • Infernal Karthus 
  • Infernal Varus 
  • Infernal Shen 
  • Infernal Galio 
  • Koi Nami 
  • K/DA Ahri
  • K/DA All Out Evelynn 
  • K/DA All Out Akali 
  • K/DA All Out Ahri
  • Lunar Goddess Diana 
  • Lagoon Dragon Kai’Sa
  • Majestic Empress Morgana 
  • Midnight Ahri
  • Mecha Aurelion Sol
  • Mecha Rengar 
  • Mecha Kha’Zix
  • Mecha Aatrox 
  • Mecha Malphite 
  • Nightbringer Aphelios 
  • Nightbringer Lillia
  • Nightbringer Kayn 
  • Obsidian Dragon Sett
  • Odyssey Twisted Fate
  • Odyssey Karma 
  • Odyssey Sivir
  • Odyssey Kayn 
  • Odyssey Aatrox 
  • Odyssey Sona 
  • Odyssey Malphite 
  • Odyssey Yasuo
  • Odyssey Jinx 
  • Omega Squad Veigar 
  • Omega Squad Twitch 
  • Omega Squad Tristana 
  • Omega Squad Teemo 
  • Omega Squad Fizz
  • Old God Warwick 
  • Old God Malphite 
  • Pool Party Lula 
  • Pool Party Graves 
  • Pool Party Fiora 
  • Pool Party Zoe 
  • Pool Party Orianna 
  • Pool Party Taliyah 
  • Pool Party Syndra 
  • Pool Party Jarvan IV 
  • Pool Party Taric 
  • Pool Party Rek’Sai 
  • Pool Party Gangplank 
  • Pool Party Caitlyn 
  • Program Nami 
  • Praetorian Graves 
  • Praetorian Fiddlesticks 
  • Primetime Draven 
  • Project Pyke 
  • Project Jinx 
  • Project Akali 
  • Project Warwick 
  • PsyOps Vi 
  • PsyOps Sona 
  • PsyOps Shen 
  • PsyOps Master Yi 
  • PsyOps Zed 
  • PsyOps Viktor 
  • PsyOps Kayle 
  • PsyOps Samira
  • Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Yorick 
  • Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Sona 
  • Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Olaf 
  • Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Mordekaiser
  • Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Kayle 
  • Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Karthus 
  • Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Viego 
  • Popstar Ahri 
  • Ruined Miss Fortune
  • Resistance Yorick 
  • Resistance Singed 
  • Shockblade Zed 
  • Star Guardian Xayah 
  • Star Guardian Rakan 
  • Splendid Staff Nami 
  • Sugar Rush Zilean 
  • Sugar Rush Ziggs 
  • Sugar Rush Evelynn 
  • Sugar Rush Braum 
  • Spirit Blossom Yasuo 
  • Spirit Blossom Vayne 
  • Spirit Blossom Thresh
  • Spirit Blossom Lillia 
  • Spirit Blossom Yone 
  • Spirit Blossom Riven 
  • Spirit Blossom Kindred 
  • Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia
  • Spirit Blossom Ahri
  • Storm Dragon Lee Sin
  • Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol
  • Sentinel Vayne 
  • Sentinel Riven
  • Sentinel Olaf 
  • Sentinel Irelia 
  • Sentinel Diana 
  • Sentinel Pyke 
  • Sentinel Graves
  • Steel Dragon Thresh
  • True Damage Yasuo 
  • True Damage Senna
  • True Damage Ekko
  • Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao 

Partner Chromas (10,000 Blue Essence)

  • Elderwood Azir 
  • High Noon Darius 
  • Infernal Amumu 
  • Nightbringer Vladimir 
  • Nightbringer Tryndamere 
  • Odyssey Kha’Zix
  • Program LeBlanc 
  • Pool Party Heimerdinger 
  • PsyOps Pyke
  • Resistance Jayce 
  • Sentinel Rengar 
  • Star Guardian Zoe 
  • True Damage Akali 
  • Tranquility Dragon Karma 

3 Exclusive Icons 

We also mentioned that icons were available for purchase during the 2022 Mid-Season Essence Emporium, and plenty were up for grabs. However, these are the 3 exclusive icons that were for sale: 

  • Essence King Icon (100,000 Blue Essence)
  • Essence Knight Icon (50,000 Blue Essence) 
  • Prince Icon (75,000 Blue Essence)

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Sold In Essence Emporium?

As you can see from what was on sale in the Mid-Season 2022 Essence Emporium, you can purchase a lot of cool things as part of League of Legends Essence Emporium.

Just some of the things you can get with your Blue Essence include name changes at discount prices, rune pages, XP boosts, icons, chromas, and many other bonuses.

Is The Last Essence Emporium 2022?

No, Riot Games has confirmed that Essence Emporium will be back, so 2022 will not be the last one.

However, the developers have not yet confirmed when Essence Emporium will return from hiatus since it is unclear how long it will take to make the changes needed to stop feature cuts and delays in the event. 

Can You Convert RP Into Blue Essence?

You can’t currently convert RP into Blue Essence. If you want more Blue Essence to spend during Essence Emporium, you will need to play in more matches so that you can level up.

This might feel like a lot of effort, but it will also get you loot, including chests, and access to events). You can purchase the champion using RP, however.

Is Blue Essence The Same As Influence Points 

Blue Essence used to be called Influence Points in League of Legends. However, Riot Games recently changed Influence Points to Blue Essence, hence why the biannual sale is called Essence Emporium. 

Final Thoughts 

League of Legends’ Mid-Season 2022 Essence Emporium might be the last of this event for a while since the developers have announced a necessary hiatus. 

However, all the goodies on sale during this Mid-Season event means that fans will have something to remember while the issues are being fixed. 

There will be no pre-season Essence Emporium in 2023 due to the hiatus, and it’s unclear whether Essence Emporium will be back for the typical Mid-Season event in the summer of 2023. 

However, we are looking forward to seeing what Riot Games has in store when it launches the next Essence Emporium event. Hopefully, it will be bigger and better than ever before.

Ashley Newby