How Many Champions Are In League Of Legends?

League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game that was originally released in 2009 by Riot Games.

How Many Champions Are in League of Legends?

In the game, players battle against each other using champions. These characters are the difference between winning and losing in League, but how many champions are there?

In this article, we will look at how many champions there are in League of Legends.

What Are Champions?

Champions are the player-controlled characters in League of Legends (see also ‘What Is Lethality League Of Legends?‘).

They are sorted into several different categories that define their roles in battle and their other character traits.

Each Champion has their own unique abilities that allow them to perform unique actions in battle.

These special abilities help make up that champion’s kit.

The vast majority of Champions have an innate ability, three basic abilities, and an ultimate ability as well.

Champions Lore

The lore behind the champions has changed. The current lore states that Champions are a small group of important Runeterran characters that have more importance, fame, or power than regular Runeterrans.

They also have significance to the overarching story of League of Legends. 

In the old lore, Champions had to prove their worth and that they had extraordinary abilities.

They would travel to the Institute of War to be judged by a Summoner, who would probe their mind to asses the Champion,

How Many Champions Are There In League Of Legends?

As of writing this article in early August 2022, there have been 161 Champions released in League of Legends.

The most recent character released was Nilah, who joined the game on July 13, 2022.

When the game launched in 2009, there were only 40 champions.

Champions are released several times a year and the roster of Champions will only continue to grow. The 100th Champion added to the game was Draven.

Older Champions are often revisited and their abilities and kits are improved so that they can keep pace with the new Champions added to the game.

This gives League of Legends (see also ‘What Type Of Game Is League Of Legends?‘) a large roster of interesting and varied Champions and allows players to choose their favorites and create their own teams.

What Are The Classes In League Of Legends?

The Champions in League of Legends are divided into seven categories. These categories are:

  • Controller 
  • Fighter
  • Mage
  • Marksmen
  • Slayer
  • Specialist
  • Tank

The different classes all have their roles in battle and work together to create a balanced team.

All of these are split into two or three subcategories apart from Marksman and Specialist 

Within each category, however, there is still a wide variety of characters and strengths so you will need to look at different Champions to see which suits your style of play best.

Let’s now look at each class in turn and find out a little more about them.


Controller Champions are not there to deal damage. Instead, they can protect the Champions on their team and help create opportunities for the other Champions to strike and use their abilities.

Controllers are further divided into Enchanters and Catchers. Learning how to utilize Enchanters will help you understand how your mana pool should be managed, as well as when to use your cooldown spells.

Catchers will instruct you on landing skill shots and applying pressure in lanes.


Fighters and brawlers are key to any team. Champions in this category can absorb a lot of damage before dying.

They can also cause heavy amounts of damage to opposing Champions as well.

They can get behind enemy lines and will focus your opponent’s attacks on themselves and away from the other Champions on their team.

The subcategories of Fighters are Juggernauts and Divers.

Juggernauts can help with team durability, itemization, and priority targeting. Divers, on the other hand, are best at getting into your enemy’s backline.


Mage Champions use magic to cast powerful spells against the opposition.

The subcategories of Mages are Battle Mages and Artillery Mages.

How Many Champions Are in League of Legends?

Battle Mages can be difficult for beginners to League of Legends to master as you need to keep moving while trying to deal damage and avoid being damaged yourself.

Artillery Mages can set up opponent’s Champions so that their teammates can easily finish them off.

If you can master how to use Artillery Mages early, they will help you understand how to manage mana.


If you prefer to deal your damage from the back of the arena instead of getting up close and personal with your opponent, then marksmen are a great class to choose.

They’re designed to deal large amounts of damage from a distance instead of getting in close in the same way fighters do.

Marksmen can help you understand how to position your Champions.


These Champions can take down the opposition quickly, even in scenarios where they are outnumbered.

They can deal out great amounts of damage but are not the easiest Champions for beginners to use.

The subcategories here are Assassins and Skirmishers. Assassins can teach you how to roam, flank, and understand damage foresight.

Skirmishers work well with items and become one of the strongest classes as you progress through the game.


These are unique Champions that don’t really have any unifying features other than that they are all unique.

They all specialize in something and this can vary greatly from Champion to Champion.


Tanks in League of Legends can absorb enormous amounts of damage. 

The subcategories of Tanks are Vanguards and Wardens. Mastering how to use Vanguards will help you to take enemy focus away from specific teammates as well as how important it is to save up your CC for important targets.

Wardens will protect teammates and will teach you about durability.

Final Thoughts

Champions are the player-controlled characters in League of Legends.

They are divided into seven classes depending on what their abilities and attributes are.

Currently, there are 161 different Champions in LoL, but when the game launched in 2009, there were only 40.

More Champions are introduced to the game periodically.

Ashley Newby