A Guide To Skins In Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a new entry into the popular genre of multiplayer online battles. It’s a first perspective shooter based on the sci -fi frontier worlds of the Titanfall series.

However, it does not carry on these storylines. Instead, it puts 20 teams of 3 people onto a map to fight to be the last team left standing.

A Guide To Skins In Apex Legends

Each member of a team chooses one of 8 characters (called “legends”) to play, each with their own unique skill sets and powers.

Like other team-based shooters, such as Overwatch, much of the gameplay revolves around choosing the right combination of characters for your team.

For season 12 of Apex Legends, Respawn has already dropped quite a few cool new legendary wingmen.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best ones, so you’ll know what to get if any of them come back to the shop or during a limited time event.

How To Get Skins

Skins are a good way to personalize your Legend so they look more like your avatar. You can either buy them from the store for real money or wait until someone gives them away.

Craft Skins

To collect skins for your Legend, you’ll first have to collect enough crafting materials. These come from challenging enemies or purchasing them with real money.

You won’t be capable of obtaining large quantities of these things at one time, so you’ll have to complete several missions or spend lots of money.

Apex Packs

If you want to craft some skins without spending too much real money, then you might want to check out Apex Packs. These are bundles of skins that cost $10 each.

Each pack contains five random skins, and you can buy multiple packs. There are different types of packs, such as “Legendary”, “Epic”, “Rare”, “Common” and “Uncommon”.

Twitch Prime Rewards

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, then you should definitely take advantage of Twitch Prime. This service provides lots of great perks for subscribers, such as exclusive cosmetic rewards.

The Apex Legends  service offers tons of cool stuff for the game, such as skins and more. Make sure to keep checking Twitch Prime regularly as they may occasionally add new things.

Battle Pass

You do need to spend some money to get access to the game’s premium content, but it can be worth doing so when you consider the benefits you’ll receive from playing the game.

If you aren’t sure whether you want to purchase a season ticket, you can check out the game’s premium content before buying one. As you progress through the season, you will earn various items including expensive skins.

Once you’ve got a cool skin for your avatar in Apex Legends, you’ll be able to feel like you’re owning the battleground. If you want to personalize your Legend even further, check out the various guides online with tips on how to wall jump.

Let’s check some of the best skins in the game. 

Wingman Skins

Dead Heat 

Dead Heat is an awesome looking skin that has been met with mixed reactions from both fans and haters alike. While using it in-world, the huge size of the character and its bright colors cause visual distractions that distract most people during combat.

The same thing happens with Thermal Rise, which is a blue version of Dead Heat.

Double Bypass

Double Bypass is an extremely minimalist lime-coloured skin that goes well with the game’s theme. It was released during the Season 4 event.

You could earn it by completing challenges and collecting the Double Bypass when you reached 1,250 points.

Loud Mouth

Loud Mouth is a new Halloween-themed skins available for players who participated in the Fight or Frights collection event in Season 3. It was obtainable by unlocking it with either 2400 crafting materials or 800 ApeX Coins.

Lawbringer is one among the most beautiful looking Wingman skins in the entire League of Legends.

It was made available during the Chaos Theory Collection event but could only be acquired by buying the Deputy of Death bundle which included a legendary Caustic Skin along with this Wingman.

Final Form 

Final Form is a futuristic-style wingman theme that is very popular among Wingman players. The overall appearance of this theme is quite similar to the original Final Form, however, the colors used in this version are much brighter and bolder. 

This is a great choice if you’re planning to play Wingman in a tournament setting where you’ll be competing against others.

Precision Caliber 

Precision Caliber was introduced as a reactive battle pack during Season 5 of Apex Legends. When players complete the Battle Pack Tier, they can unlock the corresponding skins.

For example, if you complete the Battle Pack Tier 10, then you’ll receive the Battle Pack 10 reward. You can also earn additional rewards through completing challenges.

Brass Beast

Brass Beast is a new recolored version of the Merciless Wing, one of the most popular skins in the game. It features a dark blue base color with a metallic gold overlay. The wings themselves feature a deep teal color scheme.

Red Rocket 

Red Rocket is also an alternate version of the Merciless WingWingman. It has a royal vibe because of its red color with a touch of silver.

The Sunburst

The Sunburst is a recolor of The Death Ray, which was released in late 2019 and the mid 2020s. Because of its simplicity and popularity, this skin is the most popular one among pro players and streamers.

The Dismantler 

The Dismantler skin is one of the coolest, if not the coolest wings for all weapons in Apex Legend. The hot red accent of this skin stands out among all the wingmen.

In August 2019, this skin first appeared in the store. In February 2020, this skin was last seen in the Apex item store.

Alternator Skins

The Swashbuckler

The Swashbuckle is an awesome one-of-a-kind Alternate skin that looks like a custom made weapon for showman­ship. Surprisingly, this Alternate skins has a pirates theme which confirms that this skins was actually influenced by a classic film called “Swashbuckler.”

Combined Powers

Combining powers is a colorful Alternatezorin’ Power Rangers look that looks like the Morphin Power Rangers at a glance.

It was part of the Genesis collection event in season nine in 2021. This alternate has returned in the anniversary collection event store in february of 2022, where it is included in a pack.

Power Coil

A simple alternator skin that looks more powerful than ever before. With a stainless steel build and a copper core, this skin is ready to take your builds to the next level. 

You can also find this skin in the Raider Collection Pack, where you’ll receive it if you collect 3500 points during the Raiders Collection Challenge.

Devil’s Right Hand

Devil’s Right Hand (also known as “Devil’s Right Arm”) is an alternate skin for Wattson based on his Cyber Punked Legendary skin, featuring a very dark theme with red and black colors.

The skin features a lot of sharp edges and spiky details, giving it a rather aggressive appearance. The skin was released during the System Override Collection event in Season 4.

Dark Hearted

Dark Hearted Alternator Skin was a part of the fight night collection event in the seventh series. It looks incredible because of the gold and silver color combination. Subtle details on this shiny face gives you a royal vibe in fighting games.


Haymaker was a Halloween event reward from the Fight or Frights collection in 2019. As it came out on October 31st, it had a spooky DIY theme, so if you owned the Bloodhound’s protector of the patch, you’d probably enjoy this one too.

Cool Blue

Search & Rescue is the recolor of Search & Rescues’ legendary alternator skin. The vivid and contrasting combination of orange (the color of the legendary alternator) and light blue makes the skins more remarkable than the other recolored or original ones in the game.

Amped Up 

Amped Up is an awesome skin for any fan of the Sonic Boom Octane skins. It has some similarities to them, but it’s not exactly the same.


At first glance, LED Rez doesn’t appear to be much of an upgrade. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the color scheme resembles the film TRON: Legacy. 

In addition, the glowing blue color of the user’s body glows in the dark. These two features make LED Rez one of the best skins for Alternator. 

The Galvanizer

The Galvanizer was originally released as an alternate Legendary Skins for Alternator. However, it looked much cooler due to the bright orange color and subtle details.

The Iron Sight of the Galvanizer is also quite handy that allows you to aim while shooting. So, you can easily say that it is just an improved version of the LED Rez!

Organizing Your Skins 

Apex Legends has been out for quite awhile now, so veteran players have likely amassed a lot of different cosmetics. Fortunately, instead of having to choose just one item, you can pick multiple different ones to rotate through randomly.

This also applies to things like loading screens, weapons, and music tracks.

To organize your skin’s head into the “My Profile” section of the main menu and then click on the “Skins” tab. From there, you’ll see a list of all the different skins you’ve unlocked.

Clicking on any of them will bring up a screen where you can change the color scheme for that particular piece of gear. You can also scroll down to view all the different items you’ve collected.

Add To Favorites

To change your skin, go to the “Customization” tab on the main screen and click on the “Skin” button. From there, you’ll see a drop down menu where you can choose between four options: “Random”, “Legacy”, “Loadout”, and “Legend”. 

You can also scroll through the various colors available for each skin type. Once you’ve selected one, simply press the “Apply” button to apply the new skin.

In addition, you can also choose a number of favorite loading screens and songs to play during gameplay. These options include both randomized and fixed selections. 

Randomized choices allow you to change between any of your favorite loading screens and songs without having to manually pick them each time. 

Fixed choices let you choose specific ones so they’ll always play whenever you start a new match.

Will Past Event Related Skins Return?

The event and recolors might eventually make their ways into the game, but they’re not likely to be available for purchase anytime soon. Meanwhile, alternate pass alternators are extremely rare to obtain.

However, Respawn Entertainment has stated that Battle Pack items from Season 11 and onwards might become available in special packages at some point in the future.


Skins in Apex Legends are pretty cool because they give you a chance to customize your character with unique looks. They’re also useful because they help you stand out among other players.

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