Arcane: All Character Heights Revealed

While many League of legends fans were cautiously optimistic upon the announcement of the Arcane series, the popular show luckily managed to capture many of the distinct characteristics and features that make the champions so lovable. 

This includes their physical appearances which are mimicked almost exactly to the big screen, however there are a few little differences.

Arcane: All Character Heights Revealed

Luckily, Riot has finally released details on the actual height of most of the main characters from the first season of Arcane which has sent fans into a frenzy trying to match them up with those listed in the popular MOBA.

Here are the confirmed height measurements for all major characters in Arcane.


Height: 5.2 feet / 160cm

The blue-haired trickster is more or less the same height as she is in-game and is definitely the one who steals the show as we get to see a lot of her rather tragic backstory and how she became the maniacal yet lovable gunslinging marksman we all know her as today. 


Height: 5.6 feet / 170cm

Jinx’s tightfisted older sister is just a little taller which again replicates how she looks in-game.

Vi’s story is another one that fans have been desperate to know more about ever since she was released as part of the roster in the Summoners Rift and with season 2 we can hope to see even more of this exciting bruiser in action. 


Height: 6 feet / 185cm

Everyone’s favorite gunslinger is one of the taller characters in Arcane despite being so young in the story, and if she acquires her famous top hat in season 2, this is sure to add on a few extra inches. 


Height: 5.6 feet / 172cm 

The ever-mysterious Viktor is smaller than in-game when we first see him in the second episode of Arcane, however with that being said, he is in a fragile state for much of this time as opposed to the hulking half-machine that he soon becomes and the version we see in the Rift. 


Height: 6.1 feet / 188cm

Not including his hammer of course, Jayce stands just a little higher than his childhood friend Caitlyn when we see him, however, he is also a lot younger than we’re used to seeing him so there’s no doubt he’ll be a lot more similar to how he looks in the top lane in the next few seasons of Arcane. 


Height: 6.6 feet / 202cm

The lovable and endearing Vander is a hiking giant when we see him in Season 1 and while there is (technically) no comparison to make since he is not an official character in the game itself, he still stands among one of the tallest characters in the series. 


Height: 5.9 feet / 182cm

The maniacal and deceiving Silco might seem recognizable to eagle-eyed League players, however his identity is kept a mystery for much of the series despite there being a few hints of who he could be.

He actually stands surprisingly tall considering he is hunched however for a good amount of his screen time, making him one of the tallest characters in the show. 


Height: 5.6 feet / 172cm 

The Noxian Aristocrat Mel Medrada may play a smaller role in Arcane but her importance is sure to grow as she becomes more involved with the story as more seasons go on.

Like a lot of her Noxian peers, Mel stands fairly tall when compared to the rest of the cast. 


Height: 3 feet / 90cm

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s seen Heimerdinger either in the show or on the Rift that he is one of the smallest characters, however, this usually leads to people underestimating his incredible abilities which he shows off from time to time in the first season.


Height: 5.5 feet / 168cm

While we don’t see him for too long, Ekko does make an appearance in the very first episode of Arcane as we see him tinkering with equipment.

He is very young here however, so we can expect his height to be a lot more as he makes appearances later down the line. 


Height: 6 feet / 185cm

The right hand of Silco and a character who seems to become more intriguing the more we see of her, Sevika is one of the brand new characters introduced into the League universe through Arcane who stands even taller than the evil mastermind himself.

We can only hope to see more of this new fan-favorite character down the line.


While a lot of the characters are still quite young at the beginning of Arcane, many of them will grow up to suit their original in-game look a lot more when they appear on our screens in the next few years.

Ashley Newby