Best 1v1 Champions In League Of Legends

It’s critical to distinguish between the various champion types when looking at the champions who dominate the 1v1 category because some champion types outperform others in a 1v1.

Best 1v1 Champions In League Of Legends

Juggernauts, tanks, assassins, magicians, marksmen, and duelists are the key categories to be covered. Let’s examine every one of the categories.


Juggernauts are large and have a high damage output. The only issue is that they are largely immobile and have poor kiting abilities. They are therefore vulnerable to marksmen when they are on equal footing, as one might anticipate. 

On an equal playing field, they are far superior to tanks since they can withstand damage for almost as long but deal out much more of it.

Juggernauts must remember that if they want to have any chance of winning against marksmen, they must get ahead of the opposition. 

Juggernauts should therefore aim to surprise the marksmen and maintain any type of gap-close they possess ready in case the marksmen begin kiting or fleeing.


In contrast, while dealing less damage, tanks are visibly tankier. They compensate for it by having an easier time gaining access to and securing targets. The problem with tanks is that they lack the sustained damage necessary to defeat juggernauts. 

In a one-on-one battle, tanks do well against mages and assassins. Tanks can easily survive the initial flurry of assassins or mages on an equal footing. 

Tanks may defeat an assassin and mage if they remain in front of them while their abilities are on cooldown and their burst is out of the way. 

When facing a juggernaut in a 1v1, tanks should be aware of the juggernaut’s cooldowns but also try to take advantage of a window of opportunity while it is there. 

Tank players must evaluate the scenario carefully to determine if there is even a chance to defeat juggernauts in a 1v1 due to their fairly simple abilities and typical skills in dealing with tanks.


When most people think of 1v1 champions, they typically imagine assassins. They excel at gap-closing onto targets and can quickly move in and out thanks to their powerful burst of damage. 

Although, as you might anticipate, any champion who can withstand the early barrage of damage will have a strong chance of succeeding in the 1v1 match. Therefore, the tanks or juggernauts are the strongest classes to fulfil that description

More precisely, tanks are better against more mobile assassins, whereas juggernauts are better against assassins that are less mobile. It’s also important to note that assassins frequently pose the greatest challenge in 1v1 battles, offering good opportunity for outplay.


Then come wizards. Magic users may easily one-shot targets with their ability-based damage. Burst mages would generally be the class that would be highlighted because they are superior to the others in 1v1 situations. 

The advantage of this class above typical assassins is their capacity to provide useful effects and crowd-controlling abilities to adversaries. 

Due to their reliance on bursts, they favour assassins and are vulnerable to tanks or juggernauts that can withstand the initial burst. 

Mages should use their crowd-controlling as well as utility skills to keep the adversary at bay while they wait for the destructive cooldowns to reset in order to defeat juggernauts and tanks.


Marksmen are a great class since they have a tonne of heavy damage that can quickly eliminate any other category in this group. They are the simplest to kill, of course, to compensate for it. While some marksmen are mobile, others are not. 

Tanks are the most easily defeated class as a result of their large damage output per second and ability to sustain already low levels of damage. They are typically thought to be too immobile, mobility or not, to get away from their combat lessons. 

Who eliminates the shooters? Mages and assassins. In a 1v1 match, these classes’ tremendous burst power will easily defeat marksmen assuming they have access to their skills. Each marksman has a different strategy for dealing with assassins and magicians.

Marksmen with greater mobility should try to use their speed to avoid any skill shot-based damage that mages and assassins may have. Marksmen just have that one chance to survive their blast. 

After that is done, marksmen will have ample time to eliminate an assassin and mage before they need to wait for their skills to come off cooldown. 

The alternative is to wait until the assassin/mage has utilised all, if not some, of their abilities before starting the 1v1 (for less mobile marksmen). 

In essence, this offers the marksmen an advantage in a 1v1 situation by giving them some extra time to deal out free damage while their skills recharge.


Finally, duelists, which is likely the best category.

League of Legends does not recognise duelists as a class, but this category includes certain champions that fall under several headings yet truly shine in the peripheral lanes in which they can engage in continuous 1v1 combat. 

These champions are duelists thanks to a number of their characteristics. They can adjust to games faster than other classes thanks to their mobility, cheap cooldowns, minimal or no ability costs, variety of builds, or bulkiness or combat-survival techniques. 

When these things are taken into account, some duelists are quite different and simpler to play than others. Each duelist therefore has a specialty versus the other classes, some of which are weaker than others. 

Duelists all have one thing in common: they usually oppose each other. Because they have the most potential for outplay, the best games are typically the hardest to play.

The Top 3 1v1 Champions

The Top 3 1v1 Champions

1. Diana

Diana is a skilled assassin mage who can quickly engage a foe and inflict significant damage. Her talents work well together, and her basic attacks deliver extra damage. She is generally a nightmare for her adversaries.

Diana is great in a one-on-one situation since her basic attacks increase the magic damage dealt to a region ahead of her while replenishing her mana. Her Q moves inside an arc, damaging opponents and marking them so that she can see them for a while.

All of the markings on the enemy vanish if she performs her ultimate on them, and she can sprint to the destination without having to wait for her ultimate to cool down.

2. Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is a beast that cannot be tamed. He can even restore himself thanks to his skills, allowing him to fight for a considerable amount of time. He was good prior to the overhaul, and he has gotten better now.

Why Mordekaiser is great for one on one: With his powerful ultimate, he becomes the 1v1 champion by bringing his opponent into a battle in another dimension while severely debuffing them and taking their stats. 

His Q does area damage, but it also does additional damage to one specific target. With his basic attacks, he deals more damage thanks to his passive, which stacks up to three times.

3. Jax

While looking for a worthy opponent, Jax devastates his opponents with his street lamp. As he advances through the waves of his foes, his weaponry makes him difficult to attack.

Jax is great in 1v1 situations since he gets a cumulative attack speed buff whenever he uses his basic attack. He can leap to a friend or foe, hurting the target if it’s an opponent.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it isn’t always sufficient to simply be in a lane as any of these champions versus a champion that isn’t featured and expected to prevail in the 1v1. 

The itemizations among both champions and their ability to use their in-game expertise to create the ideal circumstances to prevail in a 1v1 will always have a large bearing on it. 

In light of this, these champions are excellent choices if you’re seeking to finish the mid-to-late play in the side lanes because they can win 1v1s and dominate their opponents.

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