How To Complete Aria: Blue Suns In Mass Effect 3

In Mass Effect 3, side quests are just as important as the main missions, so Shepard can gain enough support to go up against the Reapers and finally defeat them.

How To Complete Aria Blue Suns In Mass Effect 3

You’ll find many ways to better your chances in the final fight, but completing the Aria: Blue Suns quest is one of the most essential side quests to complete before the end of the game.

Mass Effect 3 is available across multiple platforms, including the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, and PC too. But no matter what platform you are playing on, the mission remains the same.

So if you find yourself stuck on any of the quests, the way to complete them will remain the same, no matter what device you are playing the game on.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to complete the Aria: Blue Suns quests in Mass Effect 3 and how your choices will affect the outcome of the mission.

Getting The Aria: Blue Suns Quest

After completing the main quest Priority: Palaven, you’ll be able to speak to Aria for the first time in Mass Effect 3. She will be in the Purgatory Bar on the Citadel.

As the leader of Omega, whose position has been taken from her, she now resides on the Citadel. She’s willing to help Shepard bring together the Blood Pack, the Eclipse, and the Blue Suns.

As the hardest gang to negotiate with, she directs you to Darner Vosque, the leader of the Blue Suns, who has a rare proposition for you.

Characters In The Aria: Blue Suns Quest

During this quest, you’ll meet four characters, two of whom you’ve already met and two who will be completely new to you. 

  • Aria T’Loak – behind the scenes ruler of Omega, the capital of the Terminus Systems. Lost Omega to Cerberus and is now staying in the Citadel.
  • Darner Vosque – leader of the Blue Suns, wants General Oraka taken care of before joining Aria.
  • General Septimus Oraka – old Turian General investigating the Blue Suns for raiding C-Sec for weapons. Previously met by Shepard in Mass Effect 1, when he was disrespectful to Sha’ira, the Asari Consort.
  • Kannik – a Salarian weapons smuggler, owns high-grade weapons that can be used to protect the Citadel from the Reapers.

Meet With Darner Vosque

After speaking with Aria, head to the Refugee Camp on the Citadel’s Docks: Holding Area. You can find Darner Vosque close to the back of the area, next to Bay E28, which is labeled as 4 on your map.

When you speak to him, he will tell you that the only way the Blue Suns will work with Shepard is if they assassinate General Septimus Oraka, the Turian General who has been investigating the Blue Suns for raiding C-Sec for weapons. 

Vosque wants this done as a way to show loyalty to Aria, but when you go back to the Purgatory Bar to inform her of this, she suggests that you convince Oraka to call off his investigation instead. 

Dealing With Oraka

While Oraka is usually found in Chora’s Den, during the quest you can find him in the Presidium Commons Courtyard. 

When you first speak to him, he agrees to call off the investigation, but only if Shepard can find the high-grade weapons for him so the Citadel has a better chance against the Reapers when they attack.

From here, you have two options when it comes to dealing with Oraka.

The Paragon Method: Find The Weapons

If you decide to do what Oraka asks of you, he’ll point you towards a Salarian smuggler named Kannik, who has been smuggling guns in the Meridian Place Market.

He is the gray Salarian on the upper level of the Meridian Place Market, at the Cipritine Armory.

Kannik will agree to help you find the weapons, but only if you bring him a rare artifact. To find this artifact, you will need to leave the Citadel and travel to the Kite’s Nest Cluster.

In the Kite’s Nest Cluster, travel to the Vular system. There you’ll find the planet Vana. Scan the planet, wait for EDI to tell you that she’s detected something, and then use a probe to get the artifact.

Finally, bring it back to Kannik on the Citadel. He’ll then agree to work with the General and your mission will be complete without killing him and with the trust of the Blue Suns.

Completing the quest with this method will reward you with 5 Paragon Points and the Terminus Fleet as a War Asset, as well as 210 EXP and 5000 credits.

The Renegade Method: Kill Oraka

If you don’t want to go through the extra steps or if you’re playing as Renegade, you can have Oraka killed. 

When talking to Oraka, you’ll have two dialogue options: “I’ll get the weapons for you” will send Shepard on the longer quest, whereas “[Place a kill order on Oraka]” will have him assassinated. 

If you choose to have him killed, your quest will be complete, and you’ll gain the Blue Suns’ trust. Completing the quest with this method will reward you with 5 Renegade Points and the Terminus Fleet as a War Asset, as well as 210 EXP and 5000 credits.

Potential Bugs

The War Assets may not always be updated if you choose the Paragon route.

Despite this, the Journal indicates that the mission was successful, and if you speak with Aria, she claims to be in charge of the Blue Suns. Use the following method to resolve this:

  • Save your game.
  • Order the hit on Oraka and then check that the War Asset has been updated.
  • Reload your save.
  • Hand the artifact over to Kannik. The War Asset should be updated before you talk to Oraka again.

Another workaround is to save before giving the artifact to Oraka, then talk with him afterwards. If the bug occurs, load your save and present the artifact.

This time, the War Assets are instantly updated. After that, speak with Oraka to finish the mission.

Final Word

Now that you know how to complete the Aria: Blue Suns mission, you’ll be able to carry on gathering War Assets to fight against the Reapers and give your team a better chance of survival in the final mission.

Ashley Newby