How Can You Get Tier 2 Gear In Lost Ark – Explained

Getting good gear in Lost Ark is more than just a bragging right.

With the right armor, weapons, and clothing you can power up your character in preparation for challenging battles.

How Can You Get Tier 2 Gear In Lost Ark - Explained

When you reach level 50, new players often get lost on how they can progress their gear.

This is why many players search for information about Tier 2 progression. Once they get Tier 2 gear, they simply need to follow the same process to get Tier 3.

This is why we will focus on reaching Tier 2 more than anything else.

For a quick answer, you can get this gear one of two ways – by completing the shoeshine questline line or by traveling to the Vern Castle and entering the Chaos dungeons.

What The Gear Tier Means?

The Tiers of your gear indicate your overall strength in the game. The higher the tier the more difficult the dungeons and challenges are.

If you look at the left side of your character profile, you’ll see each item being worn by your character.

This includes your weapon of choice, your leggings, arms, chest, shoulders, and helmet. Each item will create an overall Gear Tier score.

Until you reach level 50 this will not affect your game much.

However, when you reach that all-important level, you’ll be able to start unlocking more important gear and items.

Simply by progressing through the story as intended, you should naturally reach level 250.

To get any higher than that, you need to start grinding through the dungeons and actively looking to unlock legendary gear.

How Gear Progression Works?

In Lost Ark, gear is divided into levels and tiers.

The levels represent the smaller achievements and progressive movement in your character’s development, while the tiers represent the larger milestones you have hit.

Gear levels are different again. If your character is level 50, you can still have gear around level 250.

This is because you can find powerful gear or craft lesser gear.

You can improve your crafting and continuing down this avenue improves your skill as you do so.

However, if you find rare gear, you will be able to obtain stronger equipment. This is why most people grind.

Normally, when you find better gear, you can do two things with the older weaker items.

You can either sell it or dismantle it. Selling the gear will give you currency, but there are loads of ways to get cash in this game.

If you dismantle the gear, you can use the items dropped to make something new. The higher the gear’s level the more materials they will drop.

Dismantling will also spike your crafting skill. Overall, it has the better payout.

How To Get Tier 1 Gear?

Generally speaking, once you hit level 250 you have three options to improve your gear.

You can either grind dungeons looking for good loot, you can craft and improve your gear, or you can follow the side, main or purple quests.

Tier 1 Phase 1 – Levels 0 To 250

By the time you naturally reach level 50, your gear will be level 250.

If you haven’t reached this number yet, simply follow the story, including the Islands and the instances alongside the main quest.

Once your gear reaches 250, move on to phase 2.

Tier 1 Phase 2 – Levels 250 To 302

Tier 1 Phase 2 - Levels 250 To 302

For this phase, you need to focus on one of the world quests within the main storyline – Shushire.

Once you complete this story you will be given a full set of gear. They will each bring you to level 302.

If you don’t want to complete this quest you can instead head to the North Vern Chaos Dungeon.

You will have to complete this dungeon multiple times to get the full set, but it’s a pretty fast quest to complete.

Generally speaking, you can complete one run in around 5 minutes.

Tier 1 Phase 3 – Levels 302 To 460

During this phase, the focus is on learning the world around you, developing your stats, and understanding engraving.

One of the best ways to do this is by honing your gear.

When you hone your gear you can add specific materials which increase their rating and improve their stats. You can change a +1 item to a +15.

To level up during this point of the game, you should focus on grinding dungeons and maxing out your stats.

You can do this by entering the Chao Dungeons, completing Una’s daily tasks, or entering Guardian Raids.

Tier 1 Phase 4 – Levels 460 To 600

This is the last phase before Tier 2. As you continue through your main quest you will eventually reach Rohendel.

At this point, you can upgrade your gear by unlocking the new dungeons in the area.

You will have to complete the same activities that you completed in phase 3, but this time there will be more dungeons and raids to complete.

The challenge rating will also increase. At this point, you will also be able to craft legendary gear.

If you reach level 560 and notice that leveling up your gear is too expensive, then try a new method.

Completing daily quests, adventure quests and island quests can continue to give you the mats you need, but at this point, you shouldn’t bother grinding.

Take the game slowly.

How To Get Tier 2 Gear?

Tier 2 Phase 1 – Levels 600 To 802

Now you’re at Tier 2, you should be focusing on the islands. Specifically, Hypno’s Island, Gravis Island, Revelry Row, and Twilight Isle.

After completing some of the islands along with your daily quest, you will soon receive Tier 2 materials such as a Destruction Stone, Life Leapstone, or Guardian Stone.

Tier 2 Phase 2 – Levels 840 To 1,000

To continue past this level, you need to finish the two continents of Feiton and Yorn. You may need to complete the yellow side quests too.

If you are struggling to get past this phase, remember that you can complete a dungeon more than once.

Tier 2 Phase 3 – Levels 1,000 To 1,100

At this point, you will find it hard to search for materials. Continue to do your daily quests as we said before, and keep grinding the dungeons.

It will be a stretch to reach Tier 3, but this is your only way to get there.


Once you pass level 1,100 you will enter Tier 3, the hardest tier of them all. Good Luck!

Ashley Newby