Destiny 2: Top 10 Best Scout Rifles

In the universe of Guardians, the weapons you choose can shift the balance of power in your favor. From the sharpshooter’s precision to the strategist’s foresight, every Guardian’s arsenal tells a story of conquests and challenges. As we explore these legendary weapons, from Night Watch to Transfiguration, we uncover not just their capabilities but their potential to change the tide of battle. Each weapon, with its unique traits and adaptable features, offers more than just firepower; it offers the chance to redefine your approach and emerge victorious in the ever-evolving landscape of Destiny 2.

Night Watch

Night Watch: The Guardian’s Ultimate Companion

In the world of Guardians, having the right gear can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Night Watch, a renowned Scout Rifle, emerges as a standout choice for any Guardian looking to enhance their arsenal. Here’s why Night Watch is a must-have in your collection.

Versatility at Its Finest

First and foremost, Night Watch is the epitome of versatility. Whether you’re navigating the tight corridors of the Crucible or exploring the vast expanses of the open world, this Scout Rifle adapts to any scenario. Its precision and range make it your go-to option for picking off enemies at a distance, while its rapid firing capability ensures you’re never left vulnerable up close.

Remarkable Precision

The hallmark of Night Watch is its remarkable precision. Guardians will appreciate the rifle’s ability to land headshots, turning the tide of any battle. This precision, paired with the rifle’s inherent stability, means that every shot counts, and few are wasted. Whether you’re facing a hoard of Thrall or a nimble Hunter, Night Watch puts control squarely in your hands.

Lightweight Design

Carrying hefty weapons can slow a Guardian down, but Night Watch bucks this trend with its lightweight design. This allows for swift movement across battlefields, ensuring that you’re always at the right place at the right time. The agility offered by Night Watch is unmatched, making it an ideal choice for Guardians who prioritize speed and efficiency.

Adaptable to Any Guardian’s Style

Night Watch shines in its ability to adapt to any Guardian’s playstyle. Thanks to a wide array of available perks, you can tailor this Scout Rifle to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance its reload speed, increase its magazine size, or boost its damage output, Night Watch can be customized to complement your unique approach to combat.

A Companion in Solo and Team Play

Whether you’re tackling missions solo or teaming up with other Guardians, Night Watch stands as a reliable companion. In solo play, its range and damage output let you manage threats effectively without backup. In team settings, it becomes a powerful tool for supporting your allies, allowing for strategic plays that can shift the dynamics of any encounter.

In the arsenal of a Guardian, Night Watch is not just another Scout Rifle; it’s a trusty companion that offers versatility, precision, and adaptability. Its place in your collection isn’t just warranted—it’s essential. Whether you’re facing the trials of the Crucible or the darkness of the latest raid, Night Watch is ready to lead the charge, proving time and again why it’s a must-have for any Guardian’s arsenal.

An image of the Night Watch Scout Rifle, showcasing its sleek and powerful design

MIDA Multi-Tool

MIDA Multi-Tool stands out in the PvP arena of Destiny 2 for several compelling reasons, each adding to its legendary stature among players.

First off, its intrinsic perk, MIDA Radar, keeps your radar active even while you’re aiming down sights. This gives players a significant tactical advantage, allowing for greater awareness and the ability to anticipate enemy moves. In the fast-paced environment of PvP, where every second counts, this can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Another highlight is the impressive speed boost it grants. MIDA Multi-Tool makes players move faster, an essential attribute in PvP that enables quick repositioning, dodging, and the ability to outrun opponents. This agility makes players harder to target and allows for swift engagements or retreats as the situation demands.

Moreover, MIDA Multi-Tool’s superb handling and reload speed ensure that players aren’t caught off guard. It’s designed for quick, efficient combat, letting you switch to it speedily in critical moments and reload rapidly to keep the pressure on your opponents. This seamless operation keeps the momentum in the player’s favor, making every encounter smoother and more controlled.

Combining accuracy with a high rate of fire, MIDA Multi-Tool excels in delivering consistent damage. Its adaptability across various engagement ranges makes it a reliable choice for picking off distant targets while still being potent in closer skirmishes. This versatility ensures it’s always an effective weapon, regardless of the map or game mode.

Lastly, the integral Third Eye perk further complements its primary function, maintaining an ever-vigilant sweep over the battlefield. This continuous radar visibility, coupled with MIDA Multi-Tool’s other advantages, solidifies its position as an invaluable tool for strategic play and split-second decision-making in PvP encounters.

With its combination of utility, speed, and precision, MIDA Multi-Tool rightfully earns its place as an iconic weapon for PvP enthusiasts in Destiny 2. Its design caters not just to the practical needs of combat, but also to the strategic mindset of players looking to maximize their effectiveness in competitive settings.

Legendary MIDA Multi-Tool weapon in Destiny 2

Hung Jury SR4

Hung Jury SR4, with its return to the Destiny 2 universe, has quickly climbed the ranks to become a must-have scout rifle for PvE enthusiasts. This weapon isn’t just another addition to a Guardian’s arsenal—it’s a game-changer that redefines the PvE gameplay experience for scout rifle fans. Here’s how:

Dynamic Duo of Firepower and Stability:

Hung Jury SR4 packs a significant punch with each trigger pull, delivering impactful damage that can make short work of even the most formidable enemies. But it’s not just about power. The stability of this rifle ensures that your shots land exactly where you intend, making it an ideal choice for precision shooting from a safe distance.

Adjustable Perks for Tailored Gameplay:

One of the standout features of Hung Jury SR4 is its customizable perk pool, allowing players to fine-tune the weapon’s performance to their playstyle. Whether you’re focusing on rapid target acquisition or maximizing damage output, Hung Jury can adapt to your needs. This level of customization elevates the PvE experience, offering flexibility and variety in how encounters are approached.

Extended Magazine for Uninterrupted Fire:

In the heat of battle, the last thing you want is to run out of ammunition. Thankfully, Hung Jury SR4 comes equipped with an extended magazine option, giving you more shots before needing to reload. This allows you to stay in the fight longer, contributing consistent damage to your team’s efforts without the frequent interruptions of ammo scarcity.

Omni-Compatible Mod Slot:

Enhancing your gear with mods is a core part of Destiny 2’s gameplay, and Hung Jury SR4 doesn’t disappoint. The inclusion of an omni-compatible mod slot opens up a world of customization options, from damage-increasing mods to those that improve handling or reload speed. This versatility ensures that Hung Jury SR4 can be optimized for any PvE scenario, making it a reliable tool for any challenge.

Aesthetic Appeal and Collector’s Pride:

Beyond its performance attributes, Hung Jury SR4 boasts a design that’s visually appealing and distinct. Owning this scout rifle isn’t just a tactical advantage—it’s a statement. The unique aesthetic of Hung Jury SR4 makes it a prized possession among collectors and enthusiasts, adding an extra layer of satisfaction to wielding and mastering this powerful weapon.

It’s clear that the Hung Jury SR4 scout rifle brings a lot to the table for PvE gameplay. Its blend of power, precision, and adaptability, coupled with its unique aesthetic, ensures that it stands out as a top choice for scout rifle aficionados. Whether tackling the latest raid or grinding through a nightfall strike, Hung Jury SR4 is the companion that can elevate your gameplay to new heights.

Hung Jury SR4 Destiny 2 scout rifle for PvE gameplay


Turning your gaze towards the spellbinding capabilities of Transfiguration, you’ll uncover a weapon that’s not just a tool, but a transformative ally for every Raider and Nightfall conqueror. This scout rifle doesn’t just shoot; it adapts, evolving your gameplay with every pull of the trigger. Here’s why Transfiguration should be your next calculated choice:

When it comes to adaptability, Transfiguration is a marvel. Its intrinsic perk offers a versatility that morphs with your needs, a critical feature when every mission demands a unique approach. Whether you’re picking off adversaries from a distance or facing a sudden close-quarters battle, this scout rifle shifts seamlessly to your combat style.

A standout feature is Transfiguration’s damage potential. Equipped with random rolls, this weapon can land with perks that significantly amplify its lethality. Imagine pairing explosive payload with kill clip – each shot not only deals devastating area damage but following a reload after a kill, you get a damaging boost that can clear waves of foes in no time. It’s like having multiple weapons in the chassis of one.

Sustainability in prolonged engagements is another feather in its cap. Unlike ordinary firearms, Transfiguration can come with perks that automatically reload part of the magazine on precision hits or increase damage after defeating combatants. This ability to sustain firing without constant reloading keeps you in the fight longer, making it invaluable during extended encounters typical in Raids and Nightfall strikes.

Looking beyond its utility in battle, Transfiguration speaks to Guardians who value not only performance but also aesthetics and rarity. This scout rifle boasts a design that’s both sleek and menacing, with visual flair that stands out in any Guardian’s arsenal. Owning it not just means having a powerful weapon; it’s a statement piece that reflects a Guardian’s accomplishments and prestige.

Lastly, the sense of achievement in acquiring Transfiguration cannot be overstated. Given its source from the Last Wish raid, obtaining this scout rifle involves overcoming some of the most challenging content Destiny 2 has to offer. The journey to claim it is a rite of passage, bonding you with fellow Guardians as you tackle Raids or Nightfalls together.

In sum, opting for Transfiguration goes beyond merely choosing a weapon; it’s selecting a companion for your most challenging adventures. Its capacity to adapt, coupled with its potential for sheer power and a design that exudes sophistication, positions Transfiguration as a top contender for your next weapon of choice. Whether it’s through the mystique of its origins, the satisfaction of its acquisition, or the practical dominance it affords in combat, Transfiguration embodies a pinnacle of Guardian weaponry.

An image of the powerful and sleek Transfiguration scout rifle, showing its design and uniqueness to visually describe it for someone who is visually impaired

As we’ve journeyed through the arsenal available to every Guardian, it’s clear that the choice of weapon is not just about preference but about strategy, adaptability, and style. Whether it’s the swift precision of Night Watch, the tactical advantage of MIDA Multi-Tool, the versatility of Hung Jury SR4, or the transformative power of Transfiguration, each weapon brings something unique to the battlefield. These tools of victory are not just about dealing damage; they’re about enhancing your gameplay, complementing your strengths, and elevating your status as a Guardian. In the vast and challenging realms of Destiny 2, having the right weapon by your side doesn’t just define your fight; it defines your legacy.

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