Best Valorant Team

Developed and published by gaming giant Riot Games in June 2020, Valorant has amassed a dedicated player and fan base with haste.

Best Valorant Team

Taking inspiration from Counter Strike’s series of tactical shooters, this first-person team-based game has got every dedicated gamer talking. 

We are going to showcase the best Valorant teams right now so that you’ll know exactly who to support.

Or, maybe you’re a budding Valorant player who is looking to be recruited by a team.

Either way, by the end of this article, you will have a new favorite Valorant team and be inspired to pick up that controller and get involved. 

What Is Valorant?

Valorant is a five-verse-five multiplayer shooter game where, quite simply, one team goes on the front foot and attacks while the other defends.

Search and destroy is the game’s main mode and, if you’ve ever had the pleasure to play it, is very similar to CS:GO. 

The aim for the attacking team is to sneakily plant a bomb (known in the game as a spike) and make it go pow!

Unsurprisingly, the defenders are tasked with the worrying task of trying to avoid such a ghastly explosion at all costs.

Whether a spike is planted and detonated or not, a squad can still be wiped out and the opposing team claim victory, so best to sharpen your shooting skills quick smart.

Each match typically runs for twenty-five rounds, and each of these twenty-five rounds lasts for 100 seconds in total.

The team that wins the most rounds wins. Depending on how bad or good the competition is, this can either take 13 rounds or the entire 25.

Like most esports games, if you get killed in one round, you won’t be able to respawn until the next round.

Search and Destroy can be played in both unrated and ranked matches, which helps newcomers find their feet before squaring up to their adversaries when it’s officially crunch time.

What Is The Valorant Championship Tour?

The Valorant Championship Tour (VCT) is regarded as the official tournament circuit of Valorant esports.

Considered a more thorough and invested successor of Valorant’s 2020 Ignition series, the VCT has provided teams and players with a more structured tour.

The VCT consists of more events and has been divided into four defined stages and three levels.

Whether you’ve got your eye on the Challengers, Masters, or Champions level, the competition is always fierce so best to prepare. 

How Do Valorant’s Power Rankings Work?

Valorant’s Power Rankings are formed by way of three defining factors.

These factors include a team’s overall win rate, recent match results, and a percentage of their total rounds won.

Although this is considered a less than ideal way to rank teams, until Valorant’s match data becomes more accessible, it’s the best system that they’ve got. 

Possible factors that are currently being looked at to implement include overall economy management, an average combat score, and a count on both attacker and defender side rounds won.

Who Are The Best Teams In Valorant?

Strap yourself in because not only are we about to figuratively hit you with the best Valorant team of the minute, we’re about to hit you with the top three of them.

Each of the teams below have proven themselves in Valorant’s Champions Tour and deserve the subsequent praise and accolades.

But which one edged out the competition you ask? Find out below!


If you are an avid Valorant player (see also ‘How To Get Better At Valorant‘), then you’ll already know Acend currently have top honors, but for everyone else, the rumors are true.

What seems like an out-of-nowhere ascend to the top, Acend only joined the Valorant Power Rankings in March of 2021 and instantly won Europe’s Stage 1 Masters. 

Fast forward to December 2021 and in just over six months of bursting onto the scene, they became Valorant’s first world champions by winning the Valorant Champions.

This is no mean feat, and their sudden rise to the top can be put down to Acend’s player lineup comprising of the Raise Your Edge Gaming team.

With this year’s Valorant Champions tournament fast approaching Acend will be looking to retain their title by fending off the teams nipping at their heels below. 


Gambit has achieved amazing results in CS:GO, which has given them a good leg up into Valorant.

Gambit is a Russian esports organization and their Valorant team was formed late in the piece in 2020, and just like Acend, they took no time in staking a claim as one of Valorant’s fiercest teams.

They took out first place in the VCT Stage 3 Masters in Berlin and then followed their success with a dominant win at the final Master’s event in Berlin.

A great rival of Acend, they came extremely close to knocking Acend off their pedestal at the 2021 Valorant Champions.

Where will they place in the 2022 Valorant Champions tournament?

Only time will tell, but coming in at a bittersweet second at the VCT will have them fired up, ready to battle, and we can’t wait to see it. 


Sentinels is hands-down the best Valorant team to ever come out of North America, and with a disappointing result in the 2021 VCT, they have a bone to pick and a point to prove coming into the 2022 season.

Their daring playing style is exactly what is needed to challenge Acend and Gambit, and with a super tight five-man roster, we’re predicting a Sentinels upset win come December. 

Each of their players is super versatile and their tactics are often unmatched.

Individually they are great, but when put together, there is a little Sentinel magic that comes to the fore and it’s truly a sight to behold. 

What Platforms Are Valorant Played On?

As it currently stands, Valorant can be played on PC, and PC alone.

Trevor Romleski (the game’s lead designer) recently stated that their focus right now is on making its PC player experience as good as it can be.

This limited access on platforms isn’t a result of low player satisfaction, it’s simply because Valorant is new to the esports scene, and they want to ensure the game is running smoothly before expanding.

That’s right, although it hasn’t happened just yet, Trevor has hinted at the game being ported to Xbox One and PS4 in the future if everything goes to plan.

Who knows? Maybe there’s even an Xbox Series X and PS5 release in the pipeworks. Only time will tell.


So there you have it. You are now all the wiser as to which teams are ahead of the curve and bullets in Valorant.

Whether you’re looking to learn their to play or simply spectate, we hope this article has been useful for you. 

Ashley Newby