Fortnite: 4 Easiest Ways To Fix Error Code 93

Despite Fortnite having been out for a few years at this point and receiving countless updates to keep the game new and fresh for each of its players, there are unfortunately still a small number of bugs that players can commonly run into that can ruin the experience.

Fortnite: 4 Easiest Ways To Fix Error Code 93

This includes the infamous error code 93 which has been plaguing the game ever since its early beta days, however, while this can be annoying at first, there are luckily a few ways to easily avoid it when you want to play with friends.

What does error code 93 mean?

There are actually multiple reasons that can cause this error code to appear, however, the most common is when players are trying to join a public party which will prevent them from being able to speak and play with friends who are already in an existing party in the game.

Some players have also reported that the error code has appeared when trying to click on an inventory skin, or if there are ongoing server issues.

Essentially, the error code can appear for a number of reasons, but it’s never a good sign and can lock you out of accessing certain parts of the game which is always annoying.

The good news is there are a few ways to get around the error code if it won’t stop popping up while you’re playing.

Use The Epic Friends List

If the code is preventing you from joining a friend’s party in-game, an easy workaround is to instead try joining using the built-in Epic friend list instead.

To do this, launch Fortnite and click on the ‘friends’ tab.

Type in your friend’s Epic username in the ‘Add friend’ section and send them a request. Once accepted, try joining again to get around the error code entirely.

Switch Party To Public

Another way of getting around error code 93 is rather than trying to join a friend’s party, make your own party instead and change around the party privacy and type to ensure they can join.

All you need to do is open up Fortnite and select the icon in the top left with the small animated people icon.

This will take you to the ‘Social’ menu where there will be a small gear icon, click on this and a smaller menu will pop up to the right.

Make sure the party is set to ‘Public’ rather than ‘Private’ and now, your friends should be able to play together with friends without the error code appearing.

Change Your Skin

This may seem like a strange way to fix the issue, however multiple users have reported that changing their skin has enabled them to avoid error code 93.

This does make some sense since the error is partially related to a bug with the skins and inventory, so it’s always worth a try.

Simply restart Fortnite and click on the ‘Locker’ tab to bring you to the skins and equipment menu.

Click on any of your available skins to switch, and then try joining your friend’s party again, that really is all there is to it.

Make Sure The Servers Are Up

Whether it’s because the game is updating or if there are just too many people logging on at one time, which is usually the case with Fortnite, it’s very common for the servers to go down every so often which can be another reason for the dreaded error code 93 to pop up when you’re either trying to join a friends party or attempting to search for a match.

Therefore it’s always worth visiting the official Fortnite Server Status Twitter who keep updates on the servers to let players know if they are malfunctioning or may have gone down temporarily.

Epic Games will usually send out a notice on their social media platforms letting players know when servers may have to be taken down for a maintenance check or update, so make sure you are following them so that you know when you might need to wait for the game to be up and running again.


While it is definitely one of the more common error codes to appear and can be quite troublesome when you don’t know how to avoid it, luckily players have found several ways to troubleshoot error code 93 so you won’t have to resort to playing solo when it tries to stop you playing with friends.

If all else fails, it can be a good idea to get in touch with Epic Games player support on their official website so that they can get to the root of the issue and you can get back into the battle royale action in no time.

Ashley Newby