10 Best Bows You Can Use In Destiny 2

Bows are an interesting tool to have in your arsenal when it comes to the weird and wonderful weapons of Destiny 2.

First added to the game as part of the Forsaken expansion pass, this humble and old-fashioned little tool was intended to help bridge the gap somewhat between scout and sniper rifles in the game’s meta.

10 Best Bows You Can Use In Destiny 2

And with their relatively high power per round used, they fill that niche very nicely.

Plus, in a game where rocket launchers, energy SMGs, and fusion rifles are a dime a dozen, there’s something quaint and even a little rustic about charging into a Crucible match with nothing but a sword or bow at your side.

They bring the ‘fantasy’ to this science-fantasy looter shooter.

Picking The Right Tool

However, like many of the other weapon types that you’ll find in engrams and loot, no one weapon is best at handling hordes of enemies in PvE and your fellow players in PvP.

So, knowing which weapon is best to add to your loadout is essential for making the most impact, whether that’s racking up those eliminations in Crucible matches, or tackling that raid that’s been hanging over your head for some weeks now!

This is why we have compiled this list of the best bows that you can use in Destiny 2 currently!

We’ll cover everything a bow has to offer, from the energy type that it uses, to the perks that are best to use with it, and even a little of the aesthetic charm.

Because come on: Is it a true Destiny 2 weapon if it doesn’t look at least a little cool?

Trinity Ghoul

Starting this list with a weapon that is sure to make an impact in anyone’s hands, we have the Trinity Ghoul.

This particular bow is an Exotic weapon, and a pretty rare one to find at that, seeing as no quest line or raid gives this weapon as a reward.

So, that means that you’ll likely be hunting for this weapon through exotic engram loot drops, or searching to see if Xûr has this item in their shop this week.

However, it is a hunt that will be well worth the reward, as this bow might just be one of, if not THE best bow that you can find in the game currently.

For starters, the base damage on this arc damage weapon is insane, already making it one of the best weapons when it comes to damage-per-round used.

But once you consider the extra perks and features the weapon has, from the Split-Electron trait that allows it to split into 3 when fired to the chain-lightning damage it can unleash, you have a weapon that is a terrifying force to fire at your foes in PvE, where it currently shines at its best, especially with the 40% damage increase it recently got.

Plus, the unique coloring and accents of texture on the bow help stop this weapon from looking a little too much like just a regular old compound bow.

Leviathan’s Breath

Next on the list, we have another bow that has a reputation for dishing out disaster on your opponents, with the Leviathan’s Breath.

One detail that will immediately jump out to players is the fact that it takes up a heavy weapons slot, which already sets it apart from other bows in the game.

It is currently the only bow that is classified as a heavy weapon. And the visuals help clue the player into its unique classification.

With its cast iron aesthetics and blocky design, it instantly stands out from other compound bow-inspired designs in the game.

Even just looking at it, this bow FEELS like a heavy weapon, which makes both a solid design concept and cool as hell to look at.

So you can start to imagine the kinds of numbers that we are playing with here!

Aside from big base numbers to make this a very powerful bow, this void weapon also has traits and perks that make it almost tailor-built to tackle champion opponents, making it a very useful tool for players in PvE games.

The fact that a bolt that lands on a target in PvE will stun and stagger your opponent makes this one of the most coveted weapons for Nightfall raids, where keeping the pressure on your enemies will often be the difference between life and death for your teammates.

And we all know how much those raids want your fire team dead!

Wish Ender

One of the most interesting things that the Destiny games have done with many of their exotic weapons, regardless of weapon type, is to give them unique traits that help them further stand out from the average uncommon, rare, and even many legendary weapons.

One of the best cases for this amongst the bow weapon type is the Wish Ender.

This exotic weapon is a tricky one to find (as most exotics are, to be fair), as the player will need to complete that is finished by completing the Shattered Throne dungeon that you’ll find in the Dreaming City, which was one of the toughest dungeons to clear when it first released and remains incredibly difficult to this day.

It’s probably one of the reasons why this weapon is so difficult to find.

However, the unique trait that bow has is worth it, as when you look down the sights of the Wish Ender when fully drawn, you’ll be able to highlight enemies that are hiding behind walls.

Small wonder that this is one of the most popular bows to use in PvP matches across Destiny 2. That is if you can get a hold of one in the first place!

Plus, the aesthetics are off the chart with this one.

The longbow-inspired design already sets it apart from the compound-inspired designs of the previous two items, and the shining, almost silvery fin quality of the ends of the bow gives it this mystical, almost ethereal look to it.

Just what you’d expect of a weapon that hails from a city of dreams.

Under Your Skin

Moving on to the first legendary weapon that we have on this list, Under your Skin might be, outside of the almost game-breaking busted traits of Wish Ender from before, one of the best bows to use in PvP matches.

This is primarily due to its Compound trait, which allows you to cancel your drawn bows, keeping you concealed if need be, and dramatically cutting down the time needed to draw it back for a full-power attack in the first place.

One of the features that are supposed to balance bows against scout or sniper rifles is that they need to be drawn to be effective, so you can imagine just how powerful a bow that casually looks at this limiting feature and says ‘Hold my ghost’ can be.

Plus, the weapon itself has just enough extra flare to it to look at home with other legendary weapons, without looking too busy.

(Of course, aesthetics are an incredibly subjective metric in destiny, but we love just how much the accents of blue add to the plating of this weapon!)

Definitely a great bow to have on your guardian in the crucible.

Arsenic Bite -4b

Considering the naming conventions of many of the weapons we have covered so far, Arsenic Bite – 4b is equal parts funny and cool.

How do you make a name sound clinical and like a teenager came up with it?

Humorous pondering aside, there is a reason that Arsenic Bite is on this list, as it is an incredibly powerful legendary weapon to have on hand for both PvE and PvP, though especially the former.

With it being an arc 3.0 weapon like the Trinity Ghoul, this arc-based weapon is the perfect weapon to have if you are curating an elemental build in your on-hand weaponry.

Plus, the lightweight type of the bow means that movement with this bow is even snappier, allowing you to dart around the battlefield, picking off opponents with ease.

Now, as with many other lightweight bows, you could argue that its overall damage output is a little lower than other top-tier weapons.

But when you combine that with some excellent damage-buffing perks like Rampage, Dragonfly, and Explosive Head, that gap becomes nonexistent.

Think of the Arsenic Bite – 4b as a budget, easier-to-find version of Trinity Ghoul. Which, to be fair, is like saying that a T-rex is a budget version of Godzilla.

But with all that power packed in such an easy-to-handle weapon, plus, a recurve bow aesthetic that just looks great, you can’t go wrong with this weapon in a PvE raid.

Biting Winds

Biting Winds

Now, we have one of the most popular bows that you will be able to find in Destiny 2, with Biting Winds.

Part of that is due to its relative ease to find (with enough time at least), as you can usually find this bow after completing Empire Hunts, as well as exploring Europa for legendary engrams.

Plus, as a legendary bow, this weapon still gives you plenty of variety when it comes to viable perks that you can use with it to get your intended results.

Killing Wind and Rapid Hit are very good options if you’re looking to increase your damage output for PvE. And, of course, there is Explosive Head.

Because would this be a list of best bows without this classic perk in your repertoire?

Plus, the light blues and deep reds used to breathe a little color into the design, coupled with the mechanical design of this compound-inspired bow, help it fit into the design profiles that you’ll find in most weapons across the world of Destiny 2.

In short, it shoots well, looks good, and is one of the easiest bows on this list to find. What’s not to love?

Ticuu’s Divination

We haven’t mentioned a good solar-damage bow yet in this list, have we?

Well, it’s time to change that, with perhaps one of the most striking bow designs on this list, Ticuu’s Divination.

For starters, just look at it! The shape itself is unlike almost any other weapon on this list!

At a squint, you can kind of see the elements of a recurve bow at a push, but even still, the rectangular design profile hides it well, making it still look like a bow.

It even looks like it’s crafted from old Hive stone, rather than from metal! Okay, enough gushing over how it looks. Now it’s time to gush over how it plays!

As we mentioned, the solar damage immediately sets it apart from many other exotic bows on this list, making it a killer weapon against the Hive in particular.

And this isn’t even mentioning its intrinsic trait! The Sacred Flame trait allows you to send tracking arrows at your opponents, which already opens up a world of possibilities.

However, the trait also allows you to set up some great crowd control, as the arrows will explode upon the target dying.

So, you can shoot one arrow to set up, then a second at lower health to create a massive explosion!

Sure, it is a rare weapon to find or purchase. But it’s also a monster to use in PvE against majors, as well as dealing with crowds of opponents.

Fel Taradiddle

One of the major issues that many people have had with the Destiny franchise for years is the frustration that comes with its loot-and-shoot drop rates, an issue that Bungie has been dealing with since the first game.

However, the introduction of craftable weapons has helped alleviate this issue, especially when the results produce powerful weapons like Fel Taradiddle.

Funny name aside, this weapon can become available after the Wellspring activity and is perhaps one of the most popular kinetic bolt bows that you can find in Destiny 2.

The fact that it already shares a lot of perks that you can get with the Under Your Skin bow, a bow that has some of the best in its class, makes this a very tempting weapon indeed, especially with Archer’s Tempo or Killing Wind active on this model.

And with the Lightweight trait, it’s also very easy to handle too.

The somewhat more realistic design of this bow may make it seem a little mundane when compared to designs like Leviathan’s Breath or Ticuu’s divination, but that’s kind of the point here.

This unassuming weapon, crafted together from pieces that you find and still packs a mighty punch, is even stated as much in its bio.

Le Monarque

If you find yourself facing someone armed with Le Monarque in a match, you might as well kiss your victory goodbye, without a good game plan at least.

With rapid-fire poison-tipped arrows, as well as a full-drawn arrow, killing in almost one shot (without buffs might we add), it is not hard to see why so many players love to use this bow in PvP.

The fact that it is a lightweight bow almost seems like overkill in some respect! At least, when it’s pointed at you, anyway!

Plus, as the name implies, there’s just something regal about the design and color scheme at work here, making it look as legendary as it feels to use.

Closing Thoughts

And here we come to the end of our little list of awesome bow weapons.

What, you thought we were about to cover a bow that was called ‘Closing Thoughts’? Well, as funny and kind of cool as that would be, there’s no such bow with that name.

Well, not yet anyway. Bows are a pretty rare weapon to find in Destiny 2 when compared to many other weapon archetypes.

However, if you can find one for yourself, especially one of the bows we have listed here, you’ll have a tool on your hands that will serve you very well.

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