How To Get Better At Apex Legends

Apex Legends appears to be a faster-paced battle royale game, but it actually has more similarities with a classic hero shooter than with a battle royale game like Fortnite or PUB-G.

How To Get Better At Apex Legends

So, if you take this into consideration, it can be difficult for certain newbies to acclimate to Apex Legends’ tempo and get better at it, particularly when attempting to set a target in frenzied gun battles.

As a result, we wanted to go into King’s Canyon’s training mode to give you some pointers on how to start improving your aim when playing.

The sections that follow will offer some tips and tricks on that, from mouse sensitivity (for PC players) to compensating for recoil when aiming.

Once you finish reading this article you should be piling up victories like a champ and earning that coveted XP.

Use Training Mode To Learn How To Snap And Strafe

First and foremost, prior to joining a game lobby, you should practice in training mode to get acquainted with every gun and get better at aiming.

There are a few great practices you can work on in training mode to achieve this. Snapping is on them.

There are many moving targets in training mode, along with ones that incentivize gamers with greater damage to perfect their positioned shooting.

You should practice your aim while snapping between them, which means you have to enter your aiming position, fire at a target, and quickly exit before heading to the next one.

Trying to master this will benefit your switching targets quickly, which is essential for your survival in the game when you confront lots of enemies in a game or in tight proximity, where aiming down your sights is not encouraged.

Another thing you can do to get better with your aim is to aim while you strafe out of covers.

Position your character before an obstacle and start moving from one side to the other while attempting to hit targets located far away.

That way you can perfect your aiming skills and say goodbye to the times when you are shooting at walls instead of enemies.

Choose The Best Mouse Sensitivity

This piece of advice is a bit trickier in terms of its implementation as it is purely down to the individual’s preferences and setup.

You can adjust the mouse sensitivity as well as the sensitivity when aiming down sights.

While you may be tempted to replicate your favorite streamer’s setup, it is far more beneficial to personalize it to your playing style.

As we’ve already stressed, practice is an effective way of addressing this. You should be able to perfect your setup in practice mode as time goes by.

And yet, to minimize inconsistency and grant you more oversight over your movement, set your mouse sensitivity as low as you feel right.

Compensate For Recoil

Another important factor influencing how good you are at aiming is how you are compensated for gun recoil while you are aiming at a target.

When you are in training mode, every single weapon is accessible, so test them on sandstone walls to understand their recoil mechanism and how you will be compensating for it.

The R-99, for example, blasts in an upward and fairly straight line, whereas the Re-45 fires skywards and a little bit to the right.

After you’ve mastered such patterns, you’ll be ready to start using your analog stick or mouse to pull back a little and still manage to keep the targeting reticle in pretty much the same position.

To see if you’re getting the hang of it, check if your bullet marks on the walls are reduced in size.

How To Get Better At Apex Legends

Another method is to stand still and aim at a distant target whilst attempting to maintain the grip of your aim. While you’re at it, try hitting however many targets you can.

Practice Your Shooting As You Are Sliding Down Hills

Accessing training mode might seem like a fun way to learn how to slide in Apex Legends (see also ‘Who Made Apex Legends?‘), but it could also fulfill another objective.

You’ll frequently be gunned down when traveling down the sides of cliffs in the game.

However, stopping to aim leads to a complete halt of your character, offering your enemies a significant advantage over your character.

What you must do in these instances is shoot without aiming at your sight.

Fortunately, you can practice this in training mode by rolling down the sides of hills and selecting different lines of aims to shoot at.

So, whenever a bad-case scenario occurs during a game, you will know what to do.

Training Mode Alone Isn’t Enough

It’s worth noting, however, that despite all of its benefits, the training mode isn’t going to work on its own and there’s only so much you can learn with it.

For example, you can’t currently practice with any of the attachments, and the hitboxes you’ll be targeting are different from those of the legends in the actual game.

The one actual approach is to combine practice with gaming experience.

That way, you will be able to understand specific characters and their hitboxes and practice with attachments like stocks, that aim at reducing the aiming drift on some firearms, and chokes, that tighten the diffusion of heavy artillery like the Peacekeeper.

Enter Hot Zones To Gain Experience

Entering hot zones, like high-tier loot zones, is a great way to grow your aiming skills and become better at Apex Legends.

If you have found a firearm in time, you will be able to get in enough target practice at the start of a game, skipping thus all the waiting.

However, there is one drawback to this strategy: you may confront other characters in the game before you can find your weapon.

Interacting with your squad mates is a great way to avoid that. Continue pinging weapons as quickly as you can to make sure you will find them before your enemies do.

The Bottom Line

Apex Legends (see also ‘How To Play Apex Legends‘) is an exciting game to play. Learning how to get better at it is not that difficult.

All you have to do is make good use of the tips and tricks provided in this article, and we bet you’ll master your game!

Ashley Newby