Dr Disrespect Net Worth

Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers on YouTube, and he streams almost every day. He has over 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube, and he is well known for his battle royale streams, as well as his Black ops streams. 

Dr Disrespect Net Worth

Dr Disrespect is known to be one of the richest YouTube streamers, but how much is he worth? Let’s find out more about Dr Disrespect’s net worth. 

Who Is Dr Disrespect? 

Dr Disrespect is an American YouTube gamer streamer from California. His real name is Herschel Beahm IV. He is currently 40 years old, and he played basketball when he went to California State Polytechnic University.

He first started gaming when he played Halo 2. After that, he played the game on Xbox, establishing his reputation and social media presence in the community. After this, he started getting into games such as Call of Duty, and Apex Legends 

Where Is Dr Disrespect From?

Dr Disrespect is from California. He was born in Encinitas, California in 1982. He graduated from the state’s polytechnic university. It is not known where his parents from, but his name does suggest some European descent. 

Why Is He Called Dr Disrespect? 

Dr Disrespect’s name is definitely memorable. He used to go by ‘The Doc’, but he now is known as Dr Disrespect.

The reason is not clear, but a lot of people think that it’s because he jokingly and brashly ‘disrespects’ people, especially during gaming. He is known for being an outspoken and potentially controversial character. 

What Is Dr Disrespect’s Job? 

Dr Disrespect spends his time streaming, but he also collaborates on games.  He released his first gaming video in 2010, and since then he has achieved various cameos and contributions in large and indie games. 

In 2011, he was appointed as the new community manager for Sledgehammer Games. Sledgehammer Games produce the Call of Duty games, as well as games such Dead Space.

After this, he had a lot of involvement in developing a lot of the multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This was because he was promoted to the level designer for the company.

He joined Twitch, hoping to stream himself gaming. After four years of working at Sledgehammer, he quit in hopes to take his gaming career seriously. 

After a few years of growing his fan base and streaming videos, he has gained sponsorships with large companies such as Gillette, Game Fuel, ASUS and Roccat.

Additionally, in 2019, Creative Artists Agency enrolled Dr Disrespect as a client. This means that his social presence has increased, and he achieves more brand deals.

He later signed a deal with Twitch, allowing him to stream himself on the platform. 

As you can see, Dr Disrespect does not have a job title, but he has lots of experience and roles to his name within the gaming industry.

Nowadays, he focuses on his personal gaming and streaming channel, which is mostly responsible for his wealth.

To add to his many sources of income, he has written a book called ‘Violence. Speed. Momentum.’ Dr Disrespect also has a betting contest on Fan Duel, where fans play for a share of $5,000. 

What Games Does Dr Disrespect Play? 

What Games Does Dr Disrespect Play 

Dr Disrespect plays a range of games. His favorite games are H1Z1, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Black ops 4: Blackout, and Valorant. 

What Is Dr Disrespect’s Net Worth?

As we can see Dr Disrespect has an array of income sources. He also makes money from his YouTube streams, from dedicated fans and advertisement/views. 

It is estimated that Dr Disrespect’s net worth is over $6 million. His almost 4 million subscribers helped give him such a high net worth. He also has merch that he sells. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2018, Dr Disrespect admitted that his net worth was almost $4 million, and his success has increased in the four years since this interview. 

How Much Does Dr Disrespect Make In One Year? 

His earnings in one year truly depend on how often he streams. But, he streams almost every day. It is estimated that he earns between $1-2 million dollars a year. This is because of his high streaming earnings. 

Before he was unfortunately banned (see also ‘Why Counter-Strike Pro Nikhil ‘Forsaken’ Kumawat Was Banned‘) from Twitch for violating the community guidelines, he had over 30,000 subscribers, bringing him to least $30,000 a month alone from Twitch. 

A lot of Dr Disrespect’s income comes from several sources. 

How Is Dr Disrespect So Rich? 

Dr Disrespect has always been involved in the gaming community, and he has built a loyal fan base who directly and indirectly fund his livelihood. He makes approximately $2,000-3,000 a day in streams, advertisements, and sponsorships.

This means that he is earning a huge amount each month from having consistent and long live streams, lots of brand deals, and countless other projects on the side to increase his net worth. 

Who Is The Richest Streamer? 

On Twitch, there are several streamers who are making a huge amount of money in revenue. This amount is calculated in a two year period. The richest Twitch streamers are: 

  • xQc – $10 million
  • Summit1g – $6 million
  • NickMercs – $5 million
  • Tfue – $5.2 million
  • Ludwig – $3.2 million
  • AuronPlay – $3 million

Other streamers with a large amount of money include Ninja, Shroud, Valkyrae, TimTheTatman, and NightBlue3. This is just on Twitch. 

On YouTube, popular and rich gaming channels include PewDiePie, Ninja, Jacksepticeye, VanissGaming, and Markiplier. They are all worth at least $10 million.

Final Thoughts

As we have learnt, there is a lot of money in gaming and streaming. Dr Disrespect is one of the biggest and richest streamers in the world, mostly due to his video views, as well as his brand deals and sponsorships. 

Thank you for reading! 

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