Apex Legends Error Codes And Their Meanings

Apex Legends was released in February 2019 and although it has become a hugely popular free-to-play hero shooter game, it has been plagued by bugs and glitches.

Fortunately, many of these have been fixed, but others are still present and proving to be very frustrating. 

If you have played Apex Legends, then you have probably become quite used to seeing error codes cropping up occasionally.

Apex Legends Error Codes And Their Meanings

Some of these are simple to understand and solve, but others are more of a mystery.

Today, we want to help you get to the bottom of your Apex Legends error code woes. Therefore, we will explain what all error codes mean and how to fix some common ones. 

Before you try any of our solutions, though, we recommend trying to reboot your computer or console. And, you should check the Apex Server Status.

By doing all of this, you may be able to save yourself time and effort when trying to solve issues within the game itself.

You can also repair the game files or run it as an administrator to effectively fix some of the most common Apex Legends issues. 

Most Common Apex Legends Error Codes

Code Leaf

Code Leaf is arguably the most common Apex Legends error code. It is essentially a standard timeout and crops up when a user’s client can not connect to the Apex Legend host server.

Code Soda

From a common error code to a rare one, Code Soda usually occurs when too many frames are sent to the server by the client.

Code Net

Another common error code, you may be familiar with Code Net. This usually pops up because of “Timeout Network Channel.”

This translates to your connection to the EA Servers expiring.

Code Pin

This is not a very common error code, but it may occur occasionally. You will usually experience Code Pin when you have been timed out of a server as you load up the game.

Code Wheel

Code Wheel is another relatively common error code. If this occurs, it basically means that you can not connect to the host’s servers after you have been spawned because of a timeout. 

Code Cloud

If your local persistence data fails to match with the host servers, then Code Cloud may appear.

When this happens, the error code will read, “Timeout: Persistence Mismatch.”

Code Dam

Like Code River below, Code Dam occurs when the server receives or sends too much data. This error code will read, “Network Error: Generic Overflow.”

Code River

As mentioned above, Code River can crop up when the game’s server has received or sent too much data on a particular channel.

Unlike Code Dam, this error code will read, “Network Error: Reliable Channel Overflow.”

Code Shoe

If the client is out of sync with the host servers, then Code Show will appear. 

Code Truck

If the local script remote functions fail to match the host server, then Code Truck will appear on the screen.

Code Clock

If you’re experiencing the error Code Clock, then that means the game’s servers have ceased waiting for your client to connect to the host servers.

Code Clog

If a GRX script error occurs, you may experience Code Clog. 

Code Rock

Code Rock refers to the client, which means your device lacks the correct remote call that the host server anticipates.

Code Phase

This error code generally manifests itself when a player attempts to connect to the servers, but the game is not in a state to connect at that moment. 

Code Snake

If Code Snake is present, it means your client has been banned from that server. This ban can last for various amounts of time. 

Code Role

If a spectator is trying to connect to the server to play as a real player. Then Code Role may appear. 

Error Names, Meanings, And Solutions

Here are some other common error names, their meanings, and some solutions to fix them.

  • Apex_crash.txt – Repair the game files (Go to Origin – Game Library – Locate Apex Legends – Select the Settings icon and click Repair).
  • CE-34878-0 – This code appears on PlayStations. Luckily, this is easy to solve by simply restarting the console in Safe Mode by following PlayStation guidelines
  • DXGI_ERROR_, DEVICE_HUNG – This code may appear for numerous reasons, but if it does, try updating your graphics card driver. 
  • Error code:leaf – We mentioned this above, but there are a few fixes to try, such as restarting your router, rebooting your PC, and by using an Ethernet network.
  • Error code:net – To solve this, follow the same steps as above. Try to restart your router, reboot your C, or use an Ethernet cable.
  • Out of Sync with server – If this occurs, navigate to settings and the Video tab. Here, set the Texture Streaming Budget to None. 
  • Party leader quit – If this happens, simply leave the party and try joining again. Navigate to the Lobby and invite your friends to join the party, then click Return to Main Menu, and head back to the Lobby.  Now, switch game modes (Play Apex to Training), and then navigate back to Play Apex. Finally, restart the game.
  • Party not ready – If this occurs, try to leave the party and then join again. Follow the same steps as Party Leader Quit above.
  • R5apex.exe – You’ll need to repair the game files. Go to Origin – Game Library – locate Apex Legends – Select the Settings icon – Click Repair.

In Summary

You may experience a number of these error codes when playing Apex Legends.

But, if you save this post, you can come back to it and check what the code means and how to solve it so you can get back to playing Apex Legends quickly.

Ashley Newby