Best Cooper Carbine Loadout To Use In Warzone Season 5

The Cooper Carbine has unfortunately garnered a reputation for being one of the lesser-used assault rifles in Warzone compared to many of its peers, however with that being said, it has been receiving some minor tweaks and nerfs over the last few updates which has seen it become a lot more popular, especially when paired with a few specific attachments to make it as effective at range as possible.

Best Cooper Carbine Loadout To Use In Warzone Season 5

Here is all you need to know on how to set the Cooper Carbine up so that you can turn it into one of the deadliest and most accurate weapons in Warzone.

Best Attachments For The Cooper Carbine In Season 5

The Cooper definitely isn’t terrible on its own, however, it can be a lot more unreliable than many of its competitors, With a recoil pattern that can be troublesome at the best of times and a slightly smaller magazine, while many people resort to using it more as an SMG, there are certain attachments you can equip to turn it into the mid to long ranged rifle that it was always meant to be. 

With that being said, here is the best way to kit out your Cooper Carbine next time you drop in:

Muzzle: MX Silencer

There really are barely any reasons to not use the MX Silencer on any assault rifle, and that includes for the Cooper Carbine.

Not only does it suppress your sound which is crucial when trying to stay hidden in a building or from a camping spot, but it also massively helps to control both the horizontal and vertical recoil of the gun which instantly makes it much more usable and reliable while firing. 

This isn’t even mentioning that the damage range is improved when equipping the MX Silencer with there being barely any drop off even from longer distances. 

You will be sacrificing a little mobility along with your ADS speed, however this is a small price to pay given just how many benefits come from equipping this muzzle attachment. 

Barrel: 22’’ Cooper Custom 

The Cooper’s very own custom barrel has a ton of amazing benefits with potentially the best one of them all being the increased fire rate which is crucially needed for the Cooper to be able to shred through enemies in a timely manner. 

Alongside this, the custom barrel gives you even more controlled accuracy at long ranges and while this might come at the expense of the hip fire accuracy, most of the time you’re going to want to be using the Cooper at lengthy distances with carefully placed shots, and with this barrel, you can be sure the gun turns into a laser when it comes to precision. 

Other extra benefits include even more damage range so that all your hits remain effective at long ranges and a huge reduction in scope sway and gun bob so that the weapon remains steady if you’re using a magnified scope. 

Optic: SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x

The optics are one of the most essential attachments of an assault rifle on Warzone and can essentially make or break a loadout depending on which one you choose.

With that being said, the SVT-40 is definitely one of, if not the most reliable scope with its multiple magnification levels and pinpoint accuracy, it essentially turns the Carbine Cooper into a marksman rifle more than anything. 

This is, of course, down to personal preference so if you are planning to run and gun a little more rather than being stationary and picking people off from medium to long range, then smaller optics like the Sate Reflector or MK 3 Reflector are good choices too, however the SVT-40 definitely works the best in keeping the Cooper as accurate as it can possibly be. 

Stock: Cooper Custom Padded

This attachment will give the Cooper a little more recoil when it initially starts firing, however with the barrel and muzzle also working to keep the recoil to a minimum, it won’t affect the kick of the gun too much and is well worth it for the benefits of using the Custom Padded Stock.

This is especially the case with the flinch resistance which helps you to lock onto enemies even when under fire without the gun-jumping around.

Best Cooper Carbine Loadout To Use In Warzone Season 5

This works incredibly well when paired with the Cooper Custom barrel that limits the gun bobbing, turning the Carbine Cooper into one of the most deadly accurate assault rifles in the game. 

The stock also grants you even more controlled accuracy during sustained fire which is essential given how fast the fire rate is thanks to the Cooper Custom barrel. 

Underbarrel: M1930 Strife Angled

While this underbarrel only grants you improved horizontal recoil control, this only works to make the weapon even more accurate and downright deadly at longer ranges.

When paired up with the SVT-40 scope, the M1930 underbarrel allows the Cooper Carbine to remain entirely still while firing which is exactly what you want with its faster fire rate. 

This will again bring down your ADS time so if you do want to have a little more readiness on the draw when inspecting a building and in close-quarters situations, the M1941 Hand Stop is another great option that will grant you improved recoil control overall with only your hip fire accuracy suffering as a result. 

Magazine: 9mm 60 Round Drums

The fire rate on the Cooper is bolstered even more by equipping the 9mm 60 Round Drum, however it also helps to balance out the gun overall by improving the ADS speed slightly along with granting even more recoil control. 

The bullet velocity and overall damage do suffer a bit when equipping this drum magazine, however it’s not too big of a loss since it becomes evened out by the sheer amount of bullets you can fire in one go, and considering the weapon is laser accurate, you can be sure each of your shots will be hitting their intended target. 

Ammunition: Lengthened 

Lengthened rounds improve the Cooper’s bullet velocity which is never a bad thing considering it grants the weapon yet even more accuracy at range with barely any drop-off. 

Another great option is the Compressed Rounds if you want the Cooper to fire even faster if you’re not too concerned about bullet velocity or overall range. 

Grip: Hatched Grip

With even more recoil control and flinch resistance, the Hatched Grip is by far the best attachement of its kind to throw onto the Cooper ensuring that the weapon always remains deadly accurate even when you’re under consistent fire from all angles. 

The Leather and Rubber grips are also good if you aren’t as worried about flinch resistance and want to be able to aim a little faster, the choice is really up to you and how you like to play. 


In terms of what perks you should bring along to make the most out of the Cooper Carbine, Tight Grip is the best to use for your first slot since the extra accuracy and recoil control during sustained fire means that you can make full use of the weapons incredibly fast fire rate without having to worry about the gun moving around too much when you’re keeping your finger on the trigger.

For your perk 2 slot, Fully Loaded is a great choice for making sure that you start with as much ammo as possible once you spawn in.

This is especially important for the Cooper Carbine since its higher fire rate means it will shred through ammo like nobody’s business, so having those extra rounds at the start of the game means you won’t need to desperately be looking around for loot and ammo when you could be focusing your attention on an enemy. 


The Cooper Carbine has largely been overshadowed by many of its contemporaries over the last few updates, however, when kitted out with the right attachments and equipment, it can become one of the most accurate and deadliest assault rifles in Warzone that will make you wonder why you ever decided to use anything else. 

While you may not have that instant ADS time that some assault rifles specialize in, with just how much range and precision the Cooper has, staying at a distance is always the way to go when using it. 

Ashley Newby