Clash Of Clans Town Hall 9 Best Attack Strategy And Guide

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile war and strategy games ever made.

Played by thousands of people every day, the game offers everything you need to have a fun and engaging time including fun monsters to battle, spells to cast, and a huge cast of characters to play as. 

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 9 Best Attack Strategy And Guide

In Clash of Clans, players advance in the game by upgrading the town hall in the center of the village. This allows the player to up[rgage their attacks, weapons, traps, and much more.

You can also unlock even more buildings the more that you upgrade the town hall. Players can attack rival players’ town halls to get even more points and upgrades. 

If you’re looking to attack a rival’s base, then choosing to hit a level 9 town hall (TH9) is a great plan.

Because the defense is not as robust as it is in higher town halls, such as the inferno tower in town hall 10, you have access to a variety of attack strategies that you can employ to get three stars.

However, as you progress through the town halls, the challenges become increasingly harder.

Here is everything that you need to know about attacking a level 9 town hall, including the best spells, heroes, and attack strategies to use. 

Best Heros For TH9

Attacking a TH9 is a great way to level up some of your favorite heroes to make them even better in future attacks. Here are the best heroes to use. 

Archer Queen 

In this battle, you can get the Queen, allowing you to do the Queen walk, which is one of the most common strategies in Clash of Clans. This lets you very quickly attack the base, letting you gain one star fast. 

Barbarian King

At TH9, you’ll be able to level your Barbarian King up to level 30. It’s one of the most useful armies for funneling, and with just the King, you may take over one side of the farming army that’s guarding the outer base.

Troops For TH9

Baby Dragon

When you approach TH9, you can find the baby dragon. It has a dwelling space of ten, making it one of the most used funneling troops in the game. 

Because it receives an enraged benefit when it’s the only air unit within a radius of 4.5 tiles, In Enrage, it receives a bonus that increases its damage by 2 and its attack speed by 1.5.

Lava Hound

Because it has a high number of hit points but a low attack point, this golem of the air may attack air defense while also protecting other air units from harm.

Its unique ability is that anytime it’s destroyed, it shatters into many lava pups that deal moderately high damage. This ability triggers automatically.

The lava loon approach is one of the most effective ways to make use of the Lava hound. In this strategy, the Lava hound acts as a tank while balloons knock out the fortifications.

It’s also possible to utilize it as a defensive mechanism in a clan castle by transforming it into a lava pup, which can kill any hero or unit, including an archer queen.


This is a cooked ground troop that has been infused with dark elixir, and it can do slash damage from a distance to the neighboring buildings. Its primary purpose is to serve as support to the other troops.

This particular troop stands out from the rest due to its one-of-a-kind capacity to conjure 

a skeleton. One of the most effective moves is called the “witch slap,” which consists of having the golem function as a tank while the witches knock off the base using an archer walk.

Spells For TH9 


Freeze is a spell that can be learned at TH9. It can disable Clan Castle troops and defenses for a set length of time.

Though not super useful for TH9, once you reach TH10+ it’s one of the most useful spells, as it’s now able to deactivate inferno towers, eagle artillery, and scattershot, in addition to its previous uses.


This is a unit for targeting a single troop that may be utilized in either the dual mode or the single mode.

In duel mode, it can attack both ground and air units, however, in Single mode, it can only attack ground units. The dual mode has a range of 11 tiles, while the single mode has a range of 14 tiles.

It can shoot roughly 7.8 arrows in one second, although each one does relatively little damage on average.

The X-bow is most effectively utilized when it’s stationed in the center of the base, where its full range may be exploited and where it can do a lot more damage.

It’s one of the most effective lines of defense against the queen walk or the warden walk.


With the help of this spell, the troops can scale the walls. It’s possible to employ it as a spell for controlling crowds because it assists the troops in gathering in one location.

The troops cannot jump until they’re all in the right spot, so this spell is very useful to use. 

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 9 Best Attack Strategy And Guide

Best Attack Strategies For TH9 

Mass Baby Dragon 

This farming method is the easiest one to use and may be utilized in any town hall level between 9 and 13. The best part of this strategy is that you only need one troop to advance a level for it to work. 

The Baby Dragon and lighting spell are required for this strategy. First, take out air defenses with the lighting spell. With the lighting spell, you should be able to quickly eliminate one or two air defenses.

After that, place the baby dragons around five tiles away so they may make full use of their Enrage benefit.

That’s all there is to it; with at least one star, you may easily obtain the outer loot and storage as well, provided that it’s not located deep within the base and is far from any remaining air defense.

Gibarch Troops 

Though basic, this strategy is very useful for TH9. There’s also the potential for variation, such as the transformation of archers into wizards.

Giants, Barbarians, Wall Breakers, Archers/Wizards, Rage spell, and Heal spell are all required for this strategy.

To do this technique, deploy the giants in a single line for tanking with a wall breaker that comes in from behind, and then deploy a line of barbarians that will destroy the outer building.

After that, you should deploy archers and wizards to shoot the interior of the building. Cast a healing spell if the wizard tower or the bomb tower attempts to harm giants.

The best aspect of this army is that it can be ready in just twenty minutes, making it ideal for active players who want to keep farming.

Minions And Mass Ballons 

This is a harder strategy to use as you need to have a keen sense of which side of your opponent’s base will be the best to hit to destroy the most defenses. You can use this army to farm dark elixir though, which is useful. 

For this strategy, you need Balloons, Minions, and a Rage spell. Simply sprinkle balloons from one side of the base, then add the fury spell to increase Enrage’s damage and movement speed.

Try not to have one fury spell overlap with another. Instead, place two on the side of the outside wall and two in the center of the base, as this will make it much easier to destroy one side of the defenses. 

Utilize the remaining minions behind you so that they can take out the building as well as some of the remaining defenses.

You can easily get one star and dark elixir with this method, but it also has the potential to earn three stars if your troops are at the maximum level possible at TH9. 

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 9 Best Attack Strategy And Guide

War Strategies For TH9

You can make your attack strategy as simple or as complicated as you want, using almost any type of hero and spell, though obviously, some strategies work better than others.

Here are some of the very best war strategies to use when hitting a TH9 base. 

Lavaloon Troops Combo

If you want a tried and tested war strategy for TH9, this is it. It’s an attacking style that focuses on the air, and the placement of your spells is what determines how likely you are to win.

Lava dog, Balloons, Minion, Rage spell, Poison spell, and Haste spell are required for this strategy.

The first and most important step is to release one hog to lure the clan castle troop away from the clan castle.

Then send out a minion from one of the corner sides, wait for the CC to emerge from the base, and poison them so your queen may take control.

After that, scatter the deployment of your balloons, and when the enemy gets close enough to the defenders, send in your lava hounds.

The location of the air defense determines where the lava and balloons will be deployed in the arena.

Get the Lava Hound and use the haste spell and the anger spell on your balloon to take out the defenses. Minion(s) should be sent in to clean the building.

If the plan is carried out successfully, it earns three stars in any TH9. 

Things that should be kept in mind include the location of the archer queen, wizard tower, and air defenses.

Lava hounds and poison are the troops that are currently in CC.

Hogowi Troops 

This is the least difficult way to mount an assault and earn three stars in a raid. This strategy won’t work if you’re attacking a base higher than level 9, but for TH9 it’s a great simple strategy to use. 

Hogs, Golems, Wizards, Rage Spells, Heal Spells, and Poison Spells are required for this strategy.

Start by using one hog to lure the clan chief outside of the clan castle, putting one wizard outside, then poisoning it and killing it with the queen.

Put the golem in charge of the tank, and let the wizard handle the outbuilding. You should first deploy your heroes and then use the anger spell after you have funneled the base in from the side where the heroes are.

Attack one defense with four hogs, while heroes and golems distract the opposition. You have to keep an eye on your hogs and make sure they stay alive in battle.

Use heal whenever their health is getting a bit low and you will quickly earn three stars in the war.

Keep in mind the complication class, huge bombs, and enemy heroes that will be found in this kind of raid, as this could affect how the strategy plays out.

Use pigs with a higher rank to speed up the cleaning process for your troops in the CC.

Witch Slap Troops 

This is one of the most powerful and difficult attack techniques to deploy, but with a lot of effort, it’s possible to master it for both TH9, and with some minor variations, may be used in higher town hall levels as well. 

You need a lot to make this strategy work. A Witch, a Golem, a Wizard, a Healer, a Jump spell or an Earthquake spell, a Rage spell, a Heal spell, and a Poison spell are all required for this. 

The execution of this plan involves using all of these from different sides of the base, depending on where the wizard tower and the air defense are situated.

If the wizard tower is located outside, the most effective strategy is to utilize the queen’s walk around the base to eliminate both the wizard towers and the barbarian king on one side of the base.

This will create a funnel for the attacking soldiers.

After the funnel has been made and the destruction of a portion of the defenses has happened, make use of the golem as a tank, and position all of your witches behind it.

Rage should be used in the center of the base once a route has been created with either the jump or earthquake spells.

Use witches from two parallel corners with 2-2 healers behind them if wizard towers are located inside the base.

Then, utilize your golem heroes and the witch. Create a funnel with the jump and earthquake spells, then use anger in the spaces in between.

This method is somewhat difficult to apply because it demands the correct placement of troops; nevertheless, once it has been learned, the same strategy may be used in higher town halls.

Things to keep in mind, include the location of the bomb tower and the wizard tower. Use your hogs and a poison spell to break through the defenses that are in the middle of the game.


Hopefully, by following this complete guide above, you will easily be able to attack and defend your opponent’s level 9 Town Hall, giving you all of the rewards you need to upgrade your own troops, and heroes, or to get more spells. 

Ashley Newby