Does Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Have Multiplayer Mode?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the latest release from the Xeno franchise of games.

The titles of these games are all Japanese RPGs that have established themselves as being some of the most popular within the genre.

Does Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Have Multiplayer Mode?

When playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3, players adopt the role of the protagonists whose destiny is to save the world or resolve another type of worldly matter using the power of their weaponry and the people that they encounter in their lives.

These games have a lengthy and reputable history that dates back to the original PlayStation model.

Needless to say, fans of this franchise are wondering whether there will be multiplayer facilitated by this game, or whether there will be co-op?

While the series has suggested that this may be the case previously, this article outlines whether this is actually going to manifest while also taking al look into the history of the series relationship with multiplayer mode.

Unfortunately for some people, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a single-player game.

Thus, there is no option for multiplayer available and no means of playing co-op. This game is an entirely lone experience, and Nintendo hasn’t stated any plans to add multiplayer features in the future.

If you are looking to play a Xenoblade game that has multiplayer functions, then you should opt for Xenoblade Chronicles X.

In this game, you are able to loan your avatars to other plays and form a variety of squads with them.

These squads can contain up to 32 players and this game also allows players to share reports and battle within the worlds of other players.

These squads can also perform tasks that are time-limited and complete random missions where players are required to obtain resources.

There are numerous Global Nemesis missions within this alternative title that allow players to be pitted against a powerful monster. 

Despite the fact that its multiplayer system is complete, Xenoblade Chronicles X allows you to perform tasks asynchronously.

Thus, there is no way that you are able to directly connect to other players in order to explore the world with them.

This multiplayer function also occurs in a distinctly separated continuity from the other Xenoblade games and is seen as a side story as opposed to part of the original series.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is also played on the Wii U and it doesn’t appear that Nintendo has any plans to bring the game to switch.

However, those who want to dive deeper into this title and explore the multiplayer function should definitely consider purchasing a Wii U as this particular title provides more options for exploration compared to the other Xenoblade Chronicles.

Will There Be Online Co-Op In Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

No, unfortunately this game is limited to offline single-player mode.

However, there may be some features added that allow players to go online or use Nintendo Switch Online to perform certain functionalities.

When considering the story of this title, it doesn’t give much room for online elements. However, Nintendo may choose to surprise us.

There is a likelihood that this title may launch alongside an online trading system that allows players to interact with one another in this way.

However, the premise of this game is that it is a solo-player game and thus, you should avoid purchasing this title if you are more of a fan of multiplayer games.

This is because nothing in regard to multiplayer functionality has been officially announced alongside the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


To conclude, this article has outlined that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a distinctively solo-player game that does not include any form of multiplayer functionality.

This is because the storyline of the game does not allow for multiplayer functionality necessarily.

This game also has a lengthy history that dates back to the original PlayStation, thus, it may be that Nintendo has decided that it wants to keep the original feel and authenticity of this title without adding too many new and modernized changes.

If you are a fan of the original Xenoblade Chronicles games, then you should definitely consider purchasing this title and reliving your childhood nostalgia by proxy.

However, if you are someone who does not enjoy playing solo-player games, then you should probably avoid purchasing this game.

If you are a lover of multiplayer games and want to play a Xenoblade Chronicles title, then you should consider purchasing a Wii U, as this will provide you with the opportunity to play Xenoblade Chronicles X.

This particular title enables you to play multiplayer mode, working with other players in order to complete specific tasks and missions together. I hope that you have found this article to be insightful.

Thank you for reading. 

Ashley Newby