Destiny 2: Top 10 Best Bows

The allure and thrill that Destiny 2 presents to its players lie not just in its immersive gameplay, but also in the arsenal of weapons it provides. Among these, bows hold a special place for gamers that pride themselves on precision and strategy. The right bow is much more than simply a weapon – it’s a statement of style, an expression of skill, and an embodiment of strategy. Le Monarque, the Accrued Redemption, and the Trinity Ghoul are not just hunting tools meant to strike from a distance; they’re weapons that transform the hunt into an art form.

Le Monarque

Everyone loves a bow and arrow. There’s something primal and immersive about pulling back the string and hearing the snap of the bow as an arrow is sent hurtling towards an enemy. The mechanization of warfare and advancements in technology have hidden this sensation in many games, but not in Destiny 2. One of the reasons why Destiny 2 stands out among the numerous action-shooter games available today is its attention to detail when it comes to weapons. One weapon, in particular, the Le Monarque, has garnered quite a fan following among players and for good reason.

Simply put, the Le Monarque is a beast in the world of exotic bows. This isn’t just an old-fashioned bow and arrow we’re talking about, but a high-tech, exquisitely designed alien weapon that perfectly melds tradition with advanced technology. Visually, it’s stunning. Its aesthetic leans towards the sophisticated approach, resembling something you might find in a futuristic alien armory rather than a woodland hunting trip.

The Le Monarque is known for its precision. It draws quickly, fires rapidly, and has a high level of impact making it the go-to weapon for precision-based players. It has the ability to release poison arrows that cause impressive damage over time, adding a level of strategy to your gameplay.

In terms of perks, the Le Monarque shines. Its intrinsic perk, ‘Pestilence Arrows’, makes arrows fired quickly after a full draw become poison arrows. When these poison arrows land a critical hit, they cause damage over time to the target and surrounding enemies. This perk alone can make any game room go silent with a well-placed shot, instantly creating a tactical advantage, perfect for PvP situations, but equally meaningful for PvE.

When it comes to the Le Monarque‘s draw time, it’s comparable to that of a sniper rifle, providing a balance to their shots that players appreciate. It’s perfect for those players who love to snipe but want the flexibility to equip a different primary weapon without sacrificing their sniping ability.

Pair this bow with a good hand cannon or a strong pulse rifle and you have almost all corners covered. Close combat, mid-range punishment, and long-distance headshots – you’re geared for all. Moreover, it feels rewarding to single-handedly wipe a team of enemies with a well-placed arrow, doesn’t it?

Lastly, the Le Monarque has an intrinsic allure. There’s a richness to the gameplay it provides that makes it not just another weapon in your arsenal, but a thing of beauty, efficiency and awesomeness. It’s a bow that asks for skill, and rewards in kind. And that is why it will always be a staple favorite amongst the Destiny 2 community.

An image of the Le Monarque, showcasing its futuristic design and high-tech aesthetic.

The Accrued Redemption

With a name like ‘Accrued Redemption,’ one might garner impressions of a cinematic weapon – something with a lot of drama and backstory. In reality, however, Destiny 2’s Accrued Redemption is a prime example of how a name isn’t everything. But don’t mistake this statement as a slight against the bow, quite the contrary.

Accrued Redemption has a subtle charm, inviting true enthusiasts to explore the intricacies it offers. It’s a compound bow, designed with sleek lines and powered by advanced mechanisms that generate a lethal shot with every pull. The power it holds within its frame is simply enticing, a promise of swift retribution in the battlefield.

A significant part of its allure can be traced back to the pinpoint accuracy it affords its wielder. Accrued Redemption is not one for flashy fanfare, but it does promise a hit each time an arrow is released. This sense of surety can be a game-changer, making it an often-overlooked treasure among Destiny 2’s armament in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.

However, to really see how ‘Accrued Redemption’ lives up to its ominous name, one needs to pay attention to its superb advantages in sustained fights. The bow’s Adaptive Frame makes for a speedy draw and reliable follow-up shots, while the Archer’s Tempo trait further reduces draw time after successful precision hits, enabling skilled archers to dish out rapid barrages.

As for its damage output – it’s nothing short of impressive. The barbed and fletching arrows let you add extra punch to the damage, staging the field for colossal boss takedowns. The Rampage perk builds on this by enhancing damage with each consecutive kill, accumulating throughout the course of the fight and contributing to the overall round-to-round effectiveness.

Pairing Accrued Redemption with a hand cannon or an auto rifle can help maximize its utility, serving as a splendid primary option for precision damage and a swift alternate for closer encounters. This versatility means it can slot seamlessly into varied styles of play and user preferences.

One could say that the bow’s name, ‘Accrued Redemption,’ could signify a glass half full or half empty scenario. It might take a little time and patience to reveal its full potential during gameplay. However, for those willing to invest the time, unlocking its true potential offers an immensely gratifying experience.

‘Accrued Redemption’ may not initially dazzle with its aesthetics like the Le Monarque or deliver the immediate thrill of other exotic weapons, but in the grand scheme of things, it subtly imbues a sense of raw power and tactical advantage. The bow remains a silent whisper in the symphony of destruction, but with each precise draw and lethal release, it sets a vehement beat of retribution, all in its own steady pace. Surely, this is redemption accrued in the grandest sense.

A sleek and powerful compound bow, Accrued Redemption, promising swift retribution on the battlefield.

Trinity Ghoul

Continuing our analysis of Destiny 2’s stellar inventory of artillery in pursuit of the perfect bow, we find ourselves confronted with the Trinity Ghoul. This exotic bow has made waves across the gaming community, and for good reason. When it comes to making a statement as well as brute force, few hold a candle to this powerhouse.

The name ‘Trinity Ghoul‘, teeming with mystical undertones, can prove to be quite intimidating. And rightly so, given the triple-threat capability the bow delivers with its chain lightning effect. This fantastic feature charges chains of lightning upon precision kills, catapulting other bows into the shadows by turning regular players into the Bolts of Zeus themselves.

Whereas other bows deliver straightforward benefits like poison or consistent damage, the Trinity Ghoul liberates you from pedantic gameplay and lets creativity flow. Its unique ability to complete lightning-charged precision kills offers an unmatched level of tactical flexibility. Devise fascinating strategies to vault you to victory, a luxury seldom offered by Destiny 2’s other bows.

If weather control became a hobby, Trinity Ghoul‘s devastation would be the gold standard. The sheer thrill of guiding an electric current through the bodies of enemies brings an invigorating, raw satisfaction. Simultaneously, Trinity Ghoul pays homage to the raw elements of nature, merging traditional bow culture with a stormy twist, spawning unpredictable, lively gameplay.

Encased within the technological wonder that is the Trinity Ghoul is an agile, responsive handling experience. This bow’s distinctive draw mechanics separate it from competitors, with a quick draw time that hovers between hair-trigger and controlled. This makes the bow superbly suited to both high-pressure encounters and surgical precision shots, offering an effective tool for every gaming situation.

When it’s time to pair the Trinity Ghoul with a secondary weapon, one can sense the liberty to experiment. Given the bow’s multifaceted prowess, practically any weapon can serve as a fantastic sidearm. Be it a shotgun for up-close encounters or submachine gun for general purposes, the Trinity Ghoul‘s versatility accommodates a wide range of pairings.

With the Trinity Ghoul, each game morphs into a dynamic dance of destructive power and strategic finesse. By pouring in dedication and practice, mastery of this exotic bow does not just offer a tool for victory but presents a gateway toward gaming transcendence.

Whether you are a veteran of Destiny 2 or a curious cusper, consider giving the Trinity Ghoul a shot. As lightning arcs and enemies fall, remember: it’s not about the destination, but the intoxicating journey there. Take in the moment, enjoy every charged arrow released, and continue bringing celestial wrath down upon your foes with the profound power of the Trinity Ghoul.

Image of the Trinity Ghoul Bow,  a powerful and unique exotic weapon in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 continues to captivate the gaming world with its vast universe and intricate weapon systems. Bows like Le Monarque, Accrued Redemption, and Trinity Ghoul stand as testament to the game’s dynamic landscape, offering players a unique, exhilarating, and rewarding experience. Perfecting the craft of the bow is a road filled with challenges, details, and victories – content that only Destiny 2 can truly provide. Simply put, these bows don’t just offer a weapon for battle, they provide an opportunity for players to embody the spirit of the true archer – composed, precise and lethal under all circumstances.

Ashley Newby

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