Apex Legends Bloodhound Skins Ranked From The Worst To The Best 2022

In this article we will discuss the best skins which have been released by Respawn for Bloodhound in 2022 for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Bloodhound Skins Ranked From The Worst To The Best 2022

If you do not know, in 2019, Apex Legends was released by Respawn as a battle royale style spin-off for the popular FPS game Titanfall.

It only took a few weeks after release for Apex Legends to solidify its status as an incredibly popular battle royale game.

Because the game was free to play, it also became very widely accessible which is why there are so many fans of the game.

When Apex Legends launched back in 2019, there were only 8 playable characters, and all of them became popular for having unique personalities, as well as distinct abilities which are specific to each of them.

One of the most popular of these characters is Bloodhound, this is because of their tactical scanning ability. This ability made it, so Bloodhound players are able to look through walls at enemies.

This skill pairs well with the ultimate ability and the passive ability which makes tracking down other players very simple. This is why Bloodhound has been a consistent favorite for Apex Legends players.

To make Apex Legends a profitable game, Respawn sells cosmetics for characters in Apex Legends, and this includes skins which are specific for each character.

Bloodhound of course gets a good variety of skins regularly, and since they have been in the game since launch, they have quite a diverse choice of skins to choose from.

While you can find some of these skins more commonly, or more widely used, they all have people who like them.

How Many Skins Are There For Bloodhound In Apex Legends?

Currently. During season 11 of Respawn’s Apex Legends, Bloodhound has 74 different skins giving you a massive variety of choices.

These skins include 22 which are legendary, 8 which are epic, 28 which are rare, and 16 which are common for Bloodhound.

Tier List For Bloodhound’s Legendary Skins In Apex Legends

In this section we are going to rank all of Bloodhound’s Legendary rarity skins since these are the skins which are most commonly discussed when it comes to talking about skins in Apex.

We are going to rank these legendary skins in 3 categories working down from S tier, to A tier, to B tier.

These S tier skins are some of our absolute favorites, while we think the B tier skins could do a bit more to stand out since they are Legendary skins.

The A tier skins are also amazing, but we think that they could do a little better to stand out to fit in with the S tier skins.

When we ranked these skins into tiers, we also wanted to take into account how rare some of these skins are too.

This is because some of the most rare skins for characters in Apex are just recolors of skins which were tied to events.

Even if the skin is quite basic, they can still be quite sought after. It is worth keeping in mind that this list is quite subjective and based on personal aesthetics, so if this is something which bothers you, you may not agree with our ranking.

The skins for Bloodhound which we have included in our S tier include; Wise Warrior, The Centurion, Protector of the Patch, The Intimidator, and the Great Winter skin.

For the A tier Bloodhound skins we have chosen The Plague Doctor, Raven’s Shadow, Imperial warrior, Young Blood, and Wandering Warrior.

Finally, for our B tier, we have included; The Rune Keeper, The Radiant Striker, The Royal Guard, Road Warrior, The Dangerous Game, Wicked Harvest, Royal Livery, Royal Huntmaster, and Hunter’s Moon.

Our Favorite Bloodhound Skins In Apex Legends

Now we have gone over our tier list for Bloodhound’s legendary skins, we think it is a good idea to highlight some of our favorite skins from both the S tier ranking, as well as the skins we thought were A tier as well.

We will go over what we think makes these skins stand out from other ones, and why we like them so much!

The Centurion

If you do not know, this skin for Bloodhound was released during the same time as the Iron Crown collection which was an event which was also at the same time as Bloodhound’s heirloom as well.

The inspiration for this skin clearly came from old style medieval armor for knights and it really adds to the aesthetic appeal of the skin.

The gold aesthetic of the skin with the red highlights gives this skin a unique appeal which is not seen in many other skins for Bloodhound.

There is also a recolor for this skin which was released by Respawn called the Royal Huntmaster, and this was available during the War Games event.

Apex Legends Bloodhound Skins Ranked From The Worst To The Best 2022

Wise Warrior

The skin was released alongside the Old Ways event collection in Apex Legends, and this event showed a Bloodhound-themed town which was on the World’s Edge map.

There was also a Bloodhound themed pol, but also the Wise Warrior skin which is closely related to the upbringing of Bloodhound which is shown in the trailer for the event.

There is a really detailed owl theming on the skin, and the silver details make this skin have a unique appeal.

Protector Of The Patch

If you can not tell from the aesthetics of this skin, it was made by Respawn to celebrate Halloween, and this spooky skin gives Bloodhound a pumpkin head which makes them appear like a scarecrow.

This skin was originally released in Apex during the Fight or Fright event and it was an instant hit since its release.

There is also a red recolor of this skin which is called Wicked Harvest which was also released during the same event.

Great Winter

The Great Winter skin is actually a recolor of another skin for Bloodhound called Imperial Warrior.

And, while Imperial Warrior has received quite a few different recolors, this white version of the skin is currently incredibly rare, and you can find this skin being highly sought after by fans of Apex Legends.

This samurai themed skin is popular for a reason, and it fits the design of Bloodhound incredibly well!

The Intimidator

This is another legends edition skin which is available for Bloodhound, and it was released alongside some other cosmetics for Bloodhound.

Similarly to other skin bundles for characters, this skin has an amazing level of detail included.

Respawn included plenty of little details which make this hunter skin incredibly unique, and the iconic red colorway is why so many people love using this skin for this character!

The Plague Doctor

This is perhaps one of the most popular skins for Bloodhound, and as the name suggests, it is based on the design of a classic plague doctor with the iconic beak mask which helps this unique skin stand out.

This old-style design is why so many people love using this design. The horrifying inspirations for the design fit the aesthetic of Bloodhound, and this is why you will find so many players who use Bloodhound using this design.

There is also a popular recolor for this skin which is brown and this is titled Raven’s Shadow.

Imperial Warrior

This is actually one of the 4 default legendary skins which is available for Bloodhound, in spite of this, it is still massively popular.

As we mentioned in one of our earlier entries, recolors of this skin are often quite popular, however the default version of this skin with the strong blue and gold combination is popular for a reason and goes well with the samurai inspiration.

Wandering Warrior

This is actually just a recolor of the Royal Guard skin, however, the strong color palette chosen for this recolor is why it is so much more popular than the standard Royal Guard skin.

The default Royal Guard skin has quite a standard color palette for a legendary skin, but this is definitely not the case for this iconic teal recolor which helps this skiing stand out, but probably is not a great choice for camouflage.

Young Blood

This skin was introduced by Respawn during the Old Ways collection event, and this is actually a skin inspired by a younger version of Bloodhound who is seen wearing their old hunting outfit.

Players tend to love skins which take inspiration from the lore of the characters they are showing. Because of this story relevance, this skin is incredibly popular. If you want an iconic Bloodhound skin, this is one of the best choices!

Dangerous Game

The last skin which we are choosing to highlight here is Dangerous Game, and this is a Bloodhound skin which has strong geometric lines which match the aesthetic of the Fight Night event it originated in.

The skin has a unique maroon color which makes it stand out but still has a natural looking appearance. This is why this skin is so commonly used by Apex players!

Ashley Newby