Destiny 2: Top 10 Best Swords

Destiny 2, famed worldwide for its vivid graphics and intricate gameplay, boasts an impressive arsenal of weapons for players to wield. Yet, among this expansive inventory, the swords hold a distinctive appeal — signature melee weapons that require cunning strategy and timing, far above mere brute force. Two such notable blades that have emerged as favorites among the Destiny 2 fraternity are, ‘The Quickfang’ and ‘The It Stared Back’. The former, a nimble tool of destruction, its lightning-fast strikes its most defining feature. The latter, renowned for its power management capabilities, adds a layer of strategy unseen with most other weapons. This discussion revolves around the unique abilities and perks that make these melee weapons indispensable additions to your Destiny 2 gear.

The Quickfang

The Quickfang: What Makes it a Standout Sword in Destiny 2

Lightweight, deadly, and sleek: Three words that capture the essence of the Quickfang, easily one of the most sought after swords in the world of Destiny 2. Loved by gamers everywhere, Quickfang has borne witness to countless virtual victories, making its bearer, the fleet-footed Hunter, an instant force to be reckoned with.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other top-tier swords, the Quickfang’s popularity primarily owes itself to its unmatched speed. Unlike its counterparts, it pushes the bounds, giving its wielder the fastest swing speed in the game, which is a crucial factor in close-quarter encounters. When situations demand a quick strike, the Quickfang has proven itself time and again.

The Quickfang’s unique lightweight frame is another distinguishing feature that nudges it ahead of the rest. No other sword in Destiny 2 allows for increased movement speed when wielding. Turns out, agility matter when dealing with ruthless adversaries. Never underestimate the power of a swift sidestep, or an unexpected duck; the Quickfang has saved a Hunter’s life more than once!

Never to be forgotten is the sword’s spinning airborne heavy attack. The infamous ‘Guillotine Spin’, combined with the inherent speed of the Quickfang, can wipe out a cluster of enemies in one fell swoop. Few can see a Quickfang’s spinning blade of destruction coming and live to tell the tale.

And finally, let’s talk aesthetics. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look good while conquering galaxies? Sporting a unique design that screams minimalistic elegance, the Quickfang is equally as stylish as it is lethal. The ethereal glow leaps to the eye amidst the darkest battlegrounds, while its slender physical stature makes it a sleek contrast to other heftier swords.

So, whether it’s the unparalleled speed, deadly strike, unique design, or the edge it gives in battles, the Quickfang has proven itself a tour-de-force amidst Destiny 2’s arsenal. The Hunter’s favored blade isn’t just a sword; it’s a testament to agility, precision, and style. Keep that in mind, and one soon learns there’s a reason why the Quickfang is a cut above the rest in Destiny 2.

A visually impaired description of the image: The Quickfang is shown in the image, a sleek and deadly sword with a unique design and minimalistic elegance.

The It Stared Back

Let’s plunge headfirst into the captivating world of the ‘It Stared Back’ sword in Destiny 2, one of the most unique and powerful weapons in the game. Its characteristics make it stand out from the crowd and shine with a light of its own in your arsenal.

Chiefly, its five-round magazine sets this blade apart. While the increased magazine size may not seem like a game-changer at first glance, in the heat of the battle, every extra hit can tip the scales in your favor, proving this feature vital for your success.

Another thing that places this sword in a league of its own is its fantastic ‘Infinite Guard’ perk. The ‘It Stared Back’ sword is one of the very few Destiny 2 weapons equipped with this feature. The perk guarantees high endurance, essentially meaning players can spend a prolonged period in guard mode, deflecting and parrying incoming blows like a true swordmaster.

Don’t forget about the ‘Relentless Strikes’ feature. This trait awards sword ammo for consecutive quick attacks — a trait that not only allows for a longer stay in the battleground, but also opens up possibilities for barrage attacks and quick dispatching of enemies.

Then comes the ‘Whirlwind Blade’ perk. This game-changing feature boosts damage after rapid sword strikes. As a result, the ‘It Stared Back’ transforms into an unstoppable damage-dealer, pulverizing any unlucky enough to be facing its wrath.

The last feature to note is the weapon’s ability to gain bonus damage after defeating enemies with its blade. After you’ve racked up enough kills, the sword actually gets stronger, increasing its damage drastically. This not only helps in crowd control during PvE encounters but also lands crushing blows in PvP matches.

Indeed, the superb qualities of ‘The It Stared Back’ do not fail to mesmerize. Its beautifully wrought perks make it a mighty beast in Destiny 2, each characteristic contributing to its formidable nature. Riding a perfect line between offense and defense, this sword can make you both an unstoppable force and an impenetrable fortress. With ‘The It Stared Back,’ you’re not just holding a blade; you’re wielding the true epitome of balance, power, and refinement in Destiny 2’s melee combat. It’s a weapon truly worthy of a Guardian’s respect.

Image of 'It Stared Back' sword, highlighting its unique perks and impressive design.

The world of Destiny 2 is a volatile one, familiar yet unpredictable in its battlefield theatrics. The Quickfang and ‘The It Stared Back’ are quite the revelations, illuminating weapons that remain iconic for numerous reasons. Where The Quickfang offers swiftness and agility, ‘The It Stared Back’ brings a balance of damage dealing and resource management. Distilling the essence of these swords captures their true value in the hands of discerning players, rendering them invaluable in the grim trials that lie ahead. Each unique in their own right, these swords embody a visceral sense of power and mastery, setting the stage for epic confrontations and stunning victories.

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