Everything You Need To Know About The Esports Integrity Commission [What Do They Do?]

Initially founded in 2016, the Esports Integrity Commission (Formally known as the Esports Integrity Coalition), was made in order to take full responsibility for the prevention of disruption, as well as the investigation and prosecution of those who cheat in Esports, which includes all form of cheating, from match-fixing, all the way to doping. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Esports Integrity Commission [What Do They Do?]

If you’ve never heard of the Esports Integrity Commission, or you are just perhaps a bit confused as to exactly what it is that the ESIC does, then here is a guide to everything you need to know about the ESIC! 

Who Are The ESIC, And What Is Their Mission?

The ESIC is a not-for-profit association, which aims to work with stakeholders within the Esports industry in order to try and help boost and protect the reputation of the industry and the integrity of the Esports competition. 

The existence of the ESIC is based on the idea to try to unite the industry by introducing shared values and a vision that is essential to fight back against any form of corruption that may arise within the industry. 

The values as decided by the ESIC are what form the basis of the ESIC’s Program of Integrity measures.

Each member of the commission is committed to the measures and core principles, despite being in competition with one another outside of the commission, even if financially or commercially, they are then united under the umbrella of the ESIC and in the common interest of protecting the Esports industry. 

Every member in the ESIC has signed a commitment to the principles and values held by the ESIC, and are held to a strict Code of Ethics (see also ‘What Is The ESIC Code Of Ethics?‘) that ensures their duties are carried out efficiently and properly. 

Principles Of The ESIC

The beliefs of the ESIC are incredibly important and demonstrate just how committed the ESIC is to ensuring that the industry remains fair and clear of corruption.

For the ESIC, the Esports industry should be a vibrant and strong global sport for all players, whether they are professional or amateur, and that any stakeholder in the industry is able to help create a safe and successful career that is in a rewarding and competitive environment. 

The principles of the ESIC cover the six fundamental areas, and were designed to help to provide some structure and establish the standards that should be held in order to ensure the future success of the Esports industry.

These principles aim to remain fair and reasonable, yet aspirational and should help to provide a philosophy for all stakeholders. 

These principles will then aim to help steer the future of the industry and will set the benchmarks for the ESIC to be held accountable to.

Every member of the ESIC must agree with these principles in order to be a member and enforce these principles whatever their position within the industry. 

Integrity And Respect

The ESIC doesn’t tolerate or stand any form of abuse or cheating.

Any participant must have the utmost respect for any of the Officials, respect for their opponents, as well as full respect for the Rules, Regulations, and the Codes of play. 

Fair Process

The ESIC is fully committed to the principle of fair process and natural justice, and aims to ensure that any sort of procedure that is then adopted to implement the Rules, Regulations, or Codes is kept balanced, fair, and is proportionate to all involved parties. 

Standardized Codes: Implementation, Enforcement, and Education

Members of the ESIC should recognize the value and importance of ensuring that all the codes that are implemented are standarized, which ensures clarity and fairness. 

Stakeholders should understand that education is the best deterrent of any form of corruption or cheating. 

Recognizing Sanctions

All members of the ESIC are committed to understanding and recognizing any sanctions that are to be enforced on anyone who has been found in violation of the ESIC’s standardized codes. 

Information Sharing

Information Sharing

Members of the EISC agree that by sharing information and intelligence, this will help greatly in the fight against all forms of cheating (see also ‘Cheating In Esports – What Happens When A Team Or Player Cheats?‘) and that they will aid the EISC’s intelligence and investigatory function in gathering intel regarding any forms of misconduct. 


Those who are members of the EISC are committed to incredibly high standards of confidentiality when it comes to dealing with any issues surrounding the integrity of the industry.

This is especially true if there have been allegations made where a possible suspect has been named, and also prevents allegations from damaging a person’s reputation before they have been confirmed to be true. 

Thus, statements are only made by the EISC or its members once the suspect has been confirmed to be found guilty of the allegations that were made against them.

This ensures that the suspect undergoes a fair and proper investigation and protects them and their reputation should it turn out to be false. 

How Does It Work?

The ESIC doesn’t actually have many employees, and instead makes use out of its partnerships with multiple betting companies, and organizers of Esports events and tournaments.

This ensures that they receive enough funding to operate, all whilst regulating these companies and organizations, including the tournaments they run too! 

This mutually benefits both sides of the agreement, and ultimately helps to uplift and protect the reputation of Esports. 


In summary, the ESIC is a vitally important association for the Esports industry, and is absolutely necessary if the future of the Esports community is going to be a successful one both commercially and in popularity too. 

Their commitment to enforcing their principles ensures that the industry remains fair and free of corruption, and will be accessible to all involved in Esports, whether amateur or professional. 

Ashley Newby