Full Cast And Roles Of Characters In The Quarry

The Quarry is one of the newest interactive horror games to hit the market.

From the same developers who created Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, The Quarry promises to bring the same level of tense and atmospheric storytelling.

Full Cast And Roles Of Characters In The Quarry

The story takes place on the last day of summer camp at Hackett’s Quarry, the counselors decide to host a party before heading home.

Amongst the teen dramas of romance and friendships, there is a supernatural entity looming.

The choices you make can be funny and have little consequence, or can lead to a character being killed.

In this article, we cover the top cast of this game and who they play.

Siobhan Williams – Laura Kearney

Siobhan Williams is also known for her roles in Deadly Class and Hell on Wheels plays the part of Laura Kearney.

Laura is one of the first characters you play as and is a resourceful veterinary student. 

Skyler Gisondo – Max Brinly

Playing Laura’s boyfriend, Max Brinly, is Skyler Gisondo. Gisondo is known for his roles in The Righteous Gemstones and as Eric in the Santa Clarita Diet.

Max is a friendly character whose lax nature compliments Laura’s ambition.

Justice Smith – Ryan Erzahler

The role of Ryan Erzahler is played by Justice Smith. Ryan is a handsome loner character who is courageous and caring under his reclusive shell.

Smith is known for his main role in Detective Pikachu and as a character in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Miles Robbins – Dylan Lenivy

Miles Robbins has been appearing in popular franchises lately such as The X-Files and the 2018 Halloween movie.

Robbins plays the role of Dylan Lenivy, a funny and genuine character who is the voice of the camp PA system.

Zach Tinker – Jacob Custos

Zach Tinker plays the role of Jacob Custos, the self-centered popular boy who is actually very caring and wants everyone to have a good time. Jacob is also desperately in love with the next character on this list, Emma.

Tinker has appeared in such shows as American Horror Story and The Young and the Restless.

Halston Sage – Emma Mountebank

Halston Sage appeared in Paper Towns, in the 2014 movie Neighbors, and now in The Quarry as Emma Mountebank.

Emma is a confident and motivated person who is an online influencer.

Brenda Song – Kaitlyn Ka

Brenda Song is an old Disney star playing London Tipton in The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and later starring in the movie The Social Network.

In The Quarry, she plays Kaitlyn Ka, a character with a large take-charge personality who acts as an almost leader of the group.

Ariel Winter – Abigail Blyg

Ariel Winter plays the art-loving Abigail Blyg. She is a very sweet character who doesn’t know her own worth and so is relatively awkward.

Winter has had previous roles such as in Modern Family and as Sofia’s voice actress in Sofia the First.

Full Cast And Roles Of Characters In The Quarry

Evan Evagora – Nick Furcillo

Evan Evagora has had previous roles in Fantasy Island and Star Trek: Picard.

Here he plays the soft-spoken Nick Furcilllo. Nick is the perfect mix of handsome and nerdy but is a bit nervous to speak up.

Ted Raimi – Travis Hackett

Ted Raimi is the brother of famous direct Sam Raimi and has appeared in a few note-worthy series such as Ash vs Evil Dead and Twin Peaks.

In The Quarry, he plays Travis Hackett, the sheriff of the town. Travis is a protective character as per his job but is also rational.

Grace Zabriskie – Eliza Vorez

Grace Zabriskie plays the narrator of the game, Eliza Vorez. Eliza talks directly to the player and gives off an air that she knows more than she should.

Zabriskie has acted in other films before such as Armageddon and The Grudge.

David Arquette – Chris Hackett

David Arquette is a big name in the horror movie scene playing the role of Dewy in the Scream franchise, he was also in Eight Legged Freaks.

In The Quarry, Arquette plays Chris Hackett, the owner of the summer camp. Chris acts as an almost father figure to the counselors and wants everyone to embrace the beauty of nature.

Ethan Suplee – Bobby Hackett

Ethan Suplee plays the role of Bobby Hackett, a mysterious character with an imposing stature. He is the younger brother of Travis and Chris and is the most childlike in personality.

Suplee is also known for his roles in Remember the Titans and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Lin Shayne – Constance Hackett

Lin Shayne plays the mother of the Hackett family, Constance Hackett. Not much is known about Constance but she is fiercely protective of her sons.

Shayne has acted in many horror films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street and the Insidious series.

Lance Henriksen – Jedediah Hackett

Lance Henrikson is well-known for his role as Bishop in the Aliens movies and for also starring in Hard Target.

He plays Jedediah Hackett, the dad of the Hackett family who will protect them no matter the cost.

Final Thoughts

The aim of The Quarry is to keep all of your favorite characters alive, this is done through QTE events and dialogue choices.

The game has multiple endings based on your decisions and which characters are alive at the end.

The Quarry is available on PC, XBOX, and PlayStation consoles.

Ashley Newby