“Hero Anime” Thematic Event In Apex Legends Gaiden – Guide On Price, Event Skins, It’s Release Dates, Bangalore Prestige Skin, And Much More

Recently, there have been some Apex Legends leaks in the gaming community.

"Hero Anime" Thematic Event In Apex Legends Gaiden - Guide on Price, Event Skins, It's Release Dates, Bangalore Prestige Skin, and Much More

Whilst these are part and parcel of the gaming world, game developers try everything in their power not to leak such information.

But, some information that gets leaked sparks more interest in a game, which can benefit its popularity.

Apex Legends is a game that doesn’t need any help in its popularity.

But, a string of leaks earlier in 2022 excited many gamers.

The leaks revealed an upcoming event known as “Gaiden” that promised to feature skins based on various Anime characters. 

Apex Legends is an ever-evolving game. Various events are released frequently to help keep things fresh for the large live service gaming network.

Many of these events typically introduce brand-new items to the game, such as thematic events.

These types of events mainly feature exclusive skins.

Respawn released thematic events occasionally, but the company’s latest release involves some skins that are based off the most popular anime characters with its upcoming thematic event known as “Hero Anime.” 

In today’s post, we are going to guide you through this new thematic event and find out everything about it.

So, let’s delve into the wonderful world of Apex Legends thematic events.

Anime Packs In Store

During the halfway point of the thirteenth season of Apex Legends, The Hero Anime Thematic Event was released. This is known as the Gaiden event.

This event introduced another Prestige Skin and further anime-themed cosmetics in the game. 

The packs available for this Hero Anime Thematic Event were available in store.

As with previous Apex Packs, you needed to spend around 400 Apex coins for every loot box.

But, the money was worth it as each box contained at least one Epic, Rare, and Legendary item. 

Also included in the store were various bundles to help save some coins. 

Hero Anime Gaiden Thematic Event Release Date 

The Apex Legends Gaiden Thematic Event is no longer live.

Respawn Entertainment confirmed that it was to be released on July 19th 2022. It then culminated on August 2nd 2022.

Hero Anime Gaiden Thematic Event Skins

There were references to some of the most popular anime characters with this latest Gaiden Thematic Event.

Let’s take a look at these anime characters below:

  • Revelations “Evangelion” Revenant
  • Soldier of Justice “Sailor Moon” Bangalore
  • Sea Legs “One Piece” Octane
  • Marked Man “My Hero Academia” Mirage
  • Lightning Spirit “Naruto” Wattson
  • Cardinal Force Wingman
  • Lifeblood “Tokyo Ghoul” Bloodhound
  • Strength and Power “Dragon Ball Z” Crypto
  • Revelations Flatline

Hero Anime Gaiden Thematic Event skins

The Gaiden Thematic Event offered gamers a limited number of items, but each were very special to the game.

Included in this loot were 40 skins, inspired by anime.

Out of these, there were Legendary skins for:

  • Revenant
  • Mirage
  • Octane
  • Wattson 

There were also complimentary skins for:

  • Flatline
  • Wingman
  • EVA-8
  • Charge Rifle

Here is a list of all the skins released in this event and the anime show that inspired each one:

  • Mirage – My Hero Academia skin
  • Octane – One Piece skin
  • Revenant – Evangelion
  • Wattson – Naruto skin
  • Bloodhound – Tokyo Ghoul
  • Crypto – Dragon Ball Z
  • Seer – Heart Stopper
  • Bangalore – Sailor Moon

Hero Anime Gaiden Thematic Event Prestige Skin

As well as these anime skins, above, the Gaiden Thematic Event also introduced players to another Prestige Skin – the Bangalore Prestige Skin.

If you collected all 40 event items, the Bangalore “Apex Commander” Prestige Skin was unlocked to you.

If you have ever unlocked an Heirloom whilst plating a Collection Event, it was very much like this. 

This Bangalore skin had a three tier design and is of “mystic rarity.” But, you needed to complete challenges specific to the skins to unlock these tiers.

After the final tier had been unlocked, an exclusive Finisher was rewarded to the player.

This Apex Commander Prestige Skin was based on the Pilot uniform from the Titanfall games.

Also, considering it was designed exclusively for Bangalore, the aesthetics of the uniform were spot on. 

Hero Anime Gaiden Thematic Event Skin Prices 

Even before this Thematic Event was released, many leaks had circled the internet and the gaming community regarding what it entailed. And, for all intents and purposes, the leaks were very accurate. 

There was much speculation about the cost of these new skins, with some way over the top. But, most estimates were right.

Each event pack cost approximately 400 Apex coins.

This is equal to about $4 based on past thematic events packs. 

The skins were available via the sore bundles. By opting for one of these bundles, it was cheaper overall and the best way to save money, especially if you wanted to unlock the Apex Commander Prestige skin.

For future Thematic Events, we suggest looking into bundles to save you money.

In Summary

The Gaiden Thematic Event in Apex Legends was highly anticipated after leaks earlier in the year.

We hope you managed to get your hands on the anime-themed cosmetics and items in this event as it was only live for a few weeks during the summer.

Stay tuned for more events from Respawn Entertainment in the future.

Ashley Newby

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