Everything You Need To Know About NBA 2K22 Before You Buy

The NBA 2K22 is a basketball simulation game that NBA fans everywhere adore.

Essentially, the new version of the 2K, the NBA 2K22, is a complete game-changer. It’s renowned as a technical marvel that is designed solely for next-gen consoles.

Everything You Need To Know About NBA 2K22 Before You Buy (2)

Overall, this basketball simulation video game gives fans more than they could ask for, with more updated features than ever before. As a result of this, the general gameplay is something to be remembered.

Here are some of the noteworthy elements you need to know about the NBA 2k22 game before you buy.

What Is NBA 2K22?

There aren’t many people interested in gaming who don’t know what NBA 2K22 is. If you require a refresher, this is the latest entry in the 2k Games’ NBA 2K game franchise.

It’s essentially a basketball sports simulation game with players from the G-Leagues, the NBA, and the WNBA.

To separate it from other NBA games, NBA 2K22 features incredible graphics that show the players as realistically as they possibly can be.

With MyCAREER, players of any age can pretend that they are players in the NBA and get a taste of the life of an NBA player.

This usually comes with lots of contract negotiations, intense training sessions, and even brand deals!

Notable Features Of NBA 2K22


NBA 2K22 has many additional options available for all of its players to customize the game, allowing you to edit the game according to your preferences. 

For the first time in the history of the game, MyTEAM provides more in-depth customization for everyone on your team. 

For instance, you can choose and buy a team jersey to then use as your home uniform, you can select a logo, and you can choose your team’s home court. Best of all, however, is the opportunity to completely customize the player! 

There is a face scanning system in the game which takes character customization to a completely new level. 


The developers of NBA 2K22 have struck gold regarding the presentation of their visual concept in this game.

It’s safe to say that the graphics of this game are a masterpiece, creating an authentic and realistic replication of NBA programming.

A clever use of sponsors and different public announcers for every game creates a unique experience for each user, something that sets NBA 2K22 apart from its predecessors.

You can also expect to see scarily realistic character models that truly do enhance the game to a point where it all feels real. 

Music And Sound

All the music that has been selected for the NBA 2K22 depends on individual taste.

Fortunately, the soundtrack to the game features lots of different types of music for players to select their favorites from and eventually build their playlists.

The sound design of NBA 2K22 is sheer perfection. There are no reported bugs or disruptions to the sound processes, nor are there any sounds that are misplaced throughout the game.

It also features solid commentary that helps to make the games that you play a lot more realistic. Essentially, this helps to sell the ideals that the game is producing.

Incredible Gameplay

NBA 2K22 is arguably the greatest playing version of the game in existence.

Though previous installments have been incredible and have seen a lot of success, NBA 2K22 is the greatest of them all.

The development of the game in just a few months is nothing short of astounding.

It’s well-balanced on all sides, the gameplay has been smoothed over, and it creates a fun playing environment that limits general frustrations. 


The 2K22 features many settings that make the game a lot more accessible. Many of these features are quite subtle and include things like:

  • Motion blur
  • More camera angles
  • Court signals (like shot countdown timers)
  • HUD information levels

In addition, this game also helps to make the game a lot more difficult to access. This means you can completely customize the difficulty of the game as appropriate.

What’s better, this can easily be reversed by challenging yourself by heading to the hall of fame or simply moving the sliders.

Game Mode Variety

One of the best things about this game is that it offers different game modes that make the gaming experience feel much more special and unique. 

Along with MyCareer, MyTEAM, MyWNBA, and MyNBA, the 2K games feature lots of game modes where players can spend their time.

There is also a special button that you can press to speed up your story.

With all of these game modes, the NBA 2K22 differentiates itself from other 2K games – mainly because all users are guaranteed more than what they have gotten used to.  


This next generation of NBA 2K is a complete breath of fresh air! 

This version of the game introduced The City which is essentially the Neighborhood on a much larger scale (from older consoles).

More developments in terms of Visual Concepts make The City seem more lively than ever. 

You won’t see as many big-time actors in this version of the game yet there are still some familiar faces dotted around. You can expect some star appearances from rapper The Game and even Jake from State Farm.

It’s a fun environment to explore but can get a little tedious over time because of the sheer number of advertisements and limited fast travel options available.

However, The City does offer some optional quests and NPCs which can prove to be favorable for your player.


This provides players the same enjoyable experience that they have received from previous entries with booster pack opening and collectible cards.

You can then check your collection at any given time, looking at the cards that you have collected and those that are yet to be earned.


For those who are interested, the game offers further customization in terms of back-end things to manage. You can select how involved you want to be and can micromanage or simulate every element.

Fortunately, this gives you the grounds to build your own NBA dynasty from scratch.

It’s Fun To Play!

Don’t get things twisted. As fun as the game is, NBA 2K22 isn’t a perfectly balanced game.

Some builds are a lot better than others and there’ll always be a couple of players that attempt to use obvious plays to accumulate wins in different park areas. 

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Despite these seemingly minor issues, NBA 2K22 is still one of the most enjoyable basketball games out there whether you’re playing as a center or a point guard.

And there is something fun about playing any of these roles on an NBA team. If you’ve ever played in an NBA 2K game before, you’d know that this isn’t always the case.

Yet this doesn’t detract from the overall fun factor of the game!

Specific Functions

There are a couple of majorly impressive functions that we want to recognize. 

Firstly, the mechanics have been majorly simplified and changed to create better gameplay. And if you have the right attributes, you’ll likely also have a much wider release window. 

The shot meter will also be harder and smaller to nail down if you take bad shots because a defender is closing in on you or you have low attributes.

Is It Worth The Purchase?

Now that you know a little bit more about NBA 2K22 and what it can offer to its users, you may be wondering whether the game is worth the purchase.

3If you’re a fan of the NBA or have played (and enjoyed) previous versions of the game, we think that you’ll love it! 

Nearly every aspect of this game has seen significant improvements, ranging from the soundtrack to even the smallest of graphics.

These developments help you to create a more memorable playing experience which is an important feature that many potential gamers look out for with these types of games. 


That concludes everything you need to know about NBA 2K22! If you’re considering buying the game, we hope that you now have a better understanding of the different features that it offers.

The game itself is a huge improvement on NBA 2K21 and offers many more incredible modes and elements for players to thoroughly enjoy.

So, if you’re a fan of the NBA and want to try your hand at something new, this game is the perfect answer.

Ashley Newby