Best Hextech Skins In League Of Legends

In League of Legends, the most exclusive skins are the Hextech skins, which can only be obtained with 10 gemstones. 

Whereas the Ultimate and Legendary skins can be directly purchased using RP, the Gemstone skins can only be unlocked using Hextech Crafting. 

Best Hextech Skins In League Of Legends

Since gemstones are extremely rare, unlocking a Hextech skin can feel incredibly rewarding to players – if you choose the right ones! 

These Hextech skins are set within an alternative universe within League of Legends, whereby champions are either Hextech machinery or users. 

They were introduced by Riot in 2016 as gemstone exclusion skins, the first skin released was Hextech Annie. 

Initially, these gemstone skins were the star of the show with players wanting the rarest skins. However, nowadays, many players complain that the price isn’t worth it – with little to no unique VFX or animations. 

However, this has been acknowledged by Riot with plans to modernize the skins in the future. Although, before this happens, we have created a countdown of the best Hextech Skins to purchase. 

10 Best Hextech Skins

10. Sejuani

Sejuani is a character that benefits from an impressive character design; therefore, her skin doesn’t require much dazzle. 

Her Hextech skin is stunning, however, it lacks some creativity. Since you’re paying 10 gemstones for the skin, some uniqueness would be beneficial. 

However, it remains an impressive skin and if you’re looking for something with the sole appearance in mind, then this is an ideal choice. 

Released: March 2020

9. Rammus

Rammus is a character already benefiting from some awesome skins, such as the soccer ball version, although this Hextech one is among the best, too. 

For the fans of Rammus, this is an impressive skin. However, the character has a lot of potential for some extraordinary skins. 

This is primarily due to his character design, as well as his capability to change appearance based on his abilities.

(Although, he is balled up most of the time, so it doesn’t matter either way)

This is a cool and fun skin that matches the aesthetic of the character, if you’re looking to purchase a skin, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

Released: August 2019

8. Amumu

Amumu’s Hextech skin is one skin, in particular, that is exceptionally impressive. 

Riot’s choice to apply the robotic style to Amumu’s Hextech is really special since they took into account the character’s personality-driven features. 

They transformed the character from a sad mummy to a sad robot seamlessly, and while it doesn’t seem like it would work, it sure does! 

If you’re looking to see a robot cry, then this is the skin for you. 

Released: September 2019

7. Swain

This is another awesome skin. In addition to the visual aesthetic, you’re also provided with amazing emotes (such as the bird-feeding one).

The best part about this skin is his ultimate since it changes depending on the characters and skin line. 

Many of the Hextech skins contain an overall ‘electric’ look, and this character certainly took advantage of the theme. 

Released: December 2019

6. Poppy

The most impressive feature of Poppy’s skin is her hammer. 

6. Poppy

The hammer itself is amazing and, in combination with the animation, it makes for a magnificent sight – each element goes perfectly with another. 

Another notable feature is the sound effects – blending seamlessly with the steampunk style, doing so better than some other character skins! 

If Poppy is your go to character, then you can’t go wrong with this skin. 

Released: July 2018

5. Kassadin

What makes this skin stand out from the crowd is its color scheme. Rather than focusing on the orange colors, Riot makes emphasis on the black and blue colors of the skin. 

This works perfectly with Kassadin’s magic-focused elements – the skin was thought out clearly and strategically to incorporate this. 

Not only is he one of the most impressive Hextech out of all the characters, but it could also be considered one of the best Kassadin skins overall. 

Released: October 2020

4. Malzahar

The overall impact of this skin is great, although, the most prominent, stand out, features are Malzahar’s mask/ face. 

It’s something you might find on a disturbing puppet – certainly adding to the ‘wow factor’. 

In this style, his minions also look amazing.

This is ideal since you’ll likely spend a lot of time playing Malzahar with his minions behind him. This was a nice touch by Riot to include a design for the minions. 

Everything about the Hextech design works perfectly with Malzahar, which may pleasantly surprise a lot of people. 

Released: October 2018

3. Nocturne

In regards to his Hextech skin, Nocturne could be considered very similar to Kassadin. This is because both characters focus on the magical elements rather than the robotic side. 

Although, it could be argued that this design works slightly better on Nocturne than it does on Kassadin. 

His unique electric elements to the Hexteck skin make Nocturne one of the most interesting additions to the skin line – an essential skin for Nocturne players!

Plus, if you’re a jungler, then this is an ideal Hextech skin for you. 

Released: June 2020

2. Kog’Maw

The Hextech skin certainly sets the bar for all future skins! This marksman’s skin changes depending on Kog’s auto attacks – which are the focus here. 

In addition, the design simply looks amazing, the combination of design and color brings out the best of the character. 

Kog’Maw has a lot of impressive skins, although this one is among the very best. 

Released: December 2017 

1. Annie

It may not come as a surprise that Annie is at the top of the list here.

When the Hextech skins first made an appearance, this was one of the rarest skins in the whole game. 

Plus, it simply looked amazing and was incredibly cool. In League of Legends, the Hextech Annie skin is hands down one of the best gemstone skins. 

When it comes to design, this is one of the most intricate, too. Not only are you provided with a new character model, but you are also offered a new Tibbers design. 

You can’t go wrong with Tibbers! Overall, this is the best Hextech skin in the game.

Released: March 2016

Final Thoughts

Hextech skins don’t come without a cost – and this cost is a lot of rare gemstones – therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the very best for your money. 

Hopefully, this guide has informed you about the best Hextech skins.

Ashley Newby