Best Weapons To Use In Apex Legends Season 13 Arenas

Apex Legends has managed to garner a strong reputation as one of the most popular battle royale games to release in the last 5 years.

However, when it comes to competitive gaming, where Apex shines is in its arena mode. Gone are the vast open spaces that you have to run to find a level 2 shield, or the right SMG that is your go-to for the map.

Best Weapons To Use In Apex Legends Season 13 Arenas

Instead, that open area is replaced with a closed map, tight spaces, and pretty much every weapon in the game at your disposal (at least, if you have the energy for them).

This brings us to a pretty interesting point about the weaponry on offer in Apex Legends.

With pretty much every weapon available to you by the third or fourth round and a completely different map structure to boot, what guns are best for this game mode differs greatly from the standard battle royale.

So, to help you figure out which weapons might be best for your arena needs, as well as show which weapons are the best overall in the class, we have compiled this list of the best weapons and guns to use in the latest season of Apex Legends arenas, season 13.


Starting this list with what might be the best gun overall when it comes to arena mode in Apex Legends season 13, we have the Flatline assault rifle.

While generally considered an overall solid rifle in the battle royale mode, it is in arenas where this weapon shines.

Its large magazine automatically makes it an appealing choice for most players for sustained pressure on your opponents, a great tool for zoning and coordinating with your teammates to outmaneuver the enemy team.

But once you combine that with a good rate of fire, as well as decent damage (it is a heavy round weapon, which should be expected), you have a weapon that is to be feared by your enemies.

Then there’s the range on this weapon, with it having a pretty remarkable working range overall, especially when paired with the sights as you upgrade it. But its hip-fire accuracy means that you’re covered for close-quarters combat too!

Add to that a low energy cost for using the weapon, and you’ve effectively set yourself up for an early advantage in arenas.


Not far behind the Flatline, we have what is probably the best overall LMG in Ape Legends arenas, the Spitfire.

The Spitfire is already one of the most popular guns in the game battle royale, and it is not hard to see why.

Even without any attachments, the Spitfire has an exceptional rate of fire and already exceptional magazine when compared to most other weapons, two factors that are useful in any game mode that you are playing, including Arena.

Once you start adding in the extra attachments that you’ll likely accrue through a game of arena, you have a weapon that is a force to be reckoned with, as both of these tools make it great for both close and long range.

The only drawback with this weapon is that it has a very high energy cost to use in arena mode (600), which either leaves it as a pretty late-game option or saves up your energy earlier on.

However, considering the upper ceiling that this weapon has, it is well worth the price in the hands of a seasoned player!


Time for the first SMG on the list!

The CAR has an incredibly quick rate of fire when compared to other weapons in the game, on par with the notoriously quick and easy-to-handle R-99.

However, the CAR has a slightly higher damage output than the R-99 as well, making this a slightly more effective SMG in this case.

However, it should also be noted that the CAR SMG requires more energy to purchase over the R-99, so these weapons are still roughly equal in terms of competitive viability.

The fact that this weapon’s gimmick of being able to utilize both light and heavy rounds is also less helpful in arena mode, where you will be supplied with whatever ammo you need for your chosen weapons.

And since both rounds have the same damage output, it’s just a matter of taste in this game mode.


Ah yes, the peacekeeper.

While players with hair-trigger reflexes and little patience for the slightly longer reload time might find the peacekeeper a frustrating weapon to work with, it is still probably the best overall shotgun in the arena game mode, especially considering that the Mastiff is a care package weapon that you can’t easily access anyway.

This particular shotgun is devastating in close-range encounters, especially with its higher damage output when compared to other shotguns.

Add to that a very low overall cost when it comes to purchasing the Peacekeeper, and you have the ideal secondary weapon to have on hand in any arena match!


Best Weapons To Use In Apex Legends Season 13 Arenas

Would it even be a list of the best weapons in Apex Legends without a nod to arguably THE most popular assault rifle in the game?

The R-301 assault rifle is probably the best overall weapon of its class in the standard battle royale mode, and it keeps that high ranking in arena mode as well.

Its excellent range makes it ideal for long-range kills, and the exceptional hip fire accuracy makes it handy to have in a close-quarter firefight as well.

Couple that with a decent-sized magazine and overall good handling, and it is not hard to see why many players gun for this… well, gun, in battle royale mode.

The only issue stopping it from being any higher on this list is the same issue that holds the Spitfire LMG back, with a high initial cost of 600 energy making this weapon a late-game tool to use.


For many players in Apex, the Wingman is a polarizing weapon, especially in battle royale mode.

Its high power and hip fire accuracy make it appealing to some, while the incredibly small magazine and lack of range when compared to other sniper ammo weapons make people dislike it.

However, when being used arena, the situation is a little different.

The high hip-fire accuracy and damage put on par with some shotgun weapons, whilst the lack of ammunition and reliable ways to target down the sights can be mitigated by upgrading it when the extra energy is available.

This makes the wingman a very enticing weapon to use as either a primary or secondary weapon in the later rounds of a game, where it can dominate against your opponent.


We’ve already mentioned the R-99 in the CAR section, so we’ll try to keep this brief.

Overall, the slightly less power it has when compared to its dual ammo counterpart does keep it lower on this list.

However, considering that it still has incredible handling and hip fire accuracy in close quarters, as well as a relatively quick reload time, the R-99 is far from an irrelevant weapon, and is overall considered comparable to the car in most other aspects.

The fact that it costs less energy than many other weapons makes this gun a popular primary in early rounds, and a viable secondary in later games too.


In previous seasons, few people would have likely considered the Havoc a viable weapon, with its long charge-up time and previously low rate of damage.

However, the devs have given the Havoc a much-needed buff when it comes to its damage, making this an impressive weapon, even without the turbocharger hop-up. It justifies its huge wind-up time now!

Add to that decent accuracy at close and long range, as well as the large magazine size that it already had, and the Havoc has quickly become one of the most popular weapons in season 13 of Apex Legends.

Especially when you factor in the low energy cost it has for buying in the arena.


If we’re talking early-game weapons in Apex, we have to give a shout-out to the Alternator machine pistol.

This particular weapon is popular with pretty much every across both game modes, and it’s easy to see what so many people see in it.

While its smaller magazine does hold it back a little, its easy-to-use and surprising usefulness at close-to-mid-range mean that it’s one of the most popular secondary weapons to have across both game modes.

In the arena, it is a very inexpensive option as well, at only 400 energy, giving you a reliable tool to use in early matches, and a decent backup secondary in later rounds, where energy upgrades can help cover the ammo issue.


Overall, the Bocek is a great weapon at long to mid-range, with exceedingly high damage and handling for those engagements.

However, the moment someone closes the distance, the Bocek is unsuitable, keeping it at the bottom overall.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! The best weapons to use in Apex Legends arena in Season 13! Try these out for yourself and see what works!

Ashley Newby