All Terminal Locations In Fallout 76 And How To Hack Them

If you’re familiar with the Fallout franchise, you’ll know how frustrating it is to get terminal hacking as your daily challenge in Fallout 76.

These elusive terminals can be a pain, even more so than the dangers of the radioactive wasteland. We would much rather go up against a Super Mutant, that’s for sure!

All Terminal Locations In Fallout 76 And How To Hack Them

To save you some time, we’ve compiled a list of all the terminal locations in Fallout 76 so you can reap the rewards and continue exploring Appalachia. No matter whether you are playing on PS4, or Xbox One, we’ve got you covered.

With this guide, you’ll be able to find and hack terminals at your level without having to scour the wasteland for hours on end. So, let’s get into it.

How To Hack Terminals In Fallout 76

Those who have played Fallout in the past will be well aware of the hacking mechanic in the game, and thankfully, it works exactly the same in Fallout 76.

However, for the beginners out there, it can be confusing to see all those symbols and words pop up on screen for the first time. 

The good news is that it’s much less complicated than it might seem. There is a technique to hacking, and once you know it, you’ll be able to hack terminals easily.

When you first access a terminal, you will see long rows and columns of symbols and words. To hack the terminal, you need to figure out which one of the words is the password.

The terminal will give you four attempts before locking you out, in which case you’ll have to find a different terminal to hack or wait until the terminal is ready to hack again.

When selecting passwords, you’ll more than likely guess wrong the first time, but that’s a good thing! It means that you’ll be one step closer to finding the right password because it’ll give you a hint. 

The “likeness” number on the right side of the terminal will appear under the wrong password, and this will tell you how many letters are in the correct position.

For example, if you choose the word “RUNNING” and it has a likeness of “3/7”, the correct answer will contain “I,” “N,” and “G” in the same position.

This will allow you to rule out any incorrect passwords and find the correct word to unlock the terminal.

To make hacking easier, you can narrow down your password options by looking for symbols that are caught between a set of brackets, greater than and less than symbols, or parenthesis.

When you find a set, it will be highlighted, and when you select it, it will remove a “dud” password or reset your attempts back to zero.

What Happens When You Hack A Terminal

Other than rewarding you with XP, hacking a terminal means that you can perform a number of actions. Firstly, it might allow you to control defense systems.

This means that you’ll be able to enable or disable turrets in the area that will target enemies, or allow you a safer passage through the building.

These terminals can also open protectron containers, which can act as an ally while you’re in the area.

Terminals can also be used as an alternative to lockpicking when opening containers, safes, or doors.

If you find that something can be either hacked or lockpicked and you have the right skill level for both, to gain the most XP, you should hack the terminal first, exit out of it before unlocking anything, and then lockpick the object.

This means you’ll get double the amount of XP and will be able to raise your hacking and lockpicking skills quicker. 

Terminal Locations In Fallout 76

One frustrating thing about hacking terminals in every Fallout game is that you need a certain skill level for each terminal. This is the same for Fallout 76, except the skills work slightly differently.

In previous Fallout games, you had to improve your hacking skills in order to unlock higher-level terminals.

However, in Fallout 76, terminals range from level 0 to level 3, with only level 0 terminals being hackable if you don’t have the Hacker perk.

The Hacker perk will allow you to hack level 1 terminals, while the Expert Hacker and Master Hacker perks alongside it will allow you to hack level 2 and level 3 terminals.

You can also get the legendary Master Infiltrator perk, which automatically allows you to hack level 3 terminals as well as lockpick level 3 locks.

Level 0 Terminals

  • The entrance to Abbie’s Bunker in the Mire.
  • Up the stairs of the main building of Camp McLintock.
  • The CEO’s terminal at the Garrahan Mining Headquarters.
  • Through the door, to the right and down towards the end of the monorail tunnel at the Garrahan Mining Headquarters.
  • The opposite side of the security door, just opened by the terminal above, at the Garrahan Mining Headquarters.
  • The Manager’s terminal at the General’s Steakhouse.
  • At the Harper’s Ferry Armorer at Harper’s Ferry. There are two terminals, but you will need to avoid or kill 40 automated turrets to access them.
  • The Lighthouse Keeper’s terminal in the Landview Lighthouse keeper’s home.
  • Manager Smith’s terminal at Mama Dolce’s Food Processing.
  • In the basement of Morgantown Airport.
  • The Storage Room controls in Morgantown Airport.
  • The Receptionist’s terminal in the Poseidon Energy Plant.
  • The Fuel Storage Room terminal in the Poseidon Energy Plant.
  • Inside the Control Tower of Wade Airport.
  • In the General Manager’s Office in The Whitesprings Resort.
  • Macfadden’s terminal in the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center.

Level 1 Terminals

  • The Security terminal at the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Silos.
  • A Mainframe Access terminal at the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Silos.
  • The Maintenance Office terminal at the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Silos.
  • The Supervisors terminal to the right of the complex inside the building with two chimneys and the sign at Dryer Chemical.
  • Inside the shed, north of Flooded Trainyard.
  • At the Fujiniya Intelligence Base, under Mama Dolce’s, through the hatch and to the right.
  • Down three flights of stairs, next to a locked cage in the Fujiniya Intelligence Base.
  • At New Appalachian Central Trainyard, in the Train Tickets building.
  • The Maintenance terminal at the Red Rocket Mega Stop.
  • On the second floor of Sals Grinders in Beckley.
  • In Room 2 of Sunnytop Ski Lanes.
  • Inside of the Watoga Civic Center.

Level 2 Terminals

  • The Security Station terminal at the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Silos.
  • The Mainframe terminal at the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Silos.
  • Two Mainframe Access Terminals at the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie Silos. 
  • The Manager’s terminal inside Appalachian Antiques, near Watoga.
  • The Ranger’s Station terminal in Cranberry Bog.
  • The Cafe terminal in the Drumlin Diner in Watoga.
  • The Admin Office terminal in the Garrahan Mining Headquarters.
  • The Train Watchtower terminal at the Flooded Trainyard. You may need to pass a Glowing Yao Guai (level 76) and Dusky (level 66) in this area.
  • The Fort Defiance terminal, after gaining access to the Brotherhood of Steel location behind the laser grid.
  • The Foreman’s terminal in Kerwood Mine, which needs the Kerwood mine key to access.
  • The Mining Supervisor’s terminal in the Monogah Mine.
  • The Engineer’s terminal in the Watoga Emergency Services.
  • The Headmaster’s terminal in Watoga High School.
  • The Watoga Transit Hub terminal.

Level 3 Terminals

  • The Foyer terminal at the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Silos.
  • The Monitoring Station at the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Silos.
  • The Security Station terminal at the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Silos.
  • The Security Command terminal at the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Silos.
  • A Mainframe Access Terminal at the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Silos.
  • The Gun Range terminal on the third floor of the Garrahan Estate.

Final Thoughts

During your exploration of the Appalachian Wasteland, you’ll come across many terminals, but the ones we’ve listed are the easiest to find and can help you complete your daily challenges, as well as reward you with XP.

With this guide, you will not only be able to hack terminals but also find out exactly where they are and the level you need to access them.

Ashley Newby