How To Get Better At Rocket League?

Since its inception, Rocket League has created lots of buzz and there are many people who want to learn how to get better at it.

The game became free to play a while ago, making it a must-have in every gamer’s library.

How To Get Better At Rocket League?

It’s easy to play with mates at home or online, which is why many gamers prefer multiplayer games with friends who live nearby or far away.

Even if you’ve never played Rocket League until now, it’s never late to start.

Driving a car around a football court and trying to score is as exciting as it sounds, so if you’re a newcomer, you’ll need a few helpful tips to improve your skills.

In this article, we will go over some things you need to work on and remember in order to take down skilled opponents – or maybe simply beat your clueless mates.

Work On Your Positioning

As you start playing your first few games, you may think that you must constantly be really close to the ball when trying to hit it.

However, this is not the right approach. Once the ball is kicked, you will see it fly away.

Make sure that you are that player that’s in a good position to bounce the ball back and into the net.

In certain cases, you will have to act as the attacking player, getting to the front of the field and pushing the ball forward, but do not make this your primary concern.

Think Wisely About Your Boost

Your boost is extremely valuable. Yes, it speeds you up, which is useful, but it can also end up saving game after game in the right circumstances.

The boost can mean that you are accelerating toward the goal to make a last-second save or that you are scoring on your own; no matter what the case is, boosting your speed at the right time can help you win.

But wait. There’s more.

Float And Fly

This is a game where cars can fly, spin and boost in the air. If you point your car’s boosters at the ground, you can propel it into the air like a spacecraft.

Yes, Rocket League features aerial game mechanics. You have to practice a lot to perfect your flight in Rocket League.

Simply carry on playing the game and try to raise your car up in the air. You will sooner or later feel at ease with that.

Try this: float across from your goal, tap on “Boost” when you are in a perfect position to hit “save.”

Ball Camera

Rocket League allows you to center your camera on the ball with a single click so that you can closely watch it during the game.

If these are your first rounds in the game, take advantage of the ball camera as it is the easiest way to play and it allows you to know what’s going on at any moment of the game.

If it wasn’t for the ball camera, it would be difficult to keep your eyes on the ball.

That is why there is also the alternative of a tiny white arrow that is pointing towards the ball.

As you become more familiar with Rocket League, you might also want to switch between these two monitoring methods while you are playing but, as a newbie, go with the ball camera for the time being.

Try Flipping For Speed

When driving up across the field of play, doing a positional flip allows you to reach maximum speed way faster, saving that way your boost for later.

Power forward, position, jump, and do a double jump.

Find the perfect moment and flip forward into the air to go even faster, and then land with your wheels on the field, while shooting along at full speed.

Use The Handbrake

Use The Handbrake

The handbrake comes in handy for swift, strategical turns. You can easily fool your opponents or reorient for a great pass.

You might feel inclined to hit the ball against a wall or run straight for the goal while accelerating and spiraling around the field of play, but rigid movements are the ones that will show you the road to victory.

With this small trick, you can improve your game in no time.

Be Part Of A Team

Playing online 1v1 games and competing against bots or randomly allocated players is a great way to practice and get better at Rocket League.

However, if you would like to feel better about winning, you’ll be in a stronger place if you form a team before going online.

Rocket League is 100% free and cross-platform, so you can urge your pals to join you irrespective of which platforms they use.

Share this article with them and celebrate your wins together!

Drive Up Walls

In Rocket League, it is very easy to drive straight into a wall, something you will soon realize.

However, if you use them right then that is an entirely different story.

Driving up a wall to poke at the ball is one of the techniques you can use, but you can make way more premeditated moves.

You can even end up driving on the ceiling for a brief moment to then dive-bomb onto the field and ideally send the ball to the net.

Additional Rocket League Modes

The base game mode in Rocket League (see also ‘How Do Rocket League Ranks Work?‘) is the football variant we’ve all grown to love, but it is not the only game mode available.

There are numerous game modes to choose from, such as limited-time event modes or customized ones.

Other game types are also available in a limited number. Tired of soccer? Go for ice hockey or basketball.

Different versions of ball physics and targets alter how you must play Rocket League (see also ‘How To Air Dribble In Rocket League‘), so you will keep gaining skills and improving your gaming flexibility and adaptability, which is a valuable skill for all games.

The Bottom Line

Rocket League is a fun game to play. If you are playing alone, we suggest you encourage your friends to join you and build together a strong team.

You can’t imagine how better the gaming experience will be after that!

Ashley Newby