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Best Valorant Team

Developed and published by gaming giant Riot Games in June 2020, Valorant has amassed a dedicated player and fan base with haste. Taking inspiration from Counter Strike’s series of tactical shooters, this first-person team-based game has got every dedicated gamer talking.  We are going to showcase the best Valorant teams right now so that you’ll …

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Highest Earning Esports Players And How They Got There

eSports is a lucrative and popular industry, and there is a small percentage of streamers and eSports players who earn extreme amounts of money each year.  eSports is more accessible than it was, and players have the means to further their earnings and passion for the industry through brand deals, sponsorships, and social media presence.  …

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Best Esports Teams

Gamers love competition because they always want to be the best. From 1972 when the first esports tournament was held to today, where prize pools can reach tens of millions of dollars, winning is at the heart of what playing video games is all about.  All of this fierce competition and subsequent rivalries have meant …

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