Best Valorant Player

Valorant is a new MOBA game from Riot Games. The game has received rave reviews since its release last year. Valorant, is a team-based shooter game that takes place in a futuristic setting.

Best Valorant Player

It features a unique character progression system called “valorants”. Each Valorant has their own unique abilities and skills. Players can earn these by completing quests, playing the game, and leveling up.

Originally was released on PC and Xbox One in February 2019. With many players around the world becoming very skilled at the game. In this article, we will be discussing the best Valorant players in the world. 


TenZ is an American player who plays for Team SoloMid (TSM) (see also ‘What Does TSM Stand For?‘) . He started his career as a professional League of Legends player in 2017. TenZ is known to be one of the most skillful players in the world.

His main role is AD Carry. He also plays support roles when he needs to.

TenZ is considered to be the best Valorant player in the world. He has been ranked 1st in the World rankings for several months now.

He is currently ranked 3rd in the NA region. TenZ is considered very good at the game, as he has won multiple tournaments with TSM including the 2018 Mid Season Invitational.

The only thing that could stop him from becoming the best Valorant in the world is if he gets injured or leaves the team.


Bwipo is a Korean player who plays for Gen.G Esports. He is currently ranked 4th in the world ranking. Bwipo is known for his aggressive play style. He likes to go into enemy territory and kill everything. This makes him a great counter pick against teams like Cloud 9.

He has played for Gen.G since 2016. He is also known for having great mechanics and vision control. These are all strong features, for helping his team and getting them out of tricky situations. 


Asuna is a Ukrainian-American professional VALORANT player who is currently playing for 100 Thieves. They are only 18 years old, and they are one of the best players.

He is very dominating during the game and enjoys being in the thick of the battle. Asuna is known for his aggressive playing style, which results in him being the player who will usually carry the round for the team.


PraY is another Korean player who plays for SK Telecom T1. He is currently ranked 5th in the world. PraY is a really smart player. He knows how to use his teammates effectively, and uses them to help him win fights.

Alongside that, he is a good shot caller. He calls his teammates into position and tells them what to do. 

As such a strong player, he can use his toolkit to the best of his advantage. Thus, he is able to use them to escape fights and give his teammates time to regroup.

Although, his biggest weakness right now is his lack of experience in big tournaments. He hasn’t had much success outside of Korea, which means that he doesn’t know how to deal with pressure on a worldwide level.



BabyBay is known for his ability to make plays out of nowhere. He has a lot of potential, but he still lacks experience. His biggest strength is his ability to read his opponent’s movements.

As, he is always aware of where his enemies are, and he is able to predict their next move. In addition to that, Babybay is a very offensive player, and this can be scary for people when they come up against him. 

Due to his decisive battle approaches, this then forces his opponents to make mistakes. This then causes them to lose and Babybay to win. 


Zyppah is a rising star in the Valorant world. This 18-year-old Swedish player is currently ranked 6th in the world. Zyppah is a very smart player.

He is able to read his opponent’s movement and then make an effective decision on what to do. Zyppah is very good at making plays happen.


Mixwell is a German player who plays for Team Vitality. He is currently ranked 7th in the world. Mixwell is a very good player. He is able to make plays happen and get his teammates involved.

He is also very good at reading his opponent’s movements. By being able to predict their moves and then react accordingly.

It has to be said that Mixwell has a lot of confidence, and he is able to lead and support his team while swapping between Skye, Killjoy and Viper. 

He is able to take advantage of his opponents’ mistakes and gain an edge over them. Thus securing all his wins much more easily. 


Hunter Mims, also known as SicK, is known as an ex-CSGO legend, who has played for a lot of high profile teams such as Complexity and Misfits.

Since joining Valorant, SicK has been part of the Sentinels and has become one of the best Valorant players today.  This is due to his versatility in the game, as he can play multiple roles.

While also adjusting how he plays to suit his team’s needs really easily. SicK is a true team player that wants the wins, but knows how to adapt to get them. 


Since Vagrant came out, it has taken the world by storm. There are a vast range of players that are going up and beyond to get their kills and get their team to victory.

The person that is the most Valorant player at the moment is changing all the time. Yet, you will always notice these names near the top of the board.

We hope you have enjoyed this article, and now know some of the best Valorant players that you can find and watch them play right now. 

Ashley Newby