Are Esports Really Sports? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are Esports really sports? 

Are Esports Really Sports Here's What You Need to Know

Esports is a type of sport that involves gaming. It’s a digital type of sport that has become extremely popular over the past ten years.

Esports is an extremely profitable industry, and has a predicted revenue of $1.5 billion, which is only expected to increase over time. 

While Esports is a real sport, it has been extremely stigmatized, which means that a lot of people do not view Esports as a true and authentic sport. 

In this article, we discuss whether Esports is a real sport, and we explain why many people still do not recognize Esports as a true sport. 

What Are Esports? 

Esports are sports played in video games. This is usually played on teams, but sometimes Esports are played individually. 

The most common types of Esport games are Call of Duty, Fortnite, and League of Legends. 

The term “esports” was first used in the early 2000s.

It was originally used by gamers who wanted to play against each other instead of playing against computer opponents. In the past, there were several types of gaming competitions.

The two main ones were LAN parties and online tournaments. These types of competitions were often held at local game stores.

The biggest problem with these events was that they weren’t very organized. They also didn’t have any rules or regulations.

When esports started, the organizers decided to create their own set of rules for competition. These sets of rules included things like having referees, time limits, and prize money.

This allowed the Esport community to grow at an exponential rate. It is estimated that over 258 million viewers watch Esports events. 

Why Do People Watch Esports? 

People watch Esports because they love watching competitive games. There are many different reasons why some people would rather watch Esports than traditional sports. 

Generally speaking, fans of Esports are gamers, and they watch Esports because they are fans of the game, and admire the Esports players.

This is similar to anyone who plays football with their friends, but pays money to see professional sports players. It’s a very similar concept, the only difference is Esports is played digitally over video games

Esports is a big event, just like any type of sports game. It’s a different form of entertainment, and those who are fans of video games are impressed by the skills of professional gamers. 

Is Esport Really A Sport? 

Is Esport Really A Sport 

Esports really is a type of sport. They are very different from traditional sports, however, which is why some people argue that Esports is not a real sport. 

This is because traditional sports, such as football, basketball and volleyball, involve the players and teams engaging in a physical event with each other.

The players compete against each other physically. Plus, the event is actually watching the players themselves play, rather than ‘characters’. 

In contrast, the players of Esports never engage in physical activity. They do everything remotely using computers and video games.

While the players are in control of the games, the audience is watching the player and their skill, while also watching the video game, and how the player controls the character. It is a very different environment. 

It’s important to remember that Esports is not just a small gaming event. Esports is a multimillion industry that generates millions of dollars every year. It’s incredibly popular, and it has a huge fan base. 

In fact, the International Olympic Committee has held discussions on whether Esports can be introduced as a sporting event in the Olympics. 

The main issue with introducing Esports as an Olympic event is not regarding whether Esports is a ‘real’ sport. It’s actually due to an issue with gambling that often is related to Esports.

In many countries, they have extremely strict anti-gambling laws. Millions of people gamble on Esport matches, and while this is also common with normal sports, the extent of gambling within the Esports industry is very problematic. 

Why Are People Anti-Esports?

Esports is a very divided topic. People are either fans of Esports, or they simply do not recognize Esports as a real sport, and rather see it as gaming, not a sporting event.

The biggest issue that Esport faces is respectability. While Esports is a multimillion industry, and has a large fan base, many people simply do not respect Esports as a true sport.

A lot of people refuse to view Esport players as actual athletes because it does not involve any physical labor — instead, they view Esports as just playing video games. 

This is generally to do with misunderstanding and stigma. Video game players are seen by society as lazy, uneducated and spoiled.

One reason Esports is not fully respected, is because the public do not see the effort and skill that it takes to become a professional gamer.

In fact, they fail to recognize that being a professional gamer is very different from playing games for a hobby. 

Esports is a real sport, the only difference between Esports and traditional sports is that Esports is a form of digital sports.

While Esports may not be fully respected by society, the future of Esports is said to be extremely profitable, with an expectation that Esports will eventually become an Olympic event. 


To summarize, Esports is really a type of sport. Esports is a modern version of traditional sports, which has evolved from gaming. Esports is a serious sport, which has resulted in a multi-million industry.

It is expected that Esports will become even more popular and profitable in the future, and that the success of Esports will keep rising.

While many people still do not recognize Esports as an authentic sport, the stigma against Esport is slowly declining as people understand the skill that Esports players and teams have acquired to become professionals in their field.

Esports is a real type of sport that is changing the future of sporting events. 

Ashley Newby