Best Prestige 2.0 Skins In League Of Legends

What Are Prestige 2.0 Skins?

Riot has announced its prestige 2.0 skins for League of Legends alongside the Mythic Content Overhaul.

The previous iteration of the skins was not well received by fans and were also overpriced.

Best Prestige 2.0 Skins In League Of Legends

Thus, the company has released its prestige 2.0 skins in order to appease the fans and this article outlines the skins that have been released.

Riot has stated the following: “Prestige 2.0 skins are a high fashion reimagining of the base thematic”.

Additionally, these skins have a higher-quality look and incorporate more splash art than the previous skins.

How Many Prestige 2.0 Skins Have Been Released In 2022?

At this present time, nine skins have been released from the prestige 2.0 series. These are now live on servers.

The ninth skin is the Prestige Cyber Halo Janna was originally located on the PBE server. However, it was released on the live servers in August 2022. Therefore, this skin is now also accessible via live servers.

The prestige 2.0 skins that have been released so far in 2022 are as follows:

1. Prestige Porcelain Lux

The first skin derives from the stunning Porcelain skin line. This skin was notably inspired by the Chinese Zodiac and it is the prestige version of the original Porcelain Lux skin. 

2. Prestige Brave Phoenix Xayah

The Brave Phoenix Xayah Prestige Edition was released in 2022 at the Lunar event. This is the prestige version of the original Brave Phoenix Xayah skin and it is truly beautiful. 

3. Prestige Battle Cat Jinx

The Prestige Battle Cat Jinx skin derives from the Anima Squad skin line and it is the ultimate, prestige version of the Battle Cat Jinx.

This skin reimagines Jinx as a cat-warrior and a defender of the earth from alien invasions. 

4. Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna

The Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna skin was inspired by the ancient order of knights. This is the prestige version of the original Lunar Eclipse Senna skin. 

5. Prestige High Noon Talon

The Prestige High Noon Talon skin hails from the High Noon skin line.

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular Talon skins to be released as it is distinctively unique and differentiates itself from the original skin through the use of VFX. 

6. Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine

The Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine skin is undoubtedly stunning and is similar to the ultimate skin in regards to the visual effects and splash art that is used.

This skin is an essential purchase for any avid Seraphine player.

7. Prestige Star Guardian Ekko

The Prestige Star Guardian Ekko skin is the first of two guardian-themed skins in the Prestige 2.0 release.

This skin is fierce as Ekko holds a large sword and stands out against the Star Guardian backdrop. 

8. Prestige Star Guardian Syndra

This Prestige Star Guardian Syndra is undoubtedly one of the best Sandra skins that has been released and is arguably the best prestige skin on this list.

The crisp visual elements perfectly complement the unique splash art.

Additionally, the skin enhances the original Star Guardian Sandra, elevating it to a completely different level. This is a must-purchase for all Sandra players.

9. Prestige Cyber Halo Janna

As mentioned, the Prestige Cyber Halo Janna skin is one of the newer additions to the prestige skin line.

This skin is derived from the Steel Valkyries skin line and is the beautiful prestige version of the original Cyber Halo Janna skin.

Reworked Prestige Skins

In addition to the prestige skins that I have outlined above. Riot has also reworked some of its older prestige skin in order to make them up-to-par with its current range of prestige skins.

The names of these reworked skins are as follows:

  • Prestige True Damage Qiyana 2022
  • Prestige Star Guardian Neeko 2022
  • Prestige Pulsefire Thresh 2022
  • Prestige PROJECT Irelia 2022
  • Prestige KDA Evelynn 2022
  • Prestige Valiant Sword Riven 2022
  • Prestige KDA Kai’Sa 2022
  • Prestige Nightbringer Lee Sin 2022
  • Prestige Fuzz Fizz 2022
  • Prestige KDA Akali 2022
  • Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox 2022
  • Prestige KDA Ahri 2022
  • Prestige Firecracker Vayne 2022
  • Prestige Battle Academia Lux 2022
  • Prestige Arcade Caitlyn 2022
  • Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune 2022

How Do I Earn Prestige Skins?

Earning prestige skins requires you to save up to do so.

How Do I Earn Prestige Skins?

Thus, if you witness your favorite champion adoring a new prestige skin, you will need to earn your own Mythic Essence in order to adorn your own prestige skin.

Prior to 2022, players were required to use prestige points in order to access prestige skins.

However, in order to unify all mythic content, riot has chosen to create a single currency which is known as Mythic Essence.

What Is Mythic Essence?

Mythic Essence is the new form of currency that has replaced prestige points in League of Legends. Gemstones have also been replaced by this one unified currency.

Thus, players are only required to earn one mythic currency in the game in order to access benefits like prestige skins.

Can I Earn Prestige Skins Through Loot?

From this point onwards, prestige skins are not accessible to earn via loots anymore.

Riot has instead decided to introduce a mythic shop, from which players are able to use their mythic essence in order to purchase chests, skins and more.

Within this shop, players are also able to access and purchase traditional prestige skins too.

Thus, riot has decided that any prestige skins are exclusive to the shop itself, which is why you are not able to use loop pools or rerolls in order to obtain prestige skins anymore.

The mythic shop includes prestige skins that are over one year old and these are the skins that will be eligible to be purchased in the shop.

If you have an old capsule or old event orb in your collection, then this will still have the opportunity to drop mythic content and the chest will still do so.

Newer captions do not include exclusive content anymore.

How Do I Earn Mythic Essence?

There are several ways for you to earn Mythic Essence and these methods include the following:

1. Buying Masterwork Chest Bundles

One way that you will be able to earn Mythic essence in League of Legends is to purchase Masterwork Chest Bundles.

These chests are available for purchase within the shot under the “loot” section and they will cost you 165 Riot Points (RP).

However, only buying a chest on its own will not provide you with any mythic essence.

Thus, in order to obtain Mythic Essence, you are required to purchase one of these Masterwork Chest Bundles specifically.

These bundles typically include a key, a chest, and Mythic Essence depending on the type of bundle you select. The more costly bundles will contain more Mythic Essence.

2. Through In-Game Events

Mythic Essence can also be earned via in-game events. When you complete specific missions, you will earn event tokens that will allow you to compete in events that enable you to earn Mythic Essence. 

It is easy to know which missions you need to complete in order to obtain these tokens, all you need to do is check in on the client that is stated on the bottom right between your microphone icon and your chat.

If you select this symbol, all current missions for events will be highlighted.

Completing these missions will enable you to earn event tokens which can then be exchanged for Mythic Essence at the end of each in-client event.


To conclude, this article has outlined all current prestige 2.0 skins that are available on League of Legends. I hope that you have found this article to be insightful and informative.

Thank you for reading. 

Ashley Newby