How Does The Nationals Team Work In Genshin Impact?

When it comes to popular team compositions in Genshin Impact, one of the most popular choices is the Nationals Team.

How Does The Nationals Team Work In Genshin Impact?

However, because of the unique composition of this team, a lot of Genshin Impact players, even those who have been playing the game for a long time do not know how this team composition works.

So, this article will explain to you how this impressive team in Genshin Impact works! If you are not familiar, Genshin Impact is an incredibly popular RPG game which is available on mobile, desktop, and consoles, and it is developed by Hoyoverse.

The game takes place in a nation called Teyvat which is composed of different countries which all have associated elemental affiliations. The game has been running since September 2020 and has maintained consistent popularity since then.

One element of Genshin Impact’s design which helps it stand out is the elemental reaction system and the different elements which are included.

There are 7 different elements included in the game with the choices being: electro, dendro, anemo, geo, hydro, pyro, as well as cryo.

Different members of your party of 4 can have different elemental affiliations and then these characters can switch between each other to react with each other to get different results.

So, the National Team has been getting a lot of use in Genshin Impact, especially to get past challenging late game content. It is popular for this, but also because of how accessible it is. This is because the team is composed entirely of 4 star characters.

The characters who are part of this team are: Xingqiu, Xiangling, Chogyun, and Bennett. So, if you have all of these quite common characters, you can make the National Team!

Origins Of Genshin Impact’s National Team

As most Genshin Impact players know, the game is Chinese in origin with Hoyoverse being a Chinese developer.

Because of this, this team composition was named the National Team as a translation of the name the Chinese players who developed this team composition.

The name of the team is 国家队 or Guójiā duì, the name was originally just used jokingly, but as the team choice grew in popularity, this is now the main way people refer to this team.

The first two characters of the name for this team are thought by some Genshin Impact players to derive from Guo Jia which would mean Good Job, and this would make sense since the team does a good job for free to play Genshin Impact players since it is so popular with just 4 stars and outperforms teams which rely on 5 stars.

However, this Good Job name could also derive from the thumbs up symbol which is associated with Bennett and this symbol is of course associated with telling they are doing a good job.

The name could also be called the National Team because 3 of the 4 characters are from Liyue, and Liyue is the nation in Genshin Impact which takes the most inspiration from China, the game where Genshin Impact originates.

National Team Build

National Team Build

As mentioned earlier, the original version of the National Team includes; Xiangling, Bennett, Chongyun, and Xingqiu.

These characters are all 4-stars, which for most characters would imply that they are weaker, but these 4-star characters are well known for their versatility and how many great team compositions they can fit in.

So while they are all 4-stars, they are some of the best characters to have. One of the other best things about this team is how easy this team is to build.

This is because you do not need to be that picky with artifacts, so the team does not need many resources to build. This is even less resource intensive if you already have some of these characters leveled up.

The way the National Team is able to do so much damage is because the team is constantly doing the melt, freeze, and vaporize reactions, and this is achieved through strategic use of character’s elemental skills, and elemental bursts.

The character who will be doing the most damage in this team will be Xiangling, while Xingqiu’s rainswords will be supporting the rest of the team too. The main goal of Bennett and Chongyun is their buffing skills.

This means this team is even able to complete the Spiral Abyss quite easily which is one of the most difficult challenged in Genshin Impact. Let’s look at all the characters in this team individually so you can understand what role they fulfill.

Xiangling is seen as one of the most powerful pyro character who is in Genshin Impact, this is because she can do good damage while she is on the field, as well as being one of the biggest off-field damage dealers.

Her elemental burst is able to snapshot buffs, and it also has a massive AoE. The burst also has a low cooldown which means that it has great uptime.

Bennett is a character you find quite commonly in a lot of team compositions and this is because of how versatile he is. This is mainly because of his amazing elemental burst called Fantastic Voyage.

This burst creates a small field on the playing ground and characters who are in this field will get their attacks buff, as well as being healed at the same time!

Xingqiu is another 4-star in Genshin Impact who is well regarded, this is why you will find him in plenty of different teams.

He is able to do a good amount of hydro damage and hydro application with his skill, this is also good damage mitigation for the on field player too.

The elemental burst of Xingqiu also complements your other characters because of the hydro debuffs as well as impressive damage it is able to pull off. The hydro application from Xingqiu is important to Xiangling being able to vaporize using her Pyronado burst.

Chongyun is perhaps the most niche member of this team composition, however he is a key member of this team. This is because of the high amount of damage Chongyun can do with both his elemental skill and his elemental burst.

If you have this cryo unit on the field they will increase the attack speed of melee weapon users and will infuse their normal attacks with cryo.

Chongyun’s burst also provides some great cryo debuffs which lead to high damage being dealt, and this also means you can do the freeze and melt reactions.

The main reactions you will be doing with this team are vaporize and melt, and these will do a great job of maximizing the amount of damage you are able to do, and this makes it possible to overcome even the hardest challenges in the Spiral Abyss.

However, there is one main drawback with this team and this is the lack of range. This team does not feature any box or catalyst users, this means that hitting flying enemies can be a challenge, other than this, the Nation Team is quite useful!

National Team Variations

Using the standard National Team is still quite a common occurrence, however, there are variations of this team which have become just as popular.

The most common change you will find is the Raiden National which is the same as the Nation Team, instead it switches Chongyun with the Raiden Shogun.

This team does not rely on the melt reaction, and instead the Raiden Shogun will be acting as the DPS instead. However, this team is a bit harder to make since Raiden Shogun is a limited 5-star rarity character.

Another 5-star switch you can find with the National Team is replacing Xingqiu with Kamisato Ayato who is also a hydro sword user. However, Ayato works a lot better as a DPS, and his elemental burst has a much better AoE and uptime.

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