Best Ash Skins In Apex Legends: Best To Worst

With the release of Apex Legends, the game studio that was responsible for the famed Titanfall franchise made an unexpected foray into the genre of battle royale games.

Although the release wasn’t hugely publicized at the time, there was a lot of anticipation for this game all across the world. 

Best Ash Skins In Apex Legends: Best To Worst

A diverse group of players who were interested in trying out something different became immediate fans of the game almost as soon as it was released, and Apex Legends very quickly grew into one of the most played games in the world.

The player’s interest was immediately grabbed by the game’s character system, its movement, its precision gunplay, and its fast-paced gameplay.

Because of this, many more people joined the game, and soon even more famous and notable characters were introduced.

Everyone from Marvel heroes to Star Wars villains has appeared in this game, with new characters being added all the time. The best part is that you can customize these characters even more by giving them different skins to change their look. 

In this article, we’re going to tell you all about Ash, one of the newer characters that have been added to the game, the best skins to use for her, and how each of these can affect gameplay.

But first…

Who Is Ash?

Apex Legends is a more original take on the battle royale genre than other games currently available on the market because developer Respawn added a few legends with unique skills and functions during the game’s initial launch.

The characters in Apex Legends can be classified into one of four groups: offensive, defensive, recon, or support.

Offensive Legends are characterized by their ability to take the initiative and acquire crucial fragments during a match.

Because of their talents, they cannot only engage in combat but also successfully flee from it. They consistently remain in the lead, which ultimately helps the squad to achieve victory.

Ash is an example of this type of offensive Legend that can be found in the game and was introduced in Season 11 of Apex Legends.

This character quickly gained popularity among players shortly after making her first appearance.

This was due to the unique skills that she possessed, most notably her one-way portal, which was quickly recognized as one of the most effective methods to enter and exit a battle.

Ash is a pretty recent Legend to join the game. Because of this, Respawn has not yet had the opportunity to make available a large number of Legendary skins for the character.

However, despite her recent release, she has still been given a few skins that are of very high quality.

In the current season 14 of Apex Legends, Respawn has so far made available 48 different skins for the character Ash. There are also 16 common skins, 16 rare skins, 7 legendary skins, and 9 epic skins for Ash to choose from.

Below, we are going to highlight some of the most aesthetically pleasing legendary and epic Ash skins that Respawn has released. 

Chain Of Command

Do you want to look like a character from a comic book? At first glance, the Chain of Command appears to be a skin that has been based on the DC Comics supervillain known as Deathstroke. 

The assassin Deathstroke is similar to Ash in that he wields a sword and is considered to be one of the most merciless and lethal killers in the DC universe.

However, the version of this character that was developed by Respawn is a ruthless assassin that carries a katana with her to rip apart realities. 

The skin dials the chrome up to eleven and gives Ash decorations in brilliant orange. Additionally, it removes Ash’s mouth entirely off her face, leaving behind only a set of menacing eyes.

The skin additionally adds spikes to Ash’s shoulders and hood, while covering the rest of her body in chrome equipment. It’s menacing, it looks good, and it does everything you could expect from an Ash skin.

During the eleventh season, Chain of Command was made available as part of the Ash Launch Bundle.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t get it now though, as Respawn has been known to make skins from previous launch bundles available for purchase individually in the past.

Paying attention to the store rotation or checking to see if Apex is advertising any special discounts is the player’s best shot at getting this skin.

Best Ash Skins In Apex Legends: Best To Worst

Fallen Angel 

The Fallen Angel skin for Ash is a default Legendary skin and it reveals Ash for who and what she truly is: an inherently flawed individual who strives for perfection.

Looking similar to the Chaotic Emerald skin (see below), the skin features metallic, dark blue elements that are certainly more subdued than their counterparts in the Chaotic Emerald skin, but these elements also make the main attraction of the skin stand out even more.  

The things that will catch your eye the most are the gold embellishments that are poking out from beneath her rib cage, extending spikes from the shoulders, and Ash’s blade-like legs.

Even the “fallen” aspect of this skin is gorgeous, as it reveals even more gold plating behind Ash’s damaged visage. This skin is not only fashionable and eye-catching, but it also perfectly captures the character.

Under the legendary tab, players who have 1,200 Crafting Metals will be able to unlock this skin.

Chaotic Emerald

One of the stunning skins available for Ash is called Chaotic Emerald. Looking similar structure-wise to Fallen Angel, here most of the colors have been replaced with emerald green, which also contributes to the skin’s increased vitality.

This skin is also a work of art and is a great option for people who like the Fallen Angel style but love a green and yellow combo. 

Mercenary Mystique

Ash can equip the Legendary default skin known as Mercenary Mystique. This is one of the best skins in the game, just like the other base legendary skins that were launched alongside Ash. 

The skin makes Ash look less like the picture of perfection and more like a pieced-together hunter. This skin has a more stiff appearance as a result of her battle-scarred metal body, which also has a lot of stains and rust.

Her passive ability, which enables her to locate foes anywhere on the map, is symbolized by the eagle perched on her hood.

Ash’s hood is adorned with the skull of a hawk and feathers, and her feet have been turned into steel talons. The skin is held together at the top and bottom with a bird motif that ties the whole look together. 

Eagle-Eyed, the green and khaki variation of this skin, also reveals Ash’s frightening side; however, Mercenary Mystique takes it to a whole new level by adding a patch of vivid blue face paint to pair with her eyes that are a mismatched combination of red and blue.

Under the Legends menu, players who have 1,200 Crafting Metals will be able to unlock this skin.

Denizen Of The Deep

Do you want to look like you’re a part of the crew of The Flying Dutchman?? Then the barnacled Denizen of the Deep skin is one you must try!

Denizen of the Deep was a new skin that was added to the game during the Dark Depths thematic event.

This new skin appeared to take inspiration from the mythical ocean-themed skins that were available during the rest of the Dark Depths cosmetics event, as well as the pirate stylings that were available during the Raiders collection event that occurred just before Dark Depths. 

The skin transforms Ash’s signature hood into a component of a larger costume, complete with a leather coat and brass trimmings.

Additionally, the traditionally angular blades that cover her body take on the appearance of ancient scimitars as a result of this transformation.

Not content to stop at “robot pirate,” the skin also covers Ash in barnacles and worn metal all over the place, has some type of green fluid coursing through tubing connecting to her abdomen, and also gives Ash five eyes that do not have pupils.

Because she was so close to the ocean, her lips have also turned a dark green color.

As part of the new approach that Respawn is taking with skins based on themed events, players can unlock this skin in the Legends tab at any time by exchanging 2,400 Crafting Metals for it. 

Synthetic Huntress

The Synthetic Huntress appearance pack is by far the most terrifying one for Ash. As part of the Warriors collection event, this skin was created for Ash.

This gives Ash the appearance of having actual fangs, and it’s paired with a symbol on her chest plate that depicts a roaring lion. 

The skin has a color palette of silver, purple, and gold, with some red decorations and golden neon components thrown in for good measure.

The skin drives home the idea that she is a hunter by including furry accents on her shoulder and underneath various components of her armor. It also looks quite like a robot. 

As a collection event skin, players who were unable to unlock this during the Warriors event will be out of luck for the foreseeable future.

However, Respawn will likely add this skin to the store, at which point those players will be able to add it to their collection.

Venom Blade

The legendary Venom Blade skin for Ash is one of the rarer skins for her, and it demonstrates just how well-designed Ash’s initial character concept was.

The skin doesn’t accomplish much besides altering the actual textures that Ash has, but it certainly doesn’t lack anything in terms of its aesthetic appeal.

The colors all work together quite well, and the additional lines drawn on her face push the skin design above the threshold from “excellent” to “amazing.”

The style is finished off with glowing red embellishments on her forehead, bottom lip, and legs, which give it a very distinctive quality.

If you already possess this skin, equipping it can make you stand out from the crowd in a significant way.


These were the very best skins to apply to Ash in Apex Legends. Give some of these a try if you want to stand out from the crowd as you play!

Ashley Newby