Different Types Of Knife Skins To Use In CS:GO

Since their introduction in 2013, CS:GO knives have played a major role throughout the game. Since then, the game has received numerous new knives. However, not all blades are made equally. 

The priciest skins in CS:GO are found on knives. They set you apart from the majority of other players, feature fun animations, and appear special because they entirely alter the weapon rather than merely changing its color.

Different Types Of Knife Skins To Use In CSGO

You receive a completely unique knife with fresh animations with each knife skin.

The least expensive knife will cost roughly $60, but they may not look the prettiest.

This may not be a concern for you, but for others this is a major drawback. While any decent-looking knife will cost you between $200 and $500. In this guide, we will uncover the different knife skins you can use in CS:GO.

CS:GO Knife Skins

So far, 19 distinct kinds of knife skins for CS:GO have been made available since the game’s launch. There are hundreds of various knife variations because each knife has a variety of finishes. 

Loot boxes are the primary way that skins are added to CS:GO. Although some of these boxes are always available to purchase, others might only be offered for a certain event or eventually disappear.

This makes any products that emerge from an exclusive box extremely rare because they will only have a limited number of copies.

Knives are known for having the lowest drop rate of any weapon type in the game. Even professional players feel excited about opening one of these cases, which typically contain a limited-edition knife as the centerpiece of their collection.

By purchasing the desired knife skin straight from Steam’s community store, you probably won’t spend as much money overall. For each type of knife, there are various skins available for that knife. 

Below, we’ve put together a list of all the different types of knives to consider purchasing for CS:GO. 

Different Types Of CS:GO Knives 

Navaja Knife

Among the more recent knives included in CS:GO during 2018 is the Navaja knife. One of the most unattractive knives to use or possess is this one.

Having said that, this is merely our opinion. While, many players continue to utilize this knife despite its unsightly appearance. 

On Steam, this knife skin is $69 in price.

Nomad Knife

The Nomad Knife was included in the game from 2019. The knife concept itself appears to be quite good, however the animations are merely bland.

Yet, it has made an effort to be original by collecting the blade and shifting it from the left to right hand during the equipment motion.

While, the hidden equipment animation creates safety issues. When using this knife, there is a rare risk of self-injury that arises, which you should be aware of.

On Steam, you can purchase this knife for only $205. 

Gut Knife

This knife has a good equipment animation and was first added to CS:GO in 2015. The skin that is most appealing is the vanilla base skin. However, there are variations, such as Slaughter and Lore. Both of which have detailed blade designs. 

This knife skin costs on average $111.

Shadow Daggers

Since its release, the Shadow Knives/Daggers have generated a lot of hype, but not for all the right reasons. After its publication, it has become a popular meme throughout the CS:GO community.

Although with time, both the demand and price have fallen.

The Shadow Knives or Dagger in this situation are extremely rare because they are one of a kind to be published in the game’s history.

The dual knife that CS:GO released was a wonderful idea, but it was poorly executed. In the future, a new two-handed knife would be wonderful. However, this time, hopefully it will have a superior design. 

Currently, these daggers on Steam are reasonably priced at $150. Thus, if you want to use something a bit different, then you should consider the Shadow Daggers. 

Stiletto Knife

The “A New Horizon” update from 2016 brought the stiletto knife to CS:GO. This knife has a pretty unique appearance compared to the others.

The blade’s narrow, toothpick-like design is an interesting option. The handle complements the blade’s formal design beautifully.

The main drawback to this knife is that it lacks any distinctive animations, despite its excellent appearance. Although not a major problem, this is something to be aware of. 

This knife is available for purchase on Steam for $192.

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Falchion Knife

The Falchion case contains this knife, which was introduced to CS:GO in 2015.  The Falchion Knife is the greatest skin to obtain at a low price.

The short blade is the sole drawback, according to users. Thus, the knife itself isn’t too bad, and the animations are perfect. However, the CS:GO community finds the knife to be unattractive. On Steam, it costs about $143.

Skeleton Knife

Among the more recent knives added to CS:GO, launched during Operation Shattered Web around 2019, is the Skeleton knife.

This knife is designed to be almost entirely made of blade, with a middle ring that is frequently used to control the knife. Hence, it has a very distinctive appearance.

It is regarded as a truly stunning and attractive knife that everyone wants to use.

Additionally, the knife has some quite fascinating hidden equipment and examines animations that involve spinning the blade around the central ring. This knife costs about $1174, which makes it one of the more costly knives available. 

Standard Bayonet And M9 Bayonet

In 2015, the Standard Bayonet and the M9 were both made available.

The inspection animation on the Standard Bayonet is quite impressive. In a maneuver that defies all physical principles, the whole knife swings around outside the hand.

The M9 Bayonet has become a higher classed knife found in CS:GO. It has a fairly muscular appearance. This is an army grade knife with a serrated edge and a sharp edge on either side of the blade. 

This weapon also features a hole in the hilt that allows you to attach it to an M4 or M16 and utilize it as a bayonet.

A Standard Bayonet skin will set you back around $558. While the M9 Bayonet is slightly more expensive and is priced at around $619 on Steam Marketplace.

Classic Knife

The Classic Knife is a tribute to the Knife from earlier Counter-Strike video games. On Steam, it is presently listed for $337. This knife was first made available with the CS20 collection, which marked the franchise’s 20th anniversary. 

The Classic Knife appears to be an improved version of the earlier knife with some hidden animations. This knife is perfectly adequate; it isn’t particularly unique, but many current CS:GO players still use it frequently today.


The Karambit was one of the first knives to be incorporated into the game. Which was included in 2013 as part of the Full Spectrum update. It has now solidified its status as a CS:GO signature knife.

The knife stands out from the majority of the other knives because of its claw-like blade alongside a ring found at the end. This ring includes a reverse grip.

The curved blade of these knives is used for both the primary and secondary assaults, and it has a really stylish appearance.

Perhaps the nicest aspect of this weapon is the fluid swinging motion of the equipment animation, in which the knife circles around the ring.

This is regarded as one of the best CS:GO knives available at the moment due to its similar and striking inspect animation.

However, given that it costs $752, it is regarded as one of the most costly skins in the game.

Talon Knife

The Talon knife resembles the younger brother of the Karambit knife. Yet it is slightly better quality with a better inspect animation but a weaker equipment animation. During 2016 and the Horizon update, the Talon Knife was introduced. 

This knife has the same standard inspect animation as the Karambit. However, it is the secret animation which is even more impressive. This is because the weapon is continuously swung around the character’s finger. 

In addition to this, the hidden examination animation is incredibly constant. Thus creating a knife that is very enjoyable to play with, in contrast to other skins with hidden animations, which are highly uncommon and more difficult to produce. 

You should budget about $396 for this knife skin.

Flip Knife

One of the traditional knife skins that was included in CS:GO back in 2015 was the Flip knife. It is a widely used knife that comes in various knife finishes.

The blade looks nice on its own, and color variations on this skin seem vivid and dazzling. This is unquestionably a safer choice when it comes to choosing a knife skin. 

On Steam, a flip knife skin only costs $180.

Survival Knife

One of the most recent knives included in the video game as a result of Operation Shattered Web during 2019 is the Survival knife. This knife more closely resembles a fancy potato peeler.

This knife is superb, even with the appearance that has split many fans of the game.  

Amazing flip animation, and the blade has a menacing appearance. You know that this knife will be able to cause some serious damage. You can find the Survival Knife on Steam for just $237,

Butterfly Knife

Operation Breakout in 2014 added the Butterfly knife to CS:GO. It can only be found in the Breakout Case. So from 2019 this knife has increased in price by a staggering 93x.

Hence, this knife costs more than $1.5k, making it the most costly knife found throughout this article.

Since this is the most distinctive knife that has ever been included in the game and has fascinating equipment and examine animations, the knife is valued and rated appropriately. This knife always has an incredibly gorgeous finish.

At the time of writing, the price for this knife on steam is around $1501, but this price could always increase. 

Different Types Of Knife Skins To Use In CSGO (1) (1)

Huntsman Knife

One of the game’s more intimidating-looking weapons, the Huntsman knife, has a bulky yet intriguing aesthetic. The Huntsman knife is a rectangle covered in spikes.

Like the gut knife, it includes the rotating equipment animation, but the Huntsman knife fits it much better. It was released alongside the Huntsman box in 2014, making it one of the older knives still in use today.

You can purchase this knife from Steam for $205.

Paracord Knife

2019 saw the addition of the Paracord knife as a component of the Shattered Web case. The name of this knife comes from the paracord that is wound all around the handle of this knife. This gives the knife a sleek and fashionable appearance. 

This knife is incredibly hit or miss. It’s uncommon, since you don’t really see it that often in the game. However, there is no justification for why it is seen so little. You can get this knife for $282 on Steam.

Ursus Knife

The Ursus Knife is a truly boring knife design that was first introduced in 2016. The knife has a very plain appearance and no distinguishing features. The Ursus knife does use a pull-out similar to the Paracord, and contains a great blade.

 Although the equipment and examination animations on this knife are relatively simple. There is a hidden animation for both actions as well.

This knife costs just $244 on Steam.

Bowie Knife

The Bowie Knife is named for Jim Bowie, who made headlines in 1827 for fatally stabbing two people with a “Big Knife.” The CS:GO variation is the largest knife in the game, as its name suggests, and it surely has a threatening aura.

Although not very mind-blowing, the animations are simple for this knife. Currently, this knife costs around $151 on Steam.

What Else Do You Need To Know About CS:GO Knives?

A type of special weapon found in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the knife. They are the game’s fundamental combat weapons. With a few minor exceptions, players are not allowed to ditch them after dying.

Knives are a melee weapon that is always equipped in every Counter-Strike game. They cannot be exchanged, bought, or dropped.

They have a very small attacking window, a quick primary attack that deals little damage, and a longer secondary attack that, of course, deals more damage.

Additionally, the headshot multiplier and the quite unique backstab multiplier both have an impact on knife attacks. 

Kills with knives net the most money of any weapon: $1500 in competitive play and $750 in casual.

A CS:GO knife’s ability to enable for the fastest movement of any weapon or utility equipped is another crucial attribute. When fleeing from a bomb site with planted C4 which is about to go off.

Or when attempting to outrun the enemy team for the top areas at the start of a round, the knife can prove to be a very useful tool. 

Furthermore, during a close-quarters shootout, drawing your knife and aiming for a knife kill is typically quicker than reloading your firearm.

Of course, there are many variables to consider, but at close range and with both yourself and your attacker already injured, it might only take one hit to terminate the fight.

Where Can You Sell And Purchase CS:GO Knives?

There are several options available to you if you want to sell a CS:GO knife. The highest prices are available on Steam Community Market.

However, all money you earn goes into your account’s Steam Wallet. This implies that there is no way to pay it out.

Although the prices on third-party markets are lower, there are many ways to get your money outside the Steam ecosystem. However, you need to be aware of scams and may be asked to wait longer for your offer to be accepted. 

These two methods can be used for both selling and buying CS:GO knife skins. A lot of people like to use Steam as it is a reliable platform and quicker.

That being said, you can use third party sources, but you must be careful who you sell or buy from.

Final Thoughts

There are various different types of knives that have been made available on CS:GO. What is considered a good knife is very subjective.

However, there are various knife designs and skins for all the different types of knives available. It is quite easy to find a skin that suits you, your fighting style and that shows off your personality.

We hope you have enjoyed this article. Now you should know the different types of knife skins that are available for you to use in CS:GO. 

Ashley Newby