10 Best Companions To Choose In Pathfinder Way Of The Righteous

As you hack and slash your way through hordes of demons in Owlcat Games’ Pathfinder:

10 Best Companions To Choose In Pathfinder Way Of The Righteous (2)

Wrath of the Righteous, it never hurts to have someone by your side to make the combat a little easier which you will definitely want to consider doing considering just how challenging some of the later areas can be. 

Companions in Pathfinder are unique NPC’s who can be recruited into the player’s party, and Owlcat definitely hasn’t held back when creating these characters as there are twelve of them in total all with their own abilities and traits that can help to give you a leg up in encounters, however with that being said, there are a few that stand out a lot more than others. 

Top 10 Best Companions In Pathfinder Way Of The Righteous

Remember that you can have six characters, including the protagonist, in your party at all times, so in order to cover all bases and get the most amount of damage and protection possible while traveling through the magical Worldwound, it can be a great idea to choose companions that fit specific areas such as being ranged experts or tanks to soak up damage. 

The good news is, there are so many optional companions in Pathfinder that you are guaranteed to find one that suits each role. Here are a few of the best you should definitely consider. 

10) Linzi 

Role: Ranged Support

The kingmaker’s very own plucky and sarcastic narrator is extremely effective as a ranged support companion, especially with the several buffs she grants players very early in the game including her Competence and Courage abilities. 

Her abilities carry over into the late game where she can learn Inspire Greatness and Dirge of Doom which are some of the most game-changing feats in the game and are essential when taking on high HP enemies which you will be quite a lot as you progress. 

Alongside buffs, part of the reason Linzi is so good is that she can also function as a bit of a saboteur due to some of her debuffs.

Giving Linzi the Ranger sub-class Freebooter will also allow her AI to automatically target vulnerable enemies with debuffs. 

Finally, while Linzi may be a great choice when it comes to buffs and support, she isn’t very tanky, so it’s usually best to keep armor off her and keep her just close enough to where she won’t get into any engagements. 

9) Daeran

Role: Support

Daeran has a very unique Great Oracle build which means he can act as both a healer or synergist with the different buffs that he picks up throughout the game.

Alongside this, he actually has decent enough skills to do a little bit of damage too so you won’t need to worry as much about him getting into the fight. 

Part of the reason Daeran is an excellent companion to have alongside you is not only for his stats, but also his personality as he is on a fascinating personal quest that makes him a much more mysterious and intriguing character than many of the others which you can learn a little more about in his humorous banter with the other companions. 

With his decent healing abilities, good damage output for a healer, and very engaging story and character development, Daeran is definitely worth bringing along especially if you’re looking to do an evil playthrough. 

8) Woljif

Role: Rogue

There really is no character in the game who embodies the ‘Chaotic Neutral’ tagline more than Woljif with his witty remarks and banter that make him a lovable rogue assassin character that is always so fun to keep around, no matter what kind of playthrough you’re doing. 

His personal quest is very rewarding, and the voice actor for Woljif might just be the best in the game for how he conveys that sharp Loki-like tongue that Woljif is known for. 

In terms of his skills, Woljif can gain some high damage very early on including learning Double Slice at just level 3 which boosts the damage of off-hand weapons while duel wielding.

He also gains Weapon Focus at a very early level which grants a +1 bonus on all attack roles of a selected weapon, making him very deadly early on. 

While he is usually a two-handed dagger-wielding front-line combatant, Woljif is very versatile so he can even be made into a ranged companion if you prefer him to hang back. 

7) Aivu

Role: Havoc Dragon

Aivu can be a little awkward to recruit and many players will most probably miss her on their playthrough completely, however if you play as an Azata, she will join your party immediately as soon as you reach mythic rank 3. 

Aivu is a havoc dragon which means right from the start she gets a Breath Weapon which can hit enemies in a cone radius that deals 2d10 points of damage that increases the higher your mythic rank, meaning she can become incredibly powerful for crowd control the more you level up. 

She also makes for a great healer since she can use Restoration along with many other healing spells including Cure Critical Wounds and Serenity.

On top of being an excellent combatant, Aivu also has the most voice lines in the game and a twist in her personal story that is really worth keeping her around for, and to top it all off, you can even mount her once she grows big enough. 

6) Arueshalae

Role: Ranger

Aruseshalae is an excellent early to mid-game ranger who has great banter with the rest of the team, a huge amount of character development thanks to her fantastic personal quest, and one of the best romances in the game, especially if you’re playing as an Azata. 

Right off the bat, she gets the Point-Blank Shot skill which gives her +1 on bonus attacks and damage roles when using ranged weapons which might not seem too special, however as an early DPS class, it works wonders clearing out smaller and weaker enemies. 

Her Clustered Shots ability acquired at level 7 is also excellent for crowd control and by level 10 she can already double her range and has incredibly high chances of hitting criticals, easily making her one of the best-ranged classes in the game. 

The only real downside is that in WotR, the Favored Enemy skill was heavily nerfed which does mean she lags behind where she could have been. 

5) Ember

Role: Witch

If her incredibly engaging personal story and lighthearted banter with the rest of the party aren’t enough to make you consider recruiting Ember, her Witch class definitely should as it is one of the deadliest and most versatile in the game. 

Her curse ability is Blacken which means she automatically acquires fire spells as she levels up, and since there are a plethora of items in the game that can increase the potency of fire abilities, it makes her a powerhouse in the mid to late game. 

On top of this, she can choose a Hex every two levels which also makes her a decent buffer and debuffer while also having a few healing spells, making her one of the most versatile and interesting companions to have in your party.

4) Regill

Role: Hellknight

With potentially the best design in the entire game, Regill manages to combine having an incredibly evil personality with still being so much fun to be around, and when coupled with the fact that he has an extremely strong Hellknight build, it makes Regill perfect to bring along for essentially any situation. 

He is incredibly strong on his own with very high strength and extremely high dexterity even from the start of the game, however he also works well as a team player, especially with his unique Outflank skill at level 7 which gives allies bonuses on attack rolls if they are flanking the same creature as Regill, along with raising crit chances. 

10 Best Companions To Choose In Pathfinder Way Of The Righteous (3)

You can also gain his trust extremely easily in act 5, even if you are openly evil or a demon in the game, which can save you from having to change your character in a certain way to recruit him. 

3) Lann

Role: Monk/Zen Archer

Lann is one of the most creative and versatile characters in the game, and that goes for both his personality and his build.

Lann is half-man and half-lizard which makes his personal journey extremely endearing as he becomes torn between two ways of thinking.

On top of this, unlike a few of the companions in WotR Lann is very reactionary to the events that occur during the main story, making him feel involved at all times and grants him a good amount of development as a character.

His monk-zen archer class is extremely unique means that he will still acquire good archer skills as he levels up while also learning healing and buff abilities such as Boon Companion at level 5 where he can raise the level of animal companions up to four times higher which is an extremely useful buff early on.

His character arc is also incredibly rewarding, making him one of the most fascinating characters to have in your party. 

2) Nenio 

Role: Spellcaster 

There really is no companion better suited to crowd control in WotR than Nenio who contains a plethora of spells and skills that she can use to wipe groups of enemies out like it’s nothing.

She is incredibly effective when using spells and grants the ability very early on to have a good chance of breaking through spell resistances more easily than most, meaning no enemies are safe from her devastating attacks. 

By level 7 she acquires the Greater Spell Focus ability which makes her spells even harder to resist, to the point where even before she reaches level 10, she already becomes one of the best debuffs and damage dealers in the game. 

While you cannot romance Nenio, she does have one of the funniest personalities out of all the companions while also managing to be serious and calculated when the story calls for it.

She is incredibly well-written and some of the dialogue in her personal story is heartwrenching to say the least with her having one of the most impactful and rewarding character arcs in WotR. 

1) Wenduag

Along with her incredibly unique voice, appearance and personal journey, Wenduag may start off in the fighter class, but she becomes an unstoppable force once you move her to another class that benefits from having high dexterity. 

As an archer, she is extremely effective and picks up some incredibly useful skills early on for improving criticals and range, however if you wanted even more damage you could even move her over to using throwing axes where she performs just as well. 

With the highest dexterity in the game, for many players Wenduag is a must-have at all times and if her unique spider-like appearance isn’t enough to convince you, then the sheer amount of devastating critical hits she can land should be. 


Pathfinder Way of the Righteous is packed full of a whole host of unique and interesting companions to choose from that are all fascinating in their own ways, however, when it comes to personal stories and builds, these are some of the very best that you should consider recruiting when you next take on the fierce armies of Deskari.

Ashley Newby