A Complete Guide To The Best R-99 Skins In Apex Legends

Taking inspiration from Titanfall, Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royal first-person shooter game.

Many of the same characters and weapons from Titanfall made their way into Apex Legends with little to no alterations. 

Like many of the weapons featured in Apex Legends, R-99 was influenced by the submachine gun known as R-97.

A Complete Guide To The Best R-99 Skins In Apex Legends

This SMG was initially released in Titanfall, along with the other variants of SMG known as R-97 which was reintroduced to Titanfall 2 called R-97 CN (Colonial Navy). 

Since it is a free-to-play game, users aren’t required to pay any fees for Apex Legends.

However, players are provided with the opportunity to customize their weapon skins to match their preferences and taste. 

These cosmetics can be gathered from battle passes, loot boxes, and events. Likewise, you can also purchase these directly from the Apex Store by using real money. 

Since Apex Legends’ introduction to the battle royale genre, many players and streamers have gotten hooked on the game from their first time playing.

As a result, the favorite weapons among players include Peacekeep, Wingman, and, of course, R-99. 

Thus, presenting players with the R-99 has provided another level of satisfaction.

As a result of this popularity, Apex Legends developers have created some impressive skins for the compact machine gun – with many still using the gun in season 12 despite the new options. 

Unlike other weapons in the game, there hasn’t been much change to the R-99.

With this in mind, this article will explore the best R-99 in Apex Legends, ranking them from worst to best. 

Let’s get straight into it!

Best R-99 Skins In Apex Legends

Below, you will find the best R-99 skins in the Legendary collection that has been released in the game thus far. This will be determined using a tier system, which includes: S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier. 

The S-Tier represents skins that are the most eye-catching and unique to the R-99 SMG series.

These can be found in every match and can be equipped to help players flaunt their collection. 

The A-Tier skins are equally good-looking and rare, however, fall slightly behind to top tier. Although, players still have a high regard for these skins and use them occasionally. 

The B-Tier skins make up the legendary items, however, they don’t come near the uniqueness and creativity of the A-Tier and S-Tier skins. 

That being said, all the skins featured in this list could all be considered the number-one choice for Apex Lenger’s fans all around the world. 

When looking at cosmetic items, there are no right or wrong levels when it comes to tiers. These are purely determined by the approach and cognizance of the game. 

This guide is simply a heads-up for new players looking to get into the world of Apex Legends, as well as any old players looking to brush up on their R-99 skin knowledge. 

How Many R-99 Skins Are There?

Since season 12 of Apex Legends, there are 78 R-99 skins. Within these skins, there are 24 legendary, 7 epic 31 rare, and 16 common skins to choose from. 

10 Best R-99 Skins

In 2019, Apex Legends was first released, and, since then, Respawn launched an assortment of R-99 skins for its players and fans to enjoy. 

While the weapon may have dropped in popularity following the release of Apex Legends, it remains one of the most picked-up guns when players find them on the ground. 

Nonetheless, below, you will find the best R-99 skins, from worst to best. 

A Complete Guide To The Best R-99 Skins In Apex Legends

10. The Problem Solver

This skin could be considered similar to the Magnum Opus skin in Apex Legends. Although, they certainly differ in terms of the color palette. 

The Problem Solver features a gray and gold body with some green touches along the stock and rear grip. 

When looking at the overall general aesthetics, it is a pretty decent-looking skin. The only way to acquire this skin is through the loadout menu. 

The recolored version of this skin is called ‘Death Reel’, which is another popular skin within the community of Apex Legends. 

9. Rule Of Law

Unlike the other skins, this one can’t be acquired through an event. Instead, it is only obtainable through crafting.  To craft this skin, players need 1200 Crafting Materials. 

The skin itself has a vintage and royal look to it, with the golden start located on the middle body adding to the overall appearance. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for skin that’ll make you appear privileged, then you can’t go wrong. 

Likewise, there is also a recolored version known as ‘Swift Justice’. 

8. Flash Of Fury

Flash of Fury was first released in Season 9 of Apex Legends during the Thrillseekers Themed Event. Later, this skin was also featured in the Summer Splash Sale. 

This skin has the appearance of a brand-new sports car, featuring a finish of matt blue and red – making it one of the flashiest skins available for the R-99. 

Those players who are an enthusiast of all things speed and cars are sure to love this skin with its racing notes and aesthetics.

7. Sirens Song

This skin was added by Respawn in Apex Legends Season 11. Plus, it was made available during the Dark Depths Themed Event. 

The skin itself features an extremely unique and interesting feel and build to it. For instance, situated behind the muzzle, you’ll find a shark fin on the skin – this slightly affects the iron site. 

However, the ocean theme of this skin makes it unique and a popular choice among players with its vibrant colors and pleasant-looking vibe. 

This R-99 skin remains a favorite among Apex fans ever since its launch, with many players using it as their first choice. 

6. Totally Gnarly

If you’re experiencing deja-vu with this skin, then that may be because this skin is the recolored version of ‘The Kill Switch’. 

To craft the skin, you’re going to need a hefty 10500 Legend Tokens. 

The skin is unique in that it features a square-looking iron sight. This helps users develop a good angle when shooting enemies. 

The skin itself has a matt blue, orange, and lime green finish, making it a beautiful skin to look at – it’s no surprise that this is a fan favorite!

You couldn’t find a more appropriately named skin if you tried!

5. Magnum Opus

A skin that has such a cool name as this one certainly deserves its own spotlight, and this has definitely been achieved – it is a work of art. 

This R-99 skin is one of the best-looking skins available, and arguably one of the most sophisticated versions of the R-99.

First introduced in 2018, the rarity of this skin is now Legendary Exclusive. 

Moreover, for those Apex enthusiasts, you may have noticed that this skin is the recolored version of ‘The Alchemist’. Likewise, it can only be availed within the store occasionally. 

Its unmistakable multi-color coat makes it one of the most colorful skins in the inventory.

Plus, the chain near the under-barrel and a spike in the body add to the overall demonic look of the gun – making it an instant hit among fans. 

4. Wishbone

Introduced in Season 8 during the Chaos Theory Collection, this skin is popular among Apex fans due to its unique look. 

The skin itself features a full-body embedded bone design, equipped with ropes and skulls for the full effect.

Plus, the artwork near the stock provides an aesthetically pleasing sign to the skin. 

It is great for those who prefer using skins based on prehistoric themes.

If you’re a fan of the R-301 Honored Prey skin, then you’re sure to like The Wishbone skin with its similar design. 

3. Zero Point

As opposed to some of the other skins mentioned on this list, Zero Point isn’t popular for its look. Instead, it has made a name for itself due to its iron sight. 

Zero Point was introduced back in the Season 4 Battle Pass. Since then, it has become a fan favorite. 

The skin itself features a basic white coat all over with plenty of gold highlights located near the magazine. 

While its design may be on more of the basic side, its iron sight makes up for it – making it one of the best R-99 skins available. 

This clear view allows you to deliver those clear shots with ease – you’ll be winning those games back-to-back in no time. 

2. Outlands Avalanche

When looking at usage, this skin is one of the most popular. It can be crafted through the Loadout Menu with only 1200 Crafting Materials. 

Plus, it looks awesome! The handle is located on the left-hand side of the gun, adding to the overall impressive flair. 

However, that isn’t the only factor in its popularity. With a clear-cut iron sight, players are able to aim and shoot better in the game. 

This skin has been a favorite among both players and streamers over a long period of time. Hence, there is a recolored version of the skin known as ‘The Unloader’. 

1. Cutting Edge

Making an appearance in Season 8, this skin was a reactive Battle Pass exclusive item. 

As its name would suggest, this skin provides plenty of cutting-edge features. Its premium and minimal look make it a favorite among Apex fans. 

Plus, the blue lining with the silver-white backdrop coating makes it an excellent choice for both aesthetics and use. 

Its futuristic design blends into the game’s tone seamlessly. 

On top of this, Cutting Edge is also one of the rarest skins you can find on Apex Legends. It can only be unlocked by obtaining the premium battle pass level of 100. 

Will Past R-99 Skins Return To The Game?

Over time, the recolor skins and event skins may make their way onto the Apex store. 

Here, you’ll have the chance to get your hands on some of the most popular skins, including Core Fragments, Flash of Fury, and Magnum Opus. 

Although, some skins such as Zero Point and Cutting Edge originated from specific battle passes, and, therefore, won’t return to the store. 

Having said that, Respawn has announced that battle pass skins from Season 11 and onwards will be made available in events in the future. 

Final Thoughts

One of the most appealing features of Apex Legends is the ability to change your weapon’s skin. Not only does this allow personal creativity, but adds to the overall enjoyment of the game. 

From Flash of Fury to Outlands Avalanche and Sirens Song – there are a whole lot of skins to choose from. Hopefully, this guide has informed you of the best R-99 skins available.

Ashley Newby