How To Complete The Mysterious Pair Quest In Tales Of Arise

In Tales of Arise, there is a side quest called The Mysterious Pair with the goal of finding a “legendary instrument” that was stashed away by a certain Wonder Bard. T

How To Complete The Mysterious Pair Quest In Tales Of Arise

he NPC, however, does not specify the exact location of the instrument, so players must solve a series of puzzles in the form of Wonder Texts in order to locate it.

To find out how to complete this quest, read our comprehensive guide to completing The Mysterious Pair in Tales of Arise. We’ll go through everything you need to do to complete it, as well as the answer to those tricky riddles.

Tales Of Arise: Quick Overview

Tales of Arise is an Original Title in the Tales game series, and, like previous games, it is an action role-playing game, falling under the JRPG (Japanese role-playing game) genre.

The single player game was released on September 10, 2021 and was the first Original Title to be simultaneously released across the world.

It became the fastest-selling installment in the series after shipping over 1 million copies in less than a week of sales.

The story is set in a world where Rena has ruled over Dahna for 300 years, plundering the planet’s resources and robbing its inhabitants of their independence and dignity.

Alphen and Shionne, who are both from the conflicting realms of Dahna and Rena, are the protagonists of the game.

It depicts their quest to stop the Dahnan people’s exploitation by the Renans.

Getting The Mysterious Pair Quest

Talking to the Wonder Bard outside Niez, the capital city of the Mahag Saar realm, will begin the Mysterious Pair quest.

The quest giver can only be found once you successfully complete A Healer and Her Patients, which you automatically receive when you pass through Menancia – Overseer Hill during the main storyline.

He was one of the people Shionne healed throughout the quest.

The Wonder Bard will tell you that he has lost his “legendary instrument,” which he needs to call himself a bard. He will ask you to find it for him using a set of clues that indicate the location of the instrument.

Solve The Mystery

The Wonder Bard needs you to solve a riddle to find the instrument. He will give three Wonder Texts which provide some clues to the instrument’s location. These can be viewed in the items menu.

  • Wonder Text #1 – “Just beyond the hovels in a land shrouded by sand and stone.”
  • Wonder Text #2 – “The northernmost reaches of a wasteland to the north of an abandoned village.”
  • Wonder Text #3 – “It lies dormant at the back of a narrow road to the west, whereupon an ancient tower stands.”

From these Wonder Texts, you can determine the location of the instrument: “land shrouded by sand and stone.” indicates that it is in a desert area, which can only be Calaglia; “wasteland to the north of an abandoned village.”

means that it’s in the north of the area, where there are abandoned houses in the Iglia Wastes; and finally, “whereupon an ancient tower stands.” refers to the Fagan Ruins, the first tower you entered in the story.

Find The Instrument

Now that you know where to find the instrument, travel to Calaglia – Iglia Wastes and go towards the northernmost point of the map. This will be a small area surrounded by cliffs. 

Once you arrive in this area, look for sparkles on the ground near the cliffs, then approach them and “Examine” in order to retrieve the instrument. The instrument is the Iron Pipe.

Return To The Wonder Bard

You can now return to the Wonder Bard to turn in the Iron Pipe. The Wonder Bard will not take it and instead allow you to keep it, which is very important because it is used to craft the best weapon in the game, the Realm Unifier. 

The blueprint can be obtained during the main quest line, so hold onto the Iron Pipe if you don’t yet have the blueprint.

To make this weapon, you will also need two Cursed Claws, four Ominous Eyeballs, and five Blistering Fangs, which can all be found in Tarfhal Helgarahi and the Otherworld.

Along with the Iron Pipe, completing this quest will also reward you with Quivering Candles, 15 SP, and 2300 Gald.

The Quivering Candles will boost the amount of ore mined from mining locations automatically, which is a useful bonus that makes completing the quest even more worthwhile.

Final Word

To recap, this is everything you need to do to complete The Mysterious Pair quest:

  • Complete A Healer and Her Patients at Overseer Hill – Menancia.
  • Speak to the Wonder Bard in Niez.
  • Travel to Calaglia – Iglia Wastes and look for the sparkles in the north of the map near the cliffs.
  • Examine the sparkles and obtain the Iron Pipe.
  • Return to the Wonder Bard with the Iron Pipe

This will complete the quest and reward you with some good items that will help you craft better weapons and get more materials. It’s one of the easiest quests to complete and yields very useful rewards.

Ashley Newby