Apex Legends: Ranking The Ten Best And Ten Worst Wraith Skins

Wraith is a popular offensive hero in Apex Legends, being one of the first heroes to be unlocked by default.

Her popularity stems from her versatility and her useful abilities, such as her “Dimensional Rift” which places a teleporter for her teammates. 

As is expected with a character such as Wraith, she has a fair amount of skin choices available for the player to choose from once unlocked. 

With this in mind, we are going to be taking a look at ten of the best and ten of the worst skins for Wraith. Keep in mind that when we say worst, we don’t mean that the skins are horrifically bad!

Apex Legends: Ranking The Ten Best And Ten Worst Wraith Skins

The skins under the worst category lean more towards disappointing in nature or just boring in comparison to her other looks. The skins we are classing as “worst” fall more under the “average at best” category. 

Don’t forget that this is purely a subjective ranking, as is the case with all ranking lists! 

One last note before we get started is that we are only going to be looking at the Legendary skins along with a few noteworthy Epics and Rares, as the Common skins are all simply recolors of Wraith’s default skin. 

All being said, let’s get into the ranking! 

10th Worst: Emerald Enchantress

This skin is a recolor of a Halloween skin that we will be looking at later on in the list, but its boring nature in comparison to the original is what puts it in the worse category. 

The skin does feature a fun, witch outfit, but compared to the original, it lacks that spark of character. 

10th Best: Airship Assassin

Another recolor of a skin that we will be looking at later, Airship Assassin earns its place on the best list thanks to its rarity along with its unique color palette, with the dark shades and the brown leather combining with the golden accents to create a cool steampunk look for Wraith. 

9th Worst: Neon Spectre

There is nothing inherently wrong with Neon Spectre, as it does have several positive features such as the unique, alien-like design, right down to the blue skin color, and the sci-fi hairstyle. 

That being said, it feels like a bit of a stereotypical take on a science fiction look, with the neon blues and purples making the whole skin feel a bit tacky. 

9th Best: High-Class

High Class is an underrated Wraith skin that has nods to both ancient Chinese fashion styles and military epaulets. 

The black, white and red color palette also makes it particularly eye-catching, whilst the slightly different hairstyle- with the same default top bun but a curled side fringe-, the makeup, and the earrings offer subtle but effective changes.  

8th Worst: Perfect Soldier 

If you are a fan of the cyborg look, then the Perfect Soldier skin is sure to be one that you will want to check out. 

However, it makes our worst list due to the relatively bland nature of the skin, with a muted color palette and a stereotypically robotic look (particularly the odd hair choice). 

There was a lot that could have been done with a cyborg-style skin for Wraith, but Perfect Soldier didn’t make the most out of the theme. 

8th Best: Demon Within 

Although the alternative version of this skin- Demon’s Whisper- is an awesome Wraith skin, we are going with Demon Within for our best skins list as the mask covering Wraith’s face (she wears it tilted in the Demon’s Whisper skin, so you can see her face) adds an extra layer of mystery and intrigue. 

The demonic figure in Japanese lore has always been a source of inspiration for many, such as with this incredible skin. 

7th Worst: Risen Queen

Risen Queen is another example of a good idea for a skin that could have been amazing but ended up being average. 

The ancient Egyptian themes are definitely cool- especially the aspects that combine the mummy bindings with the Egyptian goddess look- but you can’t help but feel like there is a little more that could have been done to push it over the edge of okay and into awesome. 

7th Best: Mistress of Evil 

This is a recolor of the previously mentioned Emerald Enchantress skin, and it is the perfect example of how a little bit of tweaking can go a long way when it comes to making a cool skin. 

The addition of green skin and a more witch-like color palette- with blacks, purples, and brown leather- makes all the difference, making for a treat of a Halloween skin. 

6th Worst: Quantum Collision

There is nothing inherently wrong with Wraith’s Quantum Collision skin, a legendary outfit originally released as part of the April 2022 Unshackled Event. 

It’s just a bit bland in comparison to some of the character’s other skins, particularly her top knot hair with the shaved sides which isn’t as powerful as her shaved head from some notable skins (that will be popping up soon on this list), and not as iconic as her regular top knot.

6th Best: Void Specialist

There are a few different versions of this particular skin with different color palettes, but we have to go for the Void Specialist skin due to that eye-catching pink color!

This is a super cool skin in general, combining a futuristic look with sci-fi elements to create a Mortal Kombat-esque outfit, emphasized by Wraith’s mask and body armor. 

The pink is a nice finishing touch, combining perfectly with the wires, rivets, and gray armor elements of the skin. 

5th Worst: Final Sunset

Final Sunset is a recolor of a fan-favorite Wraith outfit that is pretty good and offers a nice burst of brightness and color.

It is only on our worst list as it doesn’t have the same staying power as the original skin. Sorry, Final Sunset, it’s not you, it’s us. 

5th Best: Protector Of The Void

5th Best: Protector Of The Void

If medieval, fantasy or Viking outfits are your thing, then Protector of the Void is definitely the Wraith skin for you. 

Both Protector of the Void and its recolored version- Queen’s Guard- are excellent skins that feature cool armor, facial tattoos, and a braided hairstyle. 

4th Worst: Wave Shift

Unfortunately, Wave Shift doesn’t nail the pirate motif in the way that Protector of the Void does with the Viking and medieval look. 

Again, this isn’t a bad skin, but it is boring and stale in its pirate design. The green and brown color palette is cool, as is the headband and dreaded top bun that Wraith sports, but the look as a whole could have been much more than it ended up being. 

4th Best: Hellcat

Hellcat- and its recolor variant Void Prowler- is one of only three skins in the game that covers Wraith’s face entirely, featuring a cat-like golden mask with golden ears that protrude out of the hood. 

Animal themes always tend to go down well in video games, and Hellcat is one that is done well thanks to combining the subtlety of the red and black outfit with the eye-catching golden cat mask. 

The bright blue eyes on the mask bring the look together, and this goes for the Void Prowler skin too.

3rd Worst: Flashpoint

Flashpoint has a similar issue as Final Sunset in that it isn’t as striking as the Liberator skin from which it originates. 

That being said, the brighter color palette- consisting of light blue, orange, and white with a cropped white hairstyle for Wraith- could be more appealing to some than the more muted original. 

3rd Best: Phasewalker

You’d be forgiven if you mistook Wraith for a character from an epic sci-fi RPG with her Phasewalker skin, which is just as cool as it sounds. 

It is another one of Wraith’s skins that covers her entire face, adding to the mysterious, science-fiction vibe that surrounds Phasewalker. 

As well as that, Phasewalker also has a unique animation when the visor opens. It might be a pretty expensive skin choice- and one that can’t be manufactured with crafting metals- but it is definitely one that is worth the expense. 

2nd Worst: Cold Sweats

We are probably being a little bit harsh on Cold Sweats, as it should be commended for doing something different for an Epic skin. 

As well as her outfit, Wraith’s hair and skin also change color, which Epic skins don’t tend to do. 

The result is pretty cool, but the skin is a little bit too cheesy and White Walker like thanks to the blue skin and the white hair. 

2nd Best: The Liberator

Our pick for the second-best skin goes to the original Liberator skin, which is not only a drastic overhaul aesthetically for Wraith, but also an important part of her backstory. 

The Liberator skin depicts Wraith back when she was Dr. Renee Blasey, who volunteered for experimental trials of Phase tech and who suffered greatly when the tests caused her to lose her memories. 

Liberator is a painful reminder of Wraith’s unfortunate beginnings, but it is also a really cool look for her too, making for one of the best skins for her as a whole. 

1st Worst: Queen Of Hearts

The winner of our worst Wraith skin award has to go with the Queen of Hearts skin, which was only available as a Twitch Drop reward. 

Most of the skin isn’t too bad, featuring card-themed patterns and a red, white, and black color pattern. Even the bright red hair that Wraith sports isn’t too terrible. 

However, the makeup for Wraith in this skin is another story entirely.

Yes, we know it is meant to reflect the over-the-top makeup that the Red Queen wears in Alice in Wonderland, but it just doesn’t work here at all, coming off as a cheap, gimmicky design. 

1st Best: Marble Goddess

The top spot for the best Wraith skin has to go to Marble Goddess, which not only adorns Wraith in an outfit worthy of the Grecian gods, but also coats her skin in a layer of marble so that she looks like a statue come to life. 

The textures of the marble on this skin are incredible and unique, making for an attention-grabbing skin that earns its place as Wraith’s best. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have some of the best and some of the worst (or the most average) skins that you can find for Wraith in Apex Legends. 

Some of these skins need more work to obtain than others, so make sure that you check out all the requirements if you find one that you are particularly interested in getting for Wraith.

Ashley Newby