Best Weapon Skins In Apex Legends With Clear Iron Sights

Whether we like it or not, weapon skins are a phenomenon that is here to stay in the world of shooters.

Best Weapon Skins In Apex Legends With Clear Iron Sights

And to be fair, who doesn’t love a good cosmetic skin change? It allows a player to put a little customization onto their weapon, to make it feel a little more unique to them.

Plus, some cosmetic weapon skins can completely revamp the look of a weapon, helping you stand out from the crowd even more.

Unless of course, it’s too distracting. This brings us to the second issue that many people and players have with them, outside the extra money they usually cost to have.

Ruined Iron Sight!

Sometimes, skin can be so radically different, that it can affect how a gun feels to use.

More specifically, it can affect how the iron sights look on a gun.

A bad weapon skin will often have many textures or pieces that completely throw off how it feels to look down the barrel, making them frustrating to use, and more difficult to shoot with effectively.

And as any first-person shooter player will tell you, blaming the gun you are using is possibly the quickest way to look like a chump!

Especially when you know you would be 10 times better if you just had clear iron sight.

Well, that’s what this guide is for: To show you the best skins in Apex Legends that don’t obstruct or affect your view of the iron sights in any way, leaving your gun looking fresh, and your line of sight unaltered!

Supersonic (G7 Scout)

Starting this list with a space-age aesthetic that kills it both metaphorically and literally, we have the Supersonic skin for the G7 Scout.

The G7 Scout, being a semi-automatic rifle with plenty of options for mid-range encounters, needs a good set of iron sights if it’s going to be useful before you find a scope or other sights for it, which thankfully it does.

Fortunately, the Supersonic does not mess with this aspect either, providing a skin that looks like it came straight out of the pages of a concept art book from the Space race, whilst not having too many accessories that might otherwise get in the way of your sniping.

First introduced in Season 6, this skin manages to provide a little extra clarity by removing some of the extra protrusion on top of the weapon, making it just a little more effective while you are searching for the scope that this weapon (desperately) needs.

Zero Point (R-99)

Ah, the R-99. Thank goodness Arena mode came to Apex, otherwise this little gun might have next to no functionality in the main battle Royale mode!

This is a gun that is designed for close-quarter encounters, with its mid-sized clip and high rate of fire.

And with a weak damage rate per round, you need to make sure that any skin you get doesn’t get in the way of hip-firing or looking down the iron sights!

Fortunately, Zero Point even manages to improve your iron sights to this gun somewhat, with the white cosmetic skin removing the wings that lined the edge of the sights, clearing your overall vision up somewhat.

This skin was a part of the Season 4 battle pass, making it impossible to pick up for yourself if you did not already obtain it through the pass reward system.

However, the Outlands Avalanche is a very similar skin, with a complete design overhaul of the weapon and the same clear sight, that you can obtain through collecting shards (it is a legendary skin, so you’d better start saving).

Death Ray (Wingman)

The aesthetic of Apex Legends is great and all, but it’s a little… too modern, you know?

It plays with the tropes and designs that are very popular with a lot of science fiction recently, creating many sleek or flat designs that, while great, just don’t feel like the sci-fi of yesteryear.

So, if you’re hankering for a weapon skin that feels a little more retro, you should consider getting the Death Ray cosmetic skin, which turns your Wingman revolver into a classic space raygun that borrows heavily from pulp science fiction and other retro-futuristic elements.

Of course, this skin doesn’t just look great, but it also doesn’t interfere with the overall design of the gun, at least from a gameplay perspective.

The shaving off of the sides of where the wingman’s main chamber would give this gun a slightly better hip fire view overall, and the overall dots sight is great for shooting opponents in front of you.

Polished Perfection (Prowler)

Oh, the Prowler. Another example of SMGs being kind of… not great, is Apex Legends.

The burst-round firing isn’t the most popular and can hold it back in close-quarter firefights.

So, if you’re using and looking down the scopes of this weapon, you need it to improve the iron sights, if not actively make things worse.

Fortunately, the Prowler has just such a skin for players, in the form of Polished Perfection cosmetic skin.

Alongside the geometric patterns used for the gun skin as a whole, this cosmetic overhaul gives the Prowler two metal ridges that are more accurate than the standard sights overall.

This does wonders for the Prowler’s close to mid-range viability, making it just a straight upgrade from the standard iron sights given.

So, if you’re dead set on using the prowler in your game, you know what skin you should be looking for out there!

The Last Spartan (R-301 Carbine)

Ah yes, the R-301 carbine. The darling child of many players in Apex Legends Battle Royale, and for good reason.

Great magazine size, great range, and great handling. Great everything.

Plus, of course, some pretty good iron sights.

So the last thing you want is to ruin this immaculate weapon with some overly complex iron sight overhaul.

And luckily, Respawn has managed to do that. Well, at least they have The Last Spartan skin!

Aside from looking just drop-dead gorgeous, the v-shaped reticle somehow manages to change the overall look of iron sights, without ruining them.

Now, if you’re not a fan of this shape, or you feel that the different shape does throw you off of your game somewhat, then this skin may not be an ideal choice for you.

However, if you do like it, you get great skin along with your new iron sights!

The Lonestar (The Peacekeeper)

The peacekeeper is a pretty polarizing shotgun across the Apex Legends community.

On the one hand, many players love its ability to completely decimate opponents at close range.

But for others, its slower rate of fire when compared to some other shotguns leaves a lot to be desired.

So, can a skin that improves its iron sights help win over a few more fans?

Well, if the Lonestar skin is anything to go by, that might just be possible!

Firstly, we do love a weapon skin that is inspired by a classic Western setting.

But obviously, a fresh lick of paint isn’t going to do much good if it ruins how it feels to use when looking down the iron sights!

Well, the side risers on the iron sights are just a smidgen higher up on the sights, making it better for fixing onto your target, so that’s pretty good!

Plus, the center bead is also just a touch higher too, making it easy to align your opponent against.

And given the fact that this shotgun has some pretty impressive spread, this improves your accuracy even if it’s slightly to the left or right of your target, too! They’ll be caught in that shotgun shell spread, for sure!

Teal Zeal (Flatline)

The Flatline assault rifle often feels like it’s playing second fiddle in its weapon class, especially when compared to something like the R-301 carbine.

However, this weapon’s unique shape often lends to some pretty interesting cosmetic designs.

That is, of course, so long as they don’t interfere with the iron sights too much!

Fortunately, the Teal Zeal is just such a skin for your precious Flatline, with the slightly nautical brass and copper accents against the teal shading not interfering with those sights at all.

Quantum Chaos (Havoc)

Oh, Havoc. Thank goodness Season 14 buffed you, otherwise, you’d still be a bottom-tier weapon.

However, with this assault rifle arguably having the most sci-fi feel of the class, thanks to its unique ammunition, you can be confident that respawn has given it some pretty impressive skins to boot, like Quantum Chaos, with the main barrel of the gun emphasizing that electric/energy aspect of the weapon.

But how does this skin impact the sights on the Havoc rifle?

Well, Havoc fans, the 5 or 6 of you out there reading this will be pleased to note that they do not ruin them!

Joking aside, the Havoc’s Quantum Chaos skin is a favorite skin of ours, with the space around the reticle being decluttered, making this already buffed gun even more effective!

The Galvanizer (Alternator)

Finally, we have everyone’s favorite miniature SMG, the Alternator, and perhaps one of its most popular skins, the Galvanizer!

This particular skin is often considered THE default legendary skin for this weapon, so it’s reassuring to see that the iron sights do not detract from a popular weapon here.

In fact, removing a lot of the extra metal ridges in the weapon actually helps clear up your vision somewhat.

All of that, whilst also looking pretty damn sleek to boot! 

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, while some skins do make some substantial changes in Apex Legends, these particular cosmetics will not get in your way on the battlefield!

Ashley Newby