A Complete Guide To Genshin Impact Characters: Height, Birthday, And Age!

If you’ve never heard of Genshin Impact, it is a free-to-play RPG that allows players to explore the extraordinary world of Teyvat, as well as conquer enemies, complete quests, and investigate the hidden secrets of the world’s residents. 

This is primarily achieved through the eyes of the Travellers – a pair of separated twins – and the main characters in Genshin Impact. 

A Complete Guide To Genshin Impact Characters: Height, Birthday, And Age!

In the game, you can choose to play between Aether or Lumine, and during your journey to find the other twin, you’ll encounter many interesting people who can join you on your quests.

With this comes a wide range of characters, big and small, who have become notable figures in the game – and stolen the hearts of many! 

Each character comes with its own unique skills and abilities, as well as its own personal back story. 

Since the game was released, new characters have been introduced. Plus, new information regarding the characters can be found, which adds to the overall lore of the game. 

With this in mind, this article will provide you with a list of all the character’s backgrounds, this includes height, age, and birthday.

While some ages may be predictions (this is stated where applicable), you’ll find all the information you need about each character in alphabetical order. 

Let’s get straight into it! 

Character Heights In Genshin Impact

Below, you will find a list containing all the in-game characters’ heights as of version 2.5 when taking into consideration game mechanics. 

Here, the only height exception is Aloy, who can be seen as canonically 5’6” within the Horizon series. 

Unlike age, all the characters have official heights, making these figures 100% reliable. 

A quick overview of the list shows that the tallest characters are Diluc, Kaeya, Tartaglia, and Zhongli at 6 ‘1″. Whereas, the shortest character is Klee at 4 ‘2 “. 

With this in mind, below, you will have all the official heights of the Genshin Impact characters. 

  • Albedo – 5’4” or 162.5 cm 
  • Amber – 5’4” or 162.5 cm
  • Ayaka – 5’1” or 156 cm
  • Barbara – 5’2” or 157.4 cm
  • Beidou – 5’8” or 172.7 cm
  • Bennet – 5’4” or 162.5cm
  • Chongyun – 5’4” or 162.5 cm
  • Diluc – 6’1” or 185.4 cm
  • Diona – 4’5” or 134.6 cm
  • Eula – 5.8” or 172.7 cm
  • Fishcl – 5’0.5” or 153.6 cm
  • Ganyu – 5’3” or 160 cm
  • Hu Tao – 5’1.5” or 156.2cm
  • Jean – 5’8” or 172.7 cm
  • Kazuha – 5’7” or 170.2 cm
  • Kaeya – 6’1” or 185.4 cm 
  • Keqing – 5’1.5” or 156.2 cm
  • Klee – 4’2” or 127 cm
  • Lisa – 5’11” or 180.3 cm
  • Mona – 5’5” or 165.1 cm
  • Ningguang – 5’11” or 180.3 cm
  • Noella – 5’2” or 157.4 cm
  • Qiqi – 4’7” or 139.7 cm
  • Razor – 5’5” or 165.1 cm
  • Rosaria – 5’9” or 176.5 cm
  • Sayu – 4’4” or 132.08 cm 
  • Sucrose  – 5.2” or 157.4 cm
  • Tartaglia – 6’1” or 185.4 cm
  • Traveler (Aether) – 5’4” or 162.5 cm
  • Traveler (Lumine) – 5’1.5” or 156.2 cm
  • Venti – 5’5” or 165.1 cm 
  • Xiangling – 5’1.5” or 156.2 cm
  • Xiao – 5’3” or 160 cm
  • Xingqiu – 5’4” or 162.5 cm
  • Xinyan – 5’2” or 157.4 cm
  • Yanfei – 5’2” or 157.4 cm
  • Yoimiya – 5’3” or 160 cm
  • Zhongli – 6’1” or 185.4 cm

Now that we have covered all the character’s heights in Genshin Impact, you may be wondering whether or not this makes a difference in the gameplay itself. 

Well, you’ll be surprised to know that it does, in fact, have a slight advantage to being taller in the game. 

While none of the characters are aware of this unique feature, the taller the character is, the faster they are able to run.

This allows those taller characters to swim and run longer distances, as well as climb bigger obstacles with ease as opposed to shorter characters.

This means that between the two Traveller twin main characters, Aether (the male main character) is able to run slightly faster than his twin Lumine (the female main character) as a result of the height difference. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to speedily get through the game, then you might want to consider switching to a taller character when swimming, running, or climbing. 

Character Birthdays And Ages In Genshin Impact

As opposed to height, the specific age of each character is harder to determine, with some characters not having specified ages. 

Whereas some are functionally important, others only have estimated ages. However, having said that, below, you’ll find the closest possible figures of each character’s age. 

  • Albedo – September 13th / 18 years old 
  • Amber – August 10th / 18 years old
  • Ayaka – September 28th / Eldest Daughter
  • Barbara – July 5th / 16-17 years old
  • Beidou – February 14th / 21-27 years old
  • Bennett – February 29th / 16 years old
  • Chongyun – September 7th / 17 years old 
  • Diluc – April 30th / 22 years old
  • Diona – January 18th / 12 years old
  • Eula – October 25th / Over 22 years old 
  • Ganya – December 2nd / Over 3,000 years old
  • Hu Tao – July 15th / 19 years old
  • Jean – March 14th / 20-21 years old
  • Kazuha – October 29th / Over 19 years old
  • Kaeya – November 30th / 21 years old
  • Keqing – November 20th / 17 years old
  • Klee – July 27th / 9 years old
  • Lisa – June 9th / 32 years old
  • Mona – August 31st / 19 years old
  • Ningguang – August 26th / 25 years old
  • Noelle – March 21st / 15 years old
  • Qiqi – March 3rd / 8 years old
  • Razor – September 9th / 16 years old
  • Rosaria – January 24th / 24 years old
  • Sayu – October 19th / 9 years old
  • Sucrose – November 26th / 18 years old
  • Tartaglia – July 20th / 20-21 years old
  • Traveler (Aether) – User’s Choice / 15 years old
  • Traveler (Lumine) – User’s Choice / 15 years old
  • Venti – June 16th – 15 years old (At Human Form / 2,600 years old (At Archon Form)
  • Xiangling – November 2nd / 14 years old 
  • Xiao – April 17th / Over 2,000 years old
  • Xingqiu – October 9th / 16-17 years old
  • Xinyan – October 16th / 16-17 years old
  • Yoimiya – June 21st / 20 years old
  • Zhongli – December 31st / 28 years old (At Human Form) or 6,000 years old (At Archon Form)

As previously stated, many of the Genshin Impact characters’ ages are usually made up of fan and player predictions. This is especially applicable to the youngest and oldest characters within the game. 

The biggest mystery seems to be Arataki since his oni biology can be seen to affect his ability to age. 

The older characters as well such as Beidou, Ninguang, and Jean are also up to anyone’s guess. 

Similarly, the youngest characters such as Klee, Diona, Sayu, and Qiqi are also up for debate when it comes to their ages, as well as Kokomi and Gorou. 

However, keeping an eye on your character’s mailbox during birthday celebrations can reward you with some gifts! 

Can Age And Height Affect Genshin Impact Gameplay?

You might be surprised to know that age and height can both have a slight effect on the gameplay in Genshin Impact. 

As previously mentioned, taller characters are able to swim, run, and climb slightly faster than their shorter counterparts. 

The obvious exception to this fact is Ayaka and Sayu, however, tall characters such as Iitto and Kaeya are better-suited characters when exploring the outer world. 

Plus, they also have great jump heights, which is great if you’re looking to avoid specific terrains and hurdles that come along with them. 

Therefore, the next time Windtace comes around, you might want to consider picking one of the taller characters when running away from the hunter

What Do The Characters Get On Their Birthday?

On the birthdays of Travelers and other characters, players will receive celebratory mail in their mailboxes. 

In the mail, you’ll receive a gift called ‘Cake For Traveler’, which, when opened, reveals two Fragile Resign, which can restore 6p Original Resin each. 

This Original Resin can help you achieve rewards from Leyline Blossoms, Abyssal Domains, and some bosses. 

While you don’t have to claim the reward immediately, it’s worth noting that it will expire within the year if not claimed. 

In addition to this, players will also receive birthday wishes from all the unlocked characters. These can be found under Voice-OVer in each character’s profile. All these messages are unique.

Aside from the Traveler’s birthday, other characters on their birthday will send your mail containing their Special Dish, as well as a gift that relates to the specific character’s level or talents. 

Plus, each food item received is entirely different from each character. Although, just keep in mind that these have to be collected within 30 days of being in your mailbox. 

Final Thoughts

Genshin Impact is the ultimate lore game, providing players with information regarding the characters to contribute to the overall gameplay. 

In addition to this, height and age can bring perks to a specific character. For instance, the taller the character, the faster they are. Plus, you receive gifts on your birthday!

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