Best Skins For Flatline Assault Rifle In Apex Legends

When it comes to assault rifles in Apex Legends, one that consistently makes the top of many people’s favorite weapons tier lists is the VK-47 flatline.

While it may not have the same rate of rapid fire rate or stability as someone like the R-301, it makes up for it in its high damage and decently sized magazine.

Best Skins For Flatline Assault Rifle In Apex Legends

You’re in safe hands when you pick this particular weapon for your next drop in this free-to-play battle royale.

And, of course, like many other battle royales, you can’t escape the tidal wave of cosmetics that you can play with in Apex Legends.

Every character and weapon has dozens to purchase and earn, and the flatline is no exception.

From simple palette swaps to highly detailed and animated skins, these skins have it all!

Some of the rarest of these skins, the legendary tier skins, don’t just add a fresh lick of paint to the flatline, however, but instead completely rework the weapon profile and textures, creating something that looks almost entirely different, except for it cutting the same silhouette.

Plus all of these look pretty damn cool at the same time!

This has a very interesting effect in-game, where some skins can be a blessing to your gameplay, clearing up important parts of the screen, whereas others can be a burden with all their extra bells and whistle, all of which get in the way of vision.

Well, we’re here to separate the best from the bad in this guide, as we take you through some of the best skins that you can equip to your flatline assault rifle in Apex Legends.

No Matter how you like to play this battle royale, there’s a skin for you to look sick as hell with!

Heat Sink

Starting this list with a skin that very few people will have, but many players want, we have the Heat Sink!

This particular skin was released as part of the Apex Legends season 4 battle pass, meaning this skin cannot be obtained by anyone who didn’t own it and get to level 100 of the pass.

That might just be for the best, however, considering that this is a pretty good skin to have, not just for the looks, but what it does for your gameplay (at least, in theory).

The weapon skin itself looks pretty great, trading the bare bones gun metal aesthetic of the original skin in favor of a more solid, geometric gold-and-black pattern.

While this means that you technically can’t see through parts of the gun when in hip fire mode, this does help clear up the iron sights to help your field of vision when looking down at them.

So, in short, this is a skin that both looks great, and has some practical versatility too!

These factors, combined with its rarity, make it a very sought-after skin, although the actual number of users is unlikely to grow any time soon!

The Lowrider

Going from one of the rarest skins in the game, to perhaps one of the most accessible, we have a fan-favorite skin in the form of the Lowrider!

The first thing that most people will likely notice is the hot-rod paint job that this flatline skin has going on, and it’s a ton of fun.

Hot rod designs are one of those staples of video game cosmetics, so it’s great to see Respawn (the developers of Apex Legends) keep up that tradition with this skin.

However, once you’ve gotten over the color of this weapon’s skin, you’ll also notice just how pared back the flatline is.

The overall profile of the gun somehow feels a lot smaller, even though it is still the same flatline that we know and love.

In-game, this translates to both a clear hip fire screen as well as reduced iron sights, meaning that seeing and shooting targets with this skin is easier no matter how you choose to use it.

Plus, this is one of a handful of craftable legendary skins for the flatline, with 1,200 crafting metal shards needed to make this.

So, in theory, this is a gun that you can earn by just playing the game rather than slaving over a battle pass or buying it from a loot drop or the game store.

With all these factors going for it, no wonder it is so popular!

The only drawback that some people may feel is that it’s a little too common for legendary skin. It doesn’t have the exclusivity of Heat Sink or the other designs.

Still, that’s hardly much of a downside, is it?


Now, if you’re looking for a skin that is as fun to look at as the weapon is to play with, you’re going to love this next skin for the flatline!

Released as part of an octane-tailor cosmetic pack, the Harlequin has a unique design, unlike almost any other skin that the flatline has, immediately setting it apart from the weapon’s other legendary skins.

The red and gold aesthetic is a feast for the eyes, for sure, but the jester masks and accents that resemble faces and masks help bring the whole design together into something that you want for yourself.

With so many extra bells and whistles, the Harlequin skin could easily make the flatline a form-over-function kind of skin, unusable in the arena or battle royale modes.

However, the skin is very easy to lay with, with the iron sights remaining more clear than the base skin, it turns out.

It plays well, and looks phenomenal! What’s not to like?

Heavy Metal

The Heavy Metal flatline skin is kind of like Heat Sink’s older, edgier, My Chemical Romance-listening older cousin.

It maintains a lot of the features of the latter skin but instead gives a more gunmetal aesthetic with deep red accents.

As a result, Heavy Metal has a lot of the same perks that Heat Sink does.

It’s a solid skin design that doesn’t ruin hip fire aiming for the player, while also clearing up the iron sights a little, making it an overall pretty great gun.

If anything, the darker colors of this weapon make it surprisingly stealthy if you’re sticking to shaded corners of a given map.

Now, this is Apex Legends, so camping isn’t exactly a guaranteed winning strategy in either battle royale or arena, where the red wall of death usually tells campers to take a hike before they get too comfortable and are eliminated, but it’s still worth noting.

However, like the Heat sink, this is a battle pass season 4 exclusive, so very few players have this skin. But if you do, consider yourself one of the lucky ones!

Reaper’s Touch

Reaper’s Touch is another fan-favorite skin amongst users of the flatline in Apex Legends.

While technically a recolor of the other legendary skin Spine Chiller, Reaper’s Touch has a unique character that makes it appealing to players.

For one, its chosen color palette immediately tells other players that whoever owns this skin means business.

And when it comes to battle royales, just as important as winning is sending a message to your opponents: don’t tango with this player if you can’t keep up.

However, Reaper’s Touch and Spine Chiller also take a similar approach to Lowrider when it comes to the flatline’s design, paring the extra pieces and details and weapons back, leaving you with a pretty skeletal-looking design for the weapon.

Aside from it being an appropriate name for a weapon skin named ‘Reaper’s Touch’, this also frees up your peripheral vision for spotting targets, as well as clearing up the iron sights for aim-down shooting.

Overall, this is another solid skin that any Apex fan would be happy to see in their inventory!

Chained Beast

Chained Beast is a skin that loves to remind players that yes, the skins can get edgier than Heavy Metal.

Joking aside, this is a skin that looks incredible, thanks to its spiked metal attachment underneath the barrel of the flatline and red-black aesthetics, as well as clearing up a surprising amount of the screen to both hip fire and aim down your sights with.

Party Starter

Now, if we’re talking about skins that are based on the Lowrider, we can’t exactly forget about its twin, the Party Starter.

Like its bright counterpart, this particular skin is for people that like to be seen before they are heard. And by heard, we mean to be fired on in a shower of heavy ammo rounds.

The party starter has the same scaled-back design that the Lowrider has, from its flame pattern across the side to the bare-bones design of the weapon itself, making hip fire shooting and iron sights targeting noticeably easier.

The blue-to-purple fading color palette would be a pretty bold and loud color choice for a weapon if it weren’t for the fact that Party Starter’s counterpart is bright yellow, orange, and red.

Somehow, this makes this the more muted weapon design of the pair, though we love it nonetheless.

If you’re looking for a weapon skin that has tons of personality as well and is helpful when playing Apex Legends, the flatline’s Party Starter skin might be for you, if you can get it!

Finishing Notes

And that’s it!

What, you thought we were covering a skin called ‘finishing notes’? As cool of a name as that sound, we have come to the end of this list.

So, the flatline has plenty of great legendary skins to choose from, if you are lucky enough to find one or two of these in a loot drop, or even craft them for yourself.

So, which one will you drop into Apex Legends with?

Ashley Newby