5 Colleges For Serious Video Gamers

If you’re a video gamer, and you’re thinking about going to college — you need to look at the colleges in this article.

These colleges can help you turn your hobby into a serious career, whether that be video game development, design, or even creating scripts.

5 Colleges For Serious Video Gamers

If you want to go down the path of working in video games, you’ll likely have to attend one of these schools, or a school with a similar course. 

These are the best colleges for video gamers!

Colleges For Serious Video Gamers 

1. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is one of the best colleges for gamers, and it’s based in New York City. 

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) offers a great curriculum for games. It allows students to learn about the technical side of gaming, while also offering certain specializations.

The specializations are design, systems, productions, graphics and web apps. For a student to specialize in this area, they need to major in Game Design and Development. 

This is a really great college for any gamer, because it can teach them so much about a career in gaming. Students not only take classes in game design, but they also take classes in graphics programming.

Plus, while at university, the students need to intern twice at a gaming company, which provides the students with tons of experience.

The jobs are full time and offer paid work, which gives students actual experience of what a career in gaming is like. 

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is a great university for gamers, and because a requirement of the course is to intern at a gaming company, it helps students create contacts, which will make getting a job easier once they graduate from college. 

2. Georgia Institute of Technology 

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is a great place to study video games if you’re interested in the science of video games.

Their Computational Media major focuses on developing video games, animations, and special effects. Students here learn about how to create these things by studying the research behind them. 

This major helps prepare students for careers as video game designers.

3. Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont 

There are tons of college courses for gamers at this small private college in Vermont. 

Students can choose from a wide variety of games-related majors, including game art and animation, game design and programming.

These are tons of courses that will suit students who want to become programmers, game designers, artists, and animators. 

Burlington, Vermont is only 2 hours away from Montreal, which is the video game capital of Canada.

A number of Champlain students interned at some of Montreal’s top gaming companies during the summers.

While this is a private college, scholarships are an option, so be sure to check with the college to see what scholarships they have to offer, because this is a seriously cool college for gamers. 

4. University Of South California (USC) 

The University of South California (USC) is located in Los Angeles, and is a really good option for gamers. 

That’s because USC combined two of their departments to create courses for those looking for a career in gaming.

USC combined the School of Cinematics’ Interactive Media Division and the Viterbi School of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science.

USC has two different pathways. 

Students can either study a Bachelor of Arts, where they will study game design, or they can study a Bachelor of Science, which will teach them about general computer science as well as game development. 

These pathways are amazing for gamers, because it offers a career in gaming in arts and science. 

This course is more suited towards gamers who want a career in game design, because that’s what most of the study is focused on.

5. Drexel University Philadelphia 

Drexel University has a program called Digital Media, and there is an option for students to major in Game Design and Production.

This is a great course where students learn about design, technology, and digital media which is necessary for a job in gaming. 

Another great aspect about this university is that Drexel University helps students find work at gaming companies while studying, which offers students the ability to discover what type of career they want in gaming.

This is great for their resume when they graduate and need to apply for jobs. 

Drexel University is a really good university for gamers who are looking for a career in game design, and the digital media studies can benefit future game designers. 

How To Discover The Right University 

Applying for university can be overwhelming. There are thousands of different universities that all offer similar, yet completely different courses. 

It can be difficult to know which university to apply to. 

It’s important for potential students to figure out what type of career they would like. Some people know exactly what type of career they want, whereas other people are unsure.

Anyone who is unsure should consider waiting a year before they apply to university, which will give them time to think about what career they want.

Those who are unsure exactly what career they want, but know they want a career in gaming, could opt for a course that has a vast curriculum, and then allows students to specialize in certain gaming subjects, like designing, or graphic effects. 

While the above colleges are great colleges, there are tons of other colleges that are great for gamers. 

It’s important for potential students to visit a range of different colleges so that they can find the course that is suitable for them. This is true for any type of course, whether it’s Drama, or Mathematics, or Game Design. 


Gamers who are looking for a career in gaming should research and visit the above colleges because they offer great courses for gamers.

While the above colleges are great, there are still plenty of other colleges that are great for gamers, so make sure you research a range of colleges to find the best college for you.

Ashley Newby