All Of Caustic’s Skins Ranked From Worst To Best

Apex Legends is a battle royale shooter released in 2019 by Respawn Entertainment. It takes place in the same universe as one of Respawn’s other games, Titanfall.

It is popular amongst gamers due to its large variety of characters that allows for different levels of play, one of these characters is Caustic.

All Of Caustic’s Skins Ranked From Worst To Best

Caustic stands out in that he is a defensive legend that essentially controls the area he is in with his poisonous gas abilities.

Usually, he is seen wearing a skin reminiscent of a yellow hazmat suit, but in the article, we will rank all of his other skins.

There are 76 skins in total but we are only going to be ranking the epic and legendary skins because they are the most unique.

We are ranking them by rarity from worst to best. It is based solely on appearance and not on any tactical advantage they bring.


Fiber Optics

Out of the first 4 epic skins, Fiber Optics is possibly the most boring. While black and blue is usually an amazing color combination, here it just doesn’t work as well as the other three.

Each of the first 4 skins has a unique undersuit pattern, this one has cool blue lightning bolts across it.

Heat Sync

This is the most muted of the 4 colors of this skin but it works well. The orange and black suit eachother and there are speckles of orange across the black undersuit to help it blend together.

Daemon Hunter

Red and black color schemes work well with most characters. Here it gives an edgy feel and has subtle geometric patterns across the undersuit.

Illegal Operation

The green coloring matches Caustic’s poisonous vibe. The undersuit looks like there is radioactive ooze leaking out of it.

Barrel Of Laughs

This skin is a part of the Iron Crown collection event. 

The face and below the hips of the suit are very cool and stylish, the torso is where it falls flat a bit. While the color scheme is alright, there is a lot going on in the middle and not all of it works.

Acid Bubble

The highlight of this skin is the cool face paint.

Overall, the skin is mainly red, black, and white. But the apron has a red, blue, and teal pattern on it that is quite bold and stands out.

Neutral Net

This is a classic black and bright blue skin. Here the colors fade into each other in an almost pixelated pattern.

Grave Robber

This skin is from the Chaos Theory collection event. Instead of the classic boots, this skin has wraps on the bottom of the pants.

The undersuit has graphic skulls on it which stand out against the yellow and green of the skin.

Tiger Blood

This tiger-themed skin is from the Legendary Hunt event. The tiger stripes are reversed with orange stripes on black. The face paint also matches the rest of the skin.

The apron has the classic skull logo on it.

Boiling Point

This skin is from the Awakening collection event. The undersuit has a cool orange lightning pattern on it.

The rest of the skin has a red, black, and gold color scheme with a simple but effective chevron design on the apron.


This skin is from the Dark Depths event and has an amazing fishbone motif with the apron having a ribbed design on it. 

The suit is dark blue with red accents that look like gills and there are also scale textures on it.

All Of Caustic’s Skins Ranked From Worst To Best


Philosopher’s Stone

Compared to other legendary skins, this one doesn’t stand out too much. While the teal and gold coloring is okay and the purple hair is different, other than that is it quite boring.

Sixth Sense

This skin is grey and yellow with it mainly being grey and has a yellow sash across the chest. Instead of the classic goggles, Caustic has a bandage across his eyes.

Divine Right

This skin is the same as Sixth Sense but has better coloration.

Instead of grey, it is white and instead of yellow, it is blue. The skin has gold accents on it like the canisters.


This is from the Lost Treasures collection event and looks almost steampunk.

It has a white and red undersuit which matches well with the white hair.

Final Research

This is a classic young look skin with Caustic having a shaved head and no beard.

The suit is adorned with a camo print and is paired with a big puff coat.

Third Emperor

This skin is from the Grand Soirée event and is a classical purple and dark blue suit. There are silver accents throughout that go great with the purple.

What really makes this skin look good is the glowing green eyes, this not only looks fantastical but also fits Caustic’s character.


This suit is quite colorful with red, yellow, green, white, and black, but somehow they all work together to make a sleek-looking skin.

Dark Cloud

This is the best skin for anyone wanting a monochrome look.

It is mainly black but has some white accents. The goggles have been replaced with a black blindfold. The canisters are also a nice chrome color.


This is a better version of Philosopher’s Stone. It is all black but has subtle burgundy belts. It also has the classic grey fur of this skin design.

What really makes this skin so high up this list is the gold skull mask that really makes it stand out.

Prince Of Darkness

This is a very regal skin with a skull mask and crown design. The skull matches the one on the chest plate.

The skin itself is black, silver, and white but has pops of red throughout.

Waste Management

This is a black and orange suit with grey fur on the apron and arms. The bright green accents make it look almost radioactive.


This skin was available during the ALGS Championship Sale.

It looks very cyber with tubes linking different parts of the suit. It is orange and black with a full-head helmet instead of just a gas mask and goggles.

All Of Caustic’s Skins Ranked From Worst To Best

The Trophy Hunter

This suit is a striking all-white look with slighty grey fur sections.

The hair is paler to match the outfit and the skull mask is also white. It looks great with the silver gas mask.

Inmate Nox

This suit looks closer to a snowy tundra researcher with all the grey fur than an inmate. The suit itself is simply orange, but the bright blue mask makes it really stand out.

Mad King

This regal and intimidating skin is from the Anniversary collection event.

It is mainly black and red but has gold detailing including a gold crown. It is finished with a red skull mask.

Synthesis Chamber

This is from the Monsters Within event.

It is hi-tech with wires across the head. There is a blue and orange color scheme but with teal accents throughout.


From the System Override collection event.

The skin looks like a robot with thinned limbs. It has a black and silver base with lime green accents.

Deputy Of Death

This is a cowboy skin from the Chaos Theory collection event.

It is mainly red and beige with black accents, gold detailing, and skulls throughout.


This is from the Warriors collection event. It is primarily metallic blue with gold details.

The best part of this skin is the full helmet that is designed to look almost like a dragon.

Killing Joke

This was from the Aftermarket collection event and is a depiction of a formally dressed serial killer with clown makeup.

The skin has a red bowler hat and a stylish grey and red trenchcoat.

Sweet Dreams

This is from the 2020 Fight or Fright collection event and is a recoloration of The Last Laugh skin, which you will see later in this article.

It is a dark clown with blue hair and a blue and black suit with orange highlights. There are also creepy clown heads on top of the canisters.

So Serious

This outfit is a homage to the Joker from the 2022 Fight or Fright collection event.

The skin is purple and green with gold detailing and is a recolor of Killing Joke.

As of writing this article, this is the most recent skin.


There is something comical about a deadly character looking like Santa. This skin is from the Holo-Day Bash collection event in 2019 and has one of the best pun names in Apex.

Caustic is wearing the full white and red getup with grenades that look like ornaments and canisters that resemble candy canes. He even has small round glasses on.

The only thing he is missing is the classic hat.

The Last Laugh

This is the best Caustic skin and is from the 2019 Fight or Fright collection event. The skin itself is of a classic creepy clown, with green hair and all.

The outfit is red and white with a plethora of ruffles and stripes. The mask also resembles the killer clown Pennywise.

Final Thoughts

Apex is a free-to-play game, with the only microtransactions being toward customizable items like these skins. This makes it not pay to win and a great starting game for many people.

Remember that this article is just an opinion, your favorite skin may be at the bottom of our list and that is perfectly fine.

Ashley Newby