How To Fix The Arcane Scaling Bug In Elden Ring

In a game that involves meticulously crafting the specialties of your character, one little glitch can be downright devastating, as evidenced by the arcane scaling bug wreaking havoc in FromSoftware’s latest RPG, Elden Ring.

How To Fix The Arcane Scaling Bug In Elden Ring

Players are dedicating most of their resources to improving this trait in the hopes of creating a very specific character class, but, after days of effort, they’re being robbed of their reward by this pesky bug.

But thankfully, there are a couple of workarounds, so resist the urge to rage quit and smash the game disc into a thousand little pieces, and try one of the following fixes.

What Is “Arcane” In Elden Ring?

Arcane is one of the upgradable stats in Elden Ring with tons of fantastic knock-on effects such as enhanced discovery, immunity, and vitality. It also increases the potency of sorcery and certain incantations.

Furthermore, many weapons are scalable with the arcane stat, meaning they improve as the stat is increased, leading to some truly epic player progression.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty crucial stat to many character archetypes, including Blood Dancer, Dragon Knight, Blood Dragon, Scorching Slayer, Sanguine Samurai, and Frenzied Acolyte.

So What’s The Arcane Scaling Bug?

The arcane scaling bug is an error that dissociates the arcane state with weapons that are supposed to scale in tandem.

In other words, players are spending their gaming hours cranking their arcane thinking it’s going to lead to some next-level weaponry, yet the weaponry remains basic, no matter how high the arcane stat rises.

How To Fix The Arcane Scaling Bug

There are two pretty easy fixes for the arcane scaling bug — Hooray!

Fix 1: Download The Latest Update

It’s always a good idea to keep up with game updates, but if you’re currently battling against the arcane scaling bug, you have extra reason to download the latest patches, as FromSoftware included one in the v1.03 fix that completely solves the issue.

If you’re playing Elden Ring on a console, automatic updates should be the default setting, so all you have to do is sit down to play and wait a bit while the new patches are applied.

Auto-updates are also available if you’re playing on a computer via Steam, but there have been instances of updates failing on the popular gaming platform.

Thankfully, though, there are a number of online guides that take you through all the essential troubleshooting processes, so you can bring all your titles up to date and get on with what’s important… gaming!

Once you’ve got the update, everything should be a-okay, but in the slim chance that the problem (or others like it) persists post-update, it’s time to address FromSoftware directly and report the errors you’re dealing with.

The sooner they know about in-game issues, the sooner they can resolve them.

Fix 2: Respeccing Your Character

Now, I know this isn’t going to be a popular option, but if all else fails, then a full character respec will pull you out of this sticky situation.

How To Fix The Arcane Scaling Bug In Elden Ring

For the uninitiated, a character respec is an optional event in a game in which you can reallocate all the upgrade points you’ve already assigned to certain stats. 

The general idea here is that you’ll respec your character towards a totally different build. It’s a bittersweet fix, as you no doubt had your heart set on an arcane build, but it certainly beats starting the game over from scratch.

Do bear in mind, though, that this isn’t something you can achieve simply by visiting an in-game menu. Rather, it’s an active part of the game.

To unlock a respec, you’ll have to find 1 of the 18 Larval Tears sprinkled throughout the Lands Between. Each one grants a single full respecification. Without a Larval Tear, there is no way to change allocated stats.

Where Can I Find A Larval Tear?

As established, there are a number of Larval Tears to be found throughout the game. Some will be earned through combat, others will be scavenged from the land or given to you by NPCs, while others still can be purchased.

Having said that, perhaps the first opportunity that naturally arises to find a Larval Tear is in Limgrave. Directly east of southern Agheel Lake, you’ll find a Lesser Runebear that appears at first to be a Wandering Nobleman.

Defeat him in bear form and you’ll be rewarded with a Larval Tear.

Final Thoughts

There you have it — You can solve the arcane scaling but inf Elden Ring by either updating the game with the latest patches or executing a full respec using one of the 18 Laval Tears scattered throughout the map.

There is one other approach you could take, and that’s to start a new game entirely, but with the aforementioned fixes being so effective, there’s really no need to sacrifice your accrued gaming hours. Play on, folks!

Ashley Newby