Can You Skip Or Fast Forward Story Scenes In The Ghost Of Tsushima?

Any avid gamer will know that sometimes story scenes can be long and stretched out. In some cases, all you want to do is carry on playing the game but you’re stuck with a 5-minute story plot! 

One game that is known for containing many cutscenes is Ghost of Tsushima. As a result, you may be wondering, can I skip or fast-forward the story scene in Ghost of Tsushima? 

Well, the short answer is no. However, we have created this guide to help inform you of everything you need to know about skipping the cutscenes.

Can You Skip Or Fast Forward Story Scenes In The Ghost Of Tsushima?

Sucker Punch initially released Ghost of Tsushima as a story focus presentation. While the game offers gameplay, a large part involves cutscenes, too. 

During important events, you’ll be presented with narrative cutscenes which can sometimes be lengthy at best. While some of these are enjoyable, others can become slightly tedious to sit through. 

With this in mind, in this guide, we’ll explore whether you can skip these scenes and continue playing the game. 

Let’s get straight into it! 

What Is The Ghost Of Tsushima?

Ghost of Tsushima is categorized as a third-person open-world stealth action game developed and designed by Sucker Punch Production for the PlayStation 4 and 5 exclusively. 

The game itself takes place in 1274 on a Japanese island known as Tsushima. Here, the play is controlling the hero, Jin Sakai, who has to fight against a Mongol invasion. 

The game was released on July 17th, 2020. Alongside the free multiplayer expansion, a New Game+ mode was released, known as Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. 

Sucker Punch’s story of “mud, blood, and steel” stands out from the crowd – owing respect to narrative authenticity. 

While their other games, Nioh (Koei Tecmo) and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice (From Software) have a heavy focus on combat maneuvers and spice things up with ghouls, Ghost of Tsushima, on the other hand, focuses on the stillness and silence of samurai sword fighting, before creating an explosion of action. 

This game could be described as the ultimate Assassin’s Creed but set in ancient Japan – and that is essentially what it is. 

However, before you can call Sucker Punch dishonorable for these influences, just remember that the Bellevue-based team cemented their stealth-action gameplay years before Altair ibn-La Ahad. 

Ghost of Tsushima was years ahead of this, presenting snappy gameplay with a stunning storyline. 

Can You Skip Or Fast Forward The Cutscenes In Ghost Of Tsushima?

The quick answer to this question, as previously mentioned, is no, you’re not able to skip the cutscenes or dialogue in Ghost of Tsushima. 

In some other PlayStation 4 games, you’re typically allowed to press the Options button which enables you to skip the cutscenes and speed things along. However, this can’t be done here. 

Different games are much more generous with this ability, however, in this case, Ghost of Tsushima requires you to watch the cutscene. Here, if you press the Options button, it will only pause the sequence. 

Plus, after testing all the other buttons, we can confirm there is no option to skip the cutscene. Likewise, this applies to the dialogue, too. 

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The game wants you to experience all factors of the story. Therefore, skipping through these scenes may make some things lost in translation later down the line. 

This is beneficial since you don’t want to reach the end of the game and wonder what has happened. 

Plus, a clear effort has been presented in these cutscenes. With some being extremely interesting – containing a cinematic flair to feel as if you’re watching a movie. 

Moreover, you can choose to toggle into ‘Samurai Cinema’ mode which transforms the view into black and white, adding to the ancient atmosphere. 

Ultimately, you aren’t able to skip any storyline or dialogue in the Ghost of Tsushima.

When pressing the Options button, you’ll only be able to pause the story – so grab some snacks and popcorn and get ready to sit through them!

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This Japanese lip sync feature is only available on the PS5 – you will not be able to access it on the PS4. This is due to the game’s pre-rendered cutscenes, adding more simply isn’t possible. 

Final Thoughts

To some people’s disappointment, you’re not able to skip or fast forwards through the cut scene in the Ghost of Tsushima. 

However, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Instead, you should appreciate the storyline that, ultimately, adds to the gaming experience. Hopefully, this guide has informed you of your queries.

Ashley Newby