FFXIV: Find Chi & Daivadipa FATEs & Rewards

Engaging with the world of Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker expansion brings its own set of challenges and rewards, especially when it comes to boss FATEs like Chi and Daivadipa. This guide aims to demystify the process of spawning these elusive bosses, offering players a clear path to unlocking unique rewards. With a focus on practical steps and strategic insights, we're here to help you enhance your gaming experience.

Spawning Chi and Daivadipa FATEs


Spawning Chi: The Omicron Special FATE

Chi lurks in Ultima Thule, awaiting players who complete a specific chain of FATEs:

  1. Start with the First Two FATEs: Locate and complete the "Omicron Recall: Comms Expansion" at (X29.4, Y25.8) followed by "Omicron Recall: Secure Connection" at (X33.3, Y26.8). These events spawn naturally within Ultima Thule's FATE cycle.
  2. Understand the Cooldown: "Omicron Recall: Killing Order" (Chi's FATE) may only appear once every 48 hours per world server. There's no guarantee Chi will spawn after completing the initial FATEs, so patience and persistence are key.
  3. Locate Chi: If you believe Chi might spawn, head to the Lost Hydraulic Platform (X34.4 Y21.4). Although the FATE marker won't show on your map right away, being in proximity could pay off.

Spawning Daivadipa: The Devout Pilgrims' Struggle

Daivadipa dwells in Thavnair, bringing challenges and rewards to those who seek it:

  1. Initial Requirements: For Daivadipa to potentially spawn, participants must first tackle two preparatory FATEs: "Devout Pilgrims vs. the Jungle Lizards" and "Devout Pilgrims vs. the Apalala." Position yourself where these combats unfold within Thavnair.
  2. Watch the Clock: Just like Chi, Daivadipa's appearance is restricted by a 48-hour cooldown window following its defeat. The timing must align for "Devout Pilgrims vs. Daivadipa" to make its entrance.
  3. Patrol Jnanamandapa: Upon fulfilling the prerequisites, direct your efforts to Jnanamandapa. While the map may not showcase the FATE right away, staying aware and in the zone could grant you access.

Gain Bonus Rewards: The number of Chi Bolts or Daivadipa's Beads you collect post-FATE is directly proportional to your level of contribution. For example, achieving a Gold rating grants six bolts or beads per event1. Ensure you engage actively for optimal gains.

Team Up: Forming or joining parties enhances your chance to make significant contributions. Use either the Party Finder or shout for allies in the area before FATEs start.

An image of Chi and Daivadipa FATE bosses in the Endwalker expansion of Final Fantasy XIV

Defeating Chi and Daivadipa


Defeating Chi and Daivadipa in FFXIV: Essential Strategies

Battling Chi: Mastering the Mechanics

Chi presents a unique challenge with its dynamic attack patterns. Key strategies include:

  • Assault Carapace Recognition: Chi deploys two kinds of lethal laser attacks2. When you see a line of lasers, prepare to move as this signals a side-to-side area of effect (AOE) attack. Conversely, a ring of lasers indicates a donut AOE. Staying inside the ring is your safest bet.
  • Front and Rear Attack Awareness: Chi's attacks aren't limited to lasers. Watch for its Front Arms and Rear Guns move, indicating half-circle AOE attacks. These slashes affect either the front half or back half of the arena. Positioning is critical; stay on the opposite side of the impending attack.

Strategy and Spatial Awareness: To navigate Chi's attacks effectively, maintain focus on the ground indicators and Chi's orientation. Staying positioned correctly can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Confronting Daivadipa: Avoidance and Attack

Daivadipa brings its own set of challenges:

  • Close-Range Caution: Daivadipa excels in close combat, unleashing powerful attacks on players within its immediate vicinity. Keep a safe distance whenever possible.
  • AOE Attacks: Similar to Chi, Daivadipa uses AOE attacks that require spatial awareness. When you see the ground indicators, move quickly to avoid taking damage.
  • Take Advantage of Numbers: Given Daivadipa's penchant for close-range combat, having players spread out around it can mitigate the risk to any one player while maintaining consistent damage output.

General Tips for Triumph

Consider these essential strategies for overcoming Chi and Daivadipa:

  • Party Power: Solo players can find these boss FATEs challenging, if not insurmountable. Forming or joining a party increases your collective strength and survivability. Use Party Finder or send out a shout in the game to gather allies.
  • Stay Active: These battles demand continuous movement and adaptation. React swiftly to dodge AOE attacks and reposition quickly to keep delivering damage.
  • Ready, Set, Gear Up: Equipping your character with the best available gear can significantly improve your odds. Better gear means higher damage output and resilience against attacks.
An epic battle scene in Final Fantasy XIV featuring Chi and Daivadipa

Earning and Using Boss FATE Rewards


Earning Chi Bolts
Fighting the Chi Boss FATE, more formally known as "Omicron Recall: Killing Order," grants you Chi Bolts upon completion. The key is engaging with the prior two FATEs in Ultima Thule. These are preparatory missions named "Omicron Recall: Comms Expansion" and "Omicron Recall: Secure Collection." Following their completion, you're set to face Chi, provided it spawns on the Lost Hydraulic platform. Maximizing your involvement in the battle against Chi increases your rewards. For each top-rated contribution—deemed a Gold Rating—you're entitled to up to six Chi Bolts.

Spending Chi Bolts
Once you've accumulated enough Chi Bolts—remember, 12 are needed for the prize in sight—you'll head over to Radz-at-Han. There, find Nesvaaz, who is eagerly awaiting to exchange your hard-earned Chi Bolts for the Level Checker Mount3 at "Out-of-this-world Oddities." Other players may take a bit more time amassing these bolts since contribution levels directly influence the haul you take home from the battlefield.

Earning Daivadipa's Beads
Daivadipa's Beads come into play upon tackling and triumphing over Daivadipa in its designated Boss FATE, "Devout Pilgrims vs. Daivadipa," found swirling in the mystic lands of Thavnair. Just like with Chi, you'll endeavor first to complete a pair of initial FATEs, namely "Devout Pilgrims vs. the Jungle Lizards" and "Devout Pilgrims vs. the Apalala." Should these missions be successful, they may summon Daivadipa for your combat delight. Daivadipa's defeat yields Daivadipa's Beads—six for Gold, four for Silver, and two for Bronze ratings.

Spending Daivadipa's Beads
Having vanquished Daivadipa and claimed your beads, venture back to Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han. He proffers a range of unique items in exchange for these beads4:

  • Gaja Headgear and Suit for your avatar's customization
  • Thavnairian Barding to jazz up your Chocobo
  • The adorable Wind-up Daivadipa minion

Offering variably priced items, Nesvaaz makes sure your efforts are rewarded pleasingly.

A detailed image showcasing the Chi and Daivadipa FATE battles in FFXIV Endwalker, with players engaging in combat against the bosses to earn Chi Bolts and Daivadipa's Beads.

Mastering the art of spawning and defeating Chi and Daivadipa in FFXIV’s Endwalker is more than just understanding game mechanics; it’s about leveraging teamwork, strategy, and timing for optimal rewards. By following this guide, players can look forward to not only engaging battles but also enriching their collection with exclusive items that showcase their achievements. Let this be your guide to claiming victory and prestige in the expansive world of Eorzea.

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