A Guide To The Weapons And Weapon Combinations In Vampire Survivors

The rogue-like shooter game Vampire Survivors- published and developed by Luca Galante- focuses on the player fighting against waves upon waves of monsters.

A Guide To The Weapons And Weapon Combinations In Vampire Survivors

The main goal of the game is to survive as long as possible, and unlock different relics, more characters, and new weapons as they play. 

In this article, we are going to be looking at all these weapons and the combination weapons that are available in Vampire Survivors. Let’s get started. 

The Weapons In Vampire Survivors

  • Axe: The axe can be thrown above the player and will arc downwards. As well as having high damage, the axe also has high area scaling and ignores duration. 
  • Bone: Spins in a random direction when thrown. It travels in a straight line and is a bouncing projectile, bouncing off of walls, enemies, and the edges of the screen. 
  • Bracelet: Fires three projectiles at a random enemy. 
  • Carello: A bouncing projectile. The weapon will shoot a single cart that travels horizontally in the way that the player is facing. It will also run over any enemy in its path. 
  • Celestial Dusting: Fires flowers that pierce through an unlimited number of enemies. 
  • Cherry Bomb: Thrown by the player at the nearest enemy, acting as a bouncing projectile. 
  • Clock Lancet: A supporting weapon offering a chance to freeze enemies.
  • Cross: A weapon with boomerang like abilities.
  • Ebony Wings: A bombarding weapon that can scale with bonuses from all the players stats. 
  • Eight the Sparrow: Shoots a circular blue energy bullet that will move in four fixed directions and dissipate after an initial hit on the enemy. 
  • Fire Wand: Only fires randomly, but the damage that it deals is significant. 
  • Flames of Misspell: Spawns a cone of flames that will move in the direction that the player is moving. If the player isn’t moving when the spell is used, it will instead spawn the flames where the player moved last. 
  • Garlic: Damages nearby enemies whilst also freezing them. The weapon is also used to reduce the enemy’ resistance to knockback attacks. 
  • Gatti Amari: As well as summoning capricious projectiles, the Gatti Amari also has a chance to interact with pickups. 
  • Greatest Jubilee: Summons fireworks that can initially cause 20 base damage. 
  • King Bible: Orbits around the player, causing damage to any enemy that it comes into contact with.
  • Knife: Simple yet effective, the knife will fire rapidly outwards in the direction that the player is facing. 
  • La Robba: Rains down furniture from the top of the screen. This furniture will bounce off of enemies and damage them until it either disappears off-screen or ends its duration. 
  • Laurel: Creates a shield that briefly makes the player invulnerable and protects them from damage. The shield will change color based on the charges. 
  • Lightning Ring: Summons lightning strikes that deals random damage to enemies, whilst also creating a hitbox that causes damage when it hits the ground.
  • Magic Wand: The same as the knife, except the player will throw out wands rather than knives.
  • Peachone: This bird is a weapon that will fly around the player and bombard enemies with projectiles within that circling zone. 
  • Pentagram: Summons a glyph that instantly erases every enemy and item on the screen (except for stage items). 
  • Phiera Der Tuphello: This weapon is the same as Eight the Sparrow, but it shoots a red circular energy bullet rather than a blue one. 
  • Runetracer: A slow moving weapon that will fire diamond shaped runes in random directions with different color trails. 
  • Santa Water: Rains bottles of holy water down from the sky, which break upon impact and leave blue flames and water puddles that damage enemies. 
  • Shadow Pinion: A weapon that spawns drills behind the character. These drills slowly accelerate backwards, dealing damage to enemies that walk on them. The drills can then be fired outwards in the direction that the character is facing when the player stops or left or right clicks. 
  • Song of Mana: This weapon releases waves of sparkling particles that will attack vertically, passing through enemies as it does so. 
  • Vento Sacro: Creating multiple horizontal slashes in front of the player, the Vento Sacro damages all enemies in the immediate vicinity. 
  • Victory Sword: Creates a series of slashes that will damage the nearest enemies, whilst also slashing six times around the character when retaliating. 
  • Whip: Emits horizontal slashes that emerge from the character’s torso and will damage all enemies in the area, with consecutive slashes alternating between firing away and towards the direction that the player is facing. 

Now that we have looked at all the base and unlockable weapons, let’s get into the combined weapons. 

The Weapon Combinations/ Evolutions In Vampire Survivors 

  • Ashes of Muspell: Flames of Mispell + Torrona’s Box: Spawns a burst of black flame. 
  • Bi-Bracelet: Evolved from Level 6 Bracelet: Shoots a group of damaging cloud sparkles at a random enemy. 
  • Bloody Tear: Whip+ Hollow Heart: Creates a slash horizontally, with larger and more damaging slashes than the whip. 
  • Crimson Shroud: Laurel + Metaglio Right+ Metaglio Left: Creates a shield that protects the player whilst also causing retaliatory damage when a charge is used with it. 
  • Death Spiral: Axe + Candelbrador: Shoots nine spinning scythes, with each one having high pierce damage as well as damage reduction. 
  • Gorgeous Moon: Pentagram+ Crown: Destroys all enemies on screen like the pentagram does, but no longer targets pickups, instead generating additional experience. 
  • Heaven Sword: Cross+ Clover: A sword thrown by the player at the closest enemy, which will spin and boomerang. 
  • Hellfire: Fire Wand+ Spinach: Shoots slow moving flaming meteors that pierce all enemies. 
  • Holy Wand: Magic Wand + Empty Tome: Shoots a group of blue magic missiles fired at the closest enemy with half the cooldown and double the projectile speed. 
  • Infinite Corridor:Clock Lancet + Silver Ring + Gold Ring: Fires a freezing beam in twelve different directions. It does no damage but freezes any enemy it hits. 
  • La Borra: Santa Water +Attractorb: Rains holy water much like Santa Water, but the pools of water will increase in duration and have a larger area. 
  • Mannajja: Song of Mana + Skull O’ Maniac: Fires five concentric sparkling particles outwards that will permanently slow down enemies. 
  • NO FUTURE: Runetracer + Armor: Fires a cyan laser that ricochets in random directions with infinite pierce, causing damage to enemies. 
  • Soul Eater: Garlic + Pummarola: Creates a black aura that pulses around the player and damages enemies within it. 
  • Thousand Edge: Knife +Bracer: Shoots an infinite stream of knife projectiles with three times the projectile strength. 
  • Thunder Loop: Lightning Ring + Duplicator: Summons lighting that deals damage to random enemies with double the attack rate. 
  • Tri-Bracelet: Evolved from Level 6 Bi-Bracelet: Fires even more projectiles with more damage than the Bi-Bracelet. 
  • Unholy Vespers: King Bible + Spellbinder: Spawns a ring of symbols around the player that spin clockwise and deals damage to enemies that touch it. 
  • Valkyrie Turner: Shadow Pinion + Wings: Flames will spawn behind the player and accelerate backwards, dealing damage to enemies that walk on them. 
  • Vicious Hunger: Gatti Amarit + Stone Mask: Summons giant cat eyeballs that deal damage when in contact with the enemy. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have everything that you need to know about the weapons and the weapon combinations and evolutions to be found in Vampire Survivors. 

Hopefully, you are now ready to jump into a game and choose the weapon that suits you best as you battle against monstrous hordes, or start working towards the evolved weapon that you like the sound of the most!

Ashley Newby