How Many People Play League Of Legends?

Everyone knows that League of Legends is among the most successful online games of all time, but a few of us realize just how big it is and how many people play it.

How Many People Play League Of Legends

It is time to discover how many League of Legends players there is in total. The League of Legends player base in 2022 is so big that it is almost hard to believe.

How Many People Play League Of Legends?

The game’s player base is growing year after year, and it has been added to the list of the most popular multiplayer games in history, as well as the most popular Esport on an international scale.

While many people believe League of Legends is slowly declining, the stats prove that the exact opposite is true.

The League of Legends player base has kept growing all these years, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

In 2020, there were 115.000.000 active gamers every month, and that number increased dramatically these days.

But how many League of Legends players are there now?

Nowadays, there are around 180.000.000 League of Legends players, and most of them have joined or keep playing largely due to Riot Games’ Tv show, Arcane.

Indeed, League of Legends truly “boomed” when Arcane became available on Netflix.

And with all these statistics and hoopla, we just cannot see it going away anytime soon. If you want to find out how LoL rose to popularity, keep reading below!

How Did League Of Legends Become So Popular?

League of legends was quite a different type of game at first.

It currently has a just match-making structure, and clear game mechanics, and a gamer can get as many characters as they wish.

However, several League of Legends gamers may remember the times when the game was truly chaotic.

Nobody was insusceptible to the countless problems that emerged days after days, such as lagging servers and buggy games.

So, what did League of Legends do to amass such a large number of regular active players?

First and foremost, we must commend Riot Games for tackling a large portion of these problems.

Champions (see also ‘How Many Champions Are In League Of Legends?‘) were updated, data was removed and replaced, and new map aspects were added.

Finally, we arrived at the League configuration we have today. Routine patch upgrades, bug fixes, or substantial beta tests are just a few examples.

League of Legends made its debut in North America as there was no other server available at first.

The rest of the servers arrived about a year after that. Despite this, the players’ enthusiasm for the game has grown since its inception. Why so?

Without a doubt, it is due to the fact that League of Legends was and still is a fantastic game.

Especially back in the day, LoL was a totally new experience for gamers who were into competitive gaming. A 5v5, PvP arena necessitates expertise, talent, and tactic.

These were the foundational pillars that propelled League of Legends into the universe of Esports, which made the game more famous than anyone could have anticipated!

Esports League Of Legends

Esports League Of Legends

It is no surprise that Esports has had a significant impact on growing the League of Legends player base.

Esports helped with spreading the word about League of Legends across the globe, making it more famous than it has ever been.

What Is The Professional League Of Legends Scene Like?

The LoL pro scene is split into different league teams; each represents a distinct territory and server.

The NA server and area, for instance, host the NA LCS league year-round.

The LCS features only the top groups from the whole of North America. The same is true for European LECs, South Korean LCKs, Chinese LPs, and others.

Every single one of these independent leagues is aiming for the very same thing: to kickstart their greatest team on a global level.

The Mid-Season Invitational is League of Legends’ first international game of the year.

It is held in various places each year, and groups from every league take part.

MSI is a fierce battle that took place in 2015 for the first time and, of course, Riot Game is behind it.

The World Championship, though, is by far the most significant event in the League of Legends Esports community.

It is the year’s grand finale held between the top teams and the most prestigious Esports contest that has repeatedly broken audience number records.

For instance, the Worlds 2018 final match drew 99.600.000 million viewers worldwide, which broke the record of high viewership like that of the 98.200.000 viewers for the 2019’s Super Bowl!

Do Streamers Have An Impact On Lol’s Player Base?

100% yes! LoL is now the most-watched of all the Esports titles thanks to its streamers.

Platforms such as gather up to 500.000 viewers on Riot Game’s official channels during a big tournament such as the World Championship.

Even on a weekly basis, LoL’s Twitch viewing figures are topping the rest, with 150.000-200.000 viewers per second, which is incomparably higher than the viewing stat of any other game.

The streamers are certainly behind the increase of LoL’s popularity as they indirectly (and sometimes, directly) market the game to their viewers.

Day after day, streamers such as Tyler1 and Midbeast draw large crowds.

They get a high number of followers and supporters, which adds to LoL’s player total.

They play and guide other players on how to improve their game, which cannot but earn them more followers and, in turn, more League of Legend players.

Almost all pro League of Legends gamers have experimented with streaming.

The names of Faker and Caps will certainly ring a bell if you have been in the LoL community for a while now.

And even though these pros do not have the most flexible streaming schedules, they do their best to stream whenever they can.

The Bottom Line

Now you know just how big League of Legends is. With over 180 million League of Legends players, it is an undeniably successful game that most gamers love. Are you one of them?

Ashley Newby